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Which crop is often attacked by the boll weevil?

Cotton Click to see the answer

The failure of which crop caused mass starvation in 19th century Ireland?


When did 'crop circles' become a mysterious phenomenon?


Which domesticated creature is descended from the aurochs?


Which crop is most commonly called 'corn' by Americans?


Where is the location of China's first offshore wind farm?

Yangtze River

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Which cereal crop can be grown under water?

Rice Click to see the answer

When was the first genetically modified crop approved for sale in the US?


At any one time, how many chickens are there on earth?

10 billion

Which insect is notorious for swarming and causing devastation to crops?


What is the crop Mangelwurzel usually used for?

Cattle feed

What term describes the cultivation of plants without soil?


Regarded as the first crop circle, when did the 'Mowing Devil' strike in Herts, UK?


Which crop is damaged by the insect the boll weevil?


Which English county is famous for its fruit growing?


A statue of which presidential peanut farmer can be found at Plains, Georgia?

Jimmy Carter

Which vegetable is normally green?

French bean

Which crop rescued the Virginia settlement in the early 1600s and contributed to Britain's expanding wealth and power?


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Which natural phenomenon can be triggered by deforestation, over farming and erosion?

Drought Click to see the answer

Which animal is thought by many farmers to be a main source of TB infection to cattle?


In Anglo-Saxon times, how were farmers who rented land from thanes known?


In China, what is the name of the low earth barriers used to separate paddy fields?


The 1995 No.1 'I Believe' was a cover of whose original?

Frankie Laine

What percentage of the world's food crops are pollinated by insects?


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Which natural phenomenon made the soil in Ancient Egypt very fertile?

Flooding of the Nile Click to see the answer

What percentage of the Dutch labour force works in the agricultural sector?


In terms of agricultural exports, which country ranks as the third largest provider in the world?


Where is the Canadian agricultural district of Musquodoboit Valley?

Nova Scotia

What percentage of the world's cork harvest comes from Portugal?


In which year was 21 Savage born?


What number did 21 Savage's 'Issa Album' reach in the album charts?


In which decade was the Irish Potato Famine that killed about 1 million people?


What was 21 Savage's gang number?


How many times was 21 Savage shot on his 21st birthday?


In which year did 21 Savage release his first album?


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What color are 21 Savage's eyes?

Brown Click to see the answer

How many children does 21 Savage have?


What was the name of 21 Savage's debut studio album?

Issa Album

In which year did 21 Savage release his debut studio album?


What kind of music does 21 Savage produce?

Rap music

In which US State was 21 Savage born?


Who did 21 Savage date in 2017?

Amber Rose

Which country is 21 Savage from?


When did 21 Savage first gain attention in the Atlanta underground?


What did 21 Savage do before rapping professionally?

Drug dealer

Where did 21 Savage grow up?


Who did 21 Savage collaborate with on Rockstar?

Post Malone

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