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The classic album Bat Out of Hell is by who?

Meatloaf Click to see the answer

Halcyon is a top selling album from which singer?

Ellie Goulding

Who influenced the visual style for Ne-Yo's 2008 album 'The Year of the Gentleman'?

The Rat Pack

Which Snoop Dogg album includes the song 'Sensual Seduction'?

Ego Trippin

Amy Winehouse released which iconic album in 2006?

Back to Black

No Jacket Required was a hit album for which singer?

Phil Collins

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The Coldplay album from 2005 is called.....?

X&Y Click to see the answer

Name the 2010 album from Katy Perry?

Teenage Dream

Who is father of Jakob Dylan whose solo album 'Women and country' came out in 2010?

Bob Dylan

On which 2008 album could one find a huge hit 'Use Somebody' from Kings of Leon?

Only by the Night

Who is the lead singer of Matchbox Twenty, whose solo album 'Cradlesong' was released in 2009?

Rob Thomas

Pendulum released which album in 2010?


Whose self titled album was the UK's best seller in 2004?

Scissor Sisters

Who recorded an album entitled 'The Fame'?

Lady Gaga

Which Pearl Jam album was re-released in four editions in March 2009?


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Gold-Greatest Hits is a 1992 album by who?

Abba Click to see the answer

Which Adele album was the best selling in 2011?


The 2012 #1 album from Calvin Harris was called what?

18 Months

The Foo Fighters 2011 album had what title?

Wasting Light

Avicii released which album in 2013?


Songs In A Minor was the début album from which superstar?

Alicia Keys

Who included the single 'Batter Up' in his 2000 album 'Country Grammar'?


Which Take That album spent 6 weeks at #1 in the UK over 2010/11?


Paolo Nutini returned to #1 in 2014 with which album?

Caustic Love

What was the Who's first album?

My Generation

Breakaway was a 2004 album by which American Idol winner?

Kelly Clarkson

Which album did Justin Bieber release in 2012?


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Who released the 2003 album entitled 'Number Ones'?

Michael Jackson Click to see the answer

Snow Patrol released which album in 2006?

Eyes Open

Who released an album with a photo of nude female cyclists?


Name James Blunt's bestselling album from 2004?

Back to Bedlam

Which singer performed 'Jingle Bells' with The Muppets on his 2009 Christmas album?

Andrea Bocelli

What was the name of the album that former Spice Girl Melanie B. released in 2005?

LA State of Mind

Which rapper's debut album was entitled 'The College Dropout'?

Kanye West

Name Leona Lewis' 2007 hit album?


Name the 2012 album from The xx?


Monkey Business is a 2005 album by which band?

Black Eyed Peas

What was the first single released on American Idol winner Kris Allen's debut album?

Live Like We're Dying

Which rock band recorded their 2000 hit 'With Arms Wide Open' from their album 'Human Clay'?


Which of the following is a Beatles album from 1969?

Abbey Road

Babel was a 2012 album for which band?

Mumford and Sons

Ed Sheeran spent several weeks at #1 in 2012 with which album?


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One Direction's top selling album of 2013 was called...?

Midnight Memories Click to see the answer

2013 saw Rod Stewart at #1 with which album?


The Fame was a 2008 album from which singer?

Lady GaGa

Which singer released the album The Immaculate Collection?


What was the name of Michael Buble's hit album from 2009?

Crazy Love

Who released their 3rd studio album called '25' in 2015?


The Dark Side of the Moon is a classic album by which band?

Pink Floyd

The Writing's on the Wall was an album by which band?

Destiny's Child

Who has released studio albums called 'My World 2.0', 'Under The Mistletoe' and 'Believe'?

Justin Bieber

Only by the Night was a 2008 album by which band?

Kings of Leon

Dire Straits biggest selling album is called what?

Money for Nothing

Which 2009 album recorded by Rihanna features her hit single 'Rude Boy'?

Rated R

Boyzone were back at number one in 2010 with which album?


Biffy Clyro's 2013 album had which title?


Name the singer who released the album Life for Rent in 2003?


Name the 2013 album by Rudimental?


Which pop and R&B singer won The X Factor in 2006 and released albums 'Spirit' and 'Echo'?

Leona Lewis

Emeli Sande's top selling album of 2012 had which title?

Our Version of Events

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Whose album told us 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb'?

U2 Click to see the answer

Which of these is a Carly Simon album?

Clouds In My Coffee

The Eminem album from 2004 is called?


Who recorded the concept album titled 'Welcome To My Nightmare'?

Alice Cooper

Name the 2013 album from X Factor runner up Jahméne Douglas?

Love Never Fails

Which Robbie Williams album was the biggest seller in 2002?


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Who recorded the album 'The Hissing of Summer Lawns'?

Joni Mitchell Click to see the answer

Which Stone's album was NOT recorded live?

Emotional Rescue

The Impossible Dream was a 2013 hit album for which singing brothers?

Richard & Adam

Kasabian's hit album from 2011 is called...?


Which Chris recorded an album called 'Quiet Revolution'?

Chris De Burgh

Arctic Monkeys spent 2 weeks at #1 with which 2013 album?


Which of these was Kate Bush's second album release?

Lion Heart

Who released the 1975 album 'Horses'?

Patti Smith

Which of these was an album by Gerry Rafferty?

Snakes And Ladders

Who recorded the albums 'Catch The Wind' and 'Sunshine Superman'?


Which of his singles appeared on the David Bowie album 'Hunky Dory'?

Life On Mars

Which album is NOT one of Stevie Wonder's five 'classic period' albums?

Hotter Than July

BGT winner Collabro has a bit hit with which album in 2014?


Whose 1983 album was entitled 'Side Kicks'?

Thompson Twins

Name the Kylie Minogue album from 2010?


Where did Janet Jackson get the name for her 2004 album 'Damita Jo'?

Middle Name

Who was the first Beach Boy to release a solo album in 1977?

Dennis Wilson

Who produced the first Specials album?

Elvis Costello

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This Land' is a track from the 2019 album of the same name by which artist?

Gary Clark Jr. Click to see the answer

SeeSaw' is a track from which 2015 Jamie XX album?

In Colour

Whose albums included 'Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch' and The Man From Utopia; Baby Snakes'?

Frank Zappa

Am I Wrong' is a track from which Anderson .Paak album?


The Killers front man Brandon Flowers released which solo album in 2010?


The album 'Centerfield' became a hit for what former member of Creedence Clearwater Revival?

John Fogerty

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