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Tupac movie 'Above the Rim' was about which sport?

Basketball Click to see the answer

2Pac appeared in the video for 'Whatta Man' by which duo?


Temple University in which city gained a collection of 2Pac memorabilia in 2018?


2Pac attended a School of the Arts in which city?


What two words did Tupac have tattooed on his abdomen?

Thug Life

2Pac spent time in jail in which state for sexual assault?

New York

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How many singles did 2Pac release from the 'All Eyez on Me' album?

5 Click to see the answer

Rapper Mopreme Shakur is what relation to 2Pac?


The 'Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts' was in which US state?


Snoop Dogg was joined on stage by a 2Pac hologram at which music festival in 2012?


Who did Tupac say was his favorite actor?

Jim Carrey

What item of clothing was 2Pac best known for wearing?


2Pac was on his way home from a fight by which boxer when he was shot?

Mike Tyson

2Pac was shot and killed in which US city?

Las Vegas

Which part of his face did 2Pac have pierced?


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2Pac movie 'Bullet' is set in which US city?

New York Click to see the answer

The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory' was released how many months after Tupac's murder?


Who starred in the title role of 'Bullet' in a movie featuring 2Pac?

Mickey Rourke

The 2Pac track 'All Eyez on Me' debuted at which position on the Billboard 200?


What comes before 'If Ya Hear Me' in the title of a Tupac single?


On which date in September was Tupac shot?

Friday 13th

What state comes before 'Love' for the title of a 2Pac song?


Which member of Tupac's family heads the Amaru record label?


What comes after 'So Many' in the title of a 1995 Tupac song?


How long was 2Pac's song 'California Love' at No 1 on the Billboard charts in 1996?

8 weeks

How many singles were released from the 2Pac 'All Eyez on Me' album?


2Pac's song 'Hit 'Em Up' attacked which fellow rapper?

Notorious BIG

Tupac started attending community drama lessons in Harlem at which age?


2Pac named an alter ego after Machiavelli, a philosopher from which country?


Which Biggie song did Tupac interpret as a dig at him?

Who Shot Ya

How old was 2Pac when he was murdered?


What was the name of the woman who 2Pac married in 1995?


After his death, how many more films featuring 2Pac were released?


What girl's name comes after 'Hail' in the title of a Tupac single?


The 2Pac song 'Changes' samples which song?

The Way It Is

2Pac was named after a revolutionary from which continent?

South America

What type of work is 'The Rose Which Grew from Concrete' by 2Pac?

Poetry Book

2Pac grew up in which part of New York?

East Harlem

What is the surname of Suge, the driver of the car when Tupac was shot?


Tupac dated which singer in the early 90s?


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How many volumes of the 'Nu-Mixx Klazzics' mix albums were released?

2 Click to see the answer

How many of 2Pac's 10 albums were released after he died?


In which part of New York was 2Pac born?


Toss It Up' was a single from which Tupac album?

The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory

What was 2Pac's real surname?


Who had a baby, according to the title of an early 2Pac song?


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In which year was Tupac inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

2017 Click to see the answer

In which year did 2Pac release '2Pacalypse Now'?


Which rapper sang about 2Pac faking his death on 'Element'?

Kendrick Lamar

How many other people were in the car with 2Pac when he was shot?


2Pac's mother refused to let him sign a record contract at which age?


In 1993, Tupac was sentenced to how many days in jail for assault?


Who starred opposite 2Pac in 'Poetic Justice'?

Janet Jackson

Who produced the 2005 Tupac release 'Ghetto Gospel'?


What came after 'Thug' in the name of the 1993 group formed by Tupac?


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Tupac's parents changed his name from Lesane to Tupac when he was how old?

1 Click to see the answer

What is the name of 2Pac's character in 'Gang Related'?


What relation was Afeni Shakur to Tupac?


Troublesome 21' was the original title of which 2Pac album?

Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.

In 2018, Madonna went to court to try to prevent the sale of which item which Tupac had sent her?


What item was Tupac not wearing on the night of his fatal shooting?

Bulletproof vest

Tupac's parents were active members of which political movement?

Black Panthers

How many months did Tupac serve in prison after being sentenced to between 1.5 and 4.5 years?


Which band joined 2Pac on stage at the 1996 Grammys?


What was 2Pac's real first name?


Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice' is from which 2Pac single?

Keep Your Head Up

Dear Mama' was the first single from which Tupac album?

Me Against the World

If I could recollect before my hood days' is from which 2Pac song?

Ghetto Gospel

What was the title of the film which marked Tupac's film debut?


Tupac agreed to make how many albums with the producers who put up his bail money in 1995?


Tupac Shakur was renamed after a revolutionary from which country?


A member of which infamous gang is said to have shot 2Pac?


How old was 2Pac when he moved from New York to Los Angeles?


2Pac's '2Pacalypse Now' album references which classic movie?

Apocalypse Now

Tupac Shakur formed Outlaw Immortalz in which year?


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Songs from the 2Pac album '2Pacalypse Now' featured on which video game?

Grand Theft Auto Click to see the answer

Who plays a detective investigating Tupac's killing in the upcoming movie 'City of Lies'?

Johnny Depp

While at Art school, Tupac was a member of which political party?


Who got the role in Star Wars which 2Pac reportedly auditioned for?

Samuel L Jackson

In which month of the year was Tupac shot?


What was the name of the 2017 biopic about Tupac?

All Eyez on Me

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Tupac was inspired by which writer while studying him at high school?

Shakespeare Click to see the answer

Although never charged, who was the main suspect in the 2Pac murder?

Orlando Anderson

What word comes before 'Underground' for the name of the Tupac hip-hop group?


When he was 15, 2Pac's family moved from New York to which city?


What was the name of the 1991 movie in which Tupac made his debut?

Nothing But Trouble

Which apper was considered a suspect in the shooting of 2Pac?

Notorious BIG

Which rapper was accused by many of being involved in 2Pac's murder?

Notorious BIG

2Pac wrote a poem about which actress, which appears in his poetry anthology book?

Jada Pinkett Smith

In 1977, Tupac moved with his family to which Californian city?

San Francisco

What is the name of 2Pac's debut album?

2Pacalypse Now

Tupac read for which part in 'Forrest Gump'?

Bubba Blue

Who stars with 2Pac in 'Gang Related'?

James Belushi

In 2018, a range of Tupac and Black Panther clothing was available exclusively in which store?


Although accused of the murder, Notorious BIG was actually in which city when 2Pac was shot?

New York

In 1995, 2Pac joined which record label?

Death Row

What is the occupation of 2Pac's character in 'Gang Related'?

Police Officer

Back in 1992, Tupac criticised which prominent businessman?

Donald Trump

A hologram of 2Pac featured in a performance by which rapper in 2012?

Snoop Dogg

During his time in Baltimore, 2Pac was friends with which actress?

Jada Pinkett Smith

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