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Difficulty: Easy
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Which game has secret passages between rooms?

Clue Click to see the answer

How do you win at lowball?

Lowest Hand

How many open cells are there in Free Cell?


Which game used a die in a plastic bubble?


How many points on a backgammon board?


In the United Kingdom version of Clue, who died?

Dr. Black

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What is the traditional color of the hearts suit?

Red Click to see the answer

What was Britain's answer to 'Barbie'?


Which game board is a 19 x 19 grid?


What genre is the game 'Cut the Rope'?


Which toys 'wobble' but don't fall down?


What is the total needed to win at blackjack?


In Crazy Eights, how many points does an eight get?


In the German suits, what is substituted for the spade?


Chutes and Ladders is also known as what?

Snakes and Ladders

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Easy
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How many squares on a chessboard?

64 Click to see the answer

Which game's pieces are called stones?


What is the term for a Go board?


The highest-ranked Go players are at or near which rank?

9 Dan

Who is a suspect at Clue?

Miss Scarlett

How many types of questions on a Trivial Pursuit card?


What is another name for 'four of a kind'?


How many blank tiles in the Scrabble bag?


Which color is Europe on the Risk board?


Which year was the Radio Flyer wagon first introduced?


Which card can you NOT ask for in Go Fish?

An Entire Suit

How many squares on a Scrabble board?


Questions: 15
Difficulty: Easy
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Which year was 'Barbie' first released?

1959 Click to see the answer

How many cards are there in a regular deck of cards?


Which is a weapon at Clue?


In what year was the game 'Candy Crush Saga' released?


In what country was the game 'Fruit Ninja' created?


What is the best known form of Solitaire?


Which chess piece may hop over other pieces?


Which of these is the name of a top selling mobile game?

Bad Hotel

Doodle Jump' was first released in which year?


Reversi is also marketed which other name?


How many players are needed in bridge?


Name the hero character in the mobile game Ski Safari.


What do they call Clue in the United Kingdom?


Which board game allows a player to pass his turn?


Who won the 2009 World Series of Poker?

Joe Cada

Questions: 27
Difficulty: Easy
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Which game involves 'blots' and 'primes'?

Backgammon Click to see the answer

Who died in The Simpsons Clue?

Mr. Burns

Which is the code breaking game?


What is the house called in Clue?

Tudor Mansion

In a standard deck, how many cards make up a suit?


How many players make up a Literature team?


What is the value of an ace in blackjack?

1 or 11

Which is the smallest continent on a Risk board?


Where is the Word Series of Poker annually held?

Las Vegas

How many tiles in a Scrabble set?


Which game uses miners to defuse bombs?


Which game uses the terms 'Atari' and 'sente'?


Which studio developed the global hit Angry Birds app?


Which game adapts readily to different-sized grids?


Which game board is often laid out like the number '29'?


Which board game was a favorite of President Kennedy's?


What is the term used for Faro players?


In what year was the game 'Doodle Jump' first released?


How many number cards are there in a standard suit?


How many players are there in Gin Rummy?


What is the letter value of 'Q' at Scrabble?


What do they call Go in Japan and Korea?


What green material covers a poker table?


Which company created the game 'Candy Crush Saga'?


Which 21 inch doll for boys was introduced in 1985?

My Buddy

Which isn't a Monopoly railroad?

Southern Pacific

In what year was Words With Friends first published?


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Difficulty: Medium
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What is the worst card you can get in Hearts?

Queen of Spades Click to see the answer

Which Russell Crowe movie used Go as a plot device?

A Beautiful Mind

In stud poker what are the cards dealt face down called?

Hole Cards

Which company created the game 'Temple Run'?

Imangi Studios

Which U.S. city is the Monopoly board based on?

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Who assists the casino dealer in paying out the bets?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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Which of these is NOT a chess term?

Avant-garde Click to see the answer

Which war is the board game Axis and Allies based upon?

World War II

On what TV series was 'Gumby' first introduced?

Howdy Doody

Which product could blow out a candle at 20 feet?

Wham-O Air Blaster

Which continent isn't on the Risk map?


What was the primary competitor of Matchbox until 1996?

Hot Wheels

Which is the most expensive Monopoly property?


Which is the largest continent on a Risk board?


What was the first 'talking' doll?

Chatty Cathy

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Medium
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At Go, what happens when a stone loses it liberties?

Captured Click to see the answer

In 1919 what spring-based toy earned a patent?

Pogo Stick

Who wrote books about chess, checkers, and Go?

Edward Lasker

The gaming term pot is derived from which word?


What is the advantage to playing first at Scrabble?

Double Word Score

What was the first product to bear the Leapfrog name?

Phonics Desk

Which board game started as a paper-and-pencil game?


In bridge, what are the two major suits?

Spades and Hearts

What procedure is done to randomize a deck of cards?


Which board game began in China 2,500 years ago?


Which of these is the name of a game by Zynga?

Drop 7

What is the title of the book about Scrabble players?

Word Freak

Questions: 15
Difficulty: Medium
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What is the name of the spin-off game of 'Angry Birds'?

Bad Piggies Click to see the answer

What is the name of the mascot of Monopoly?

Rich Uncle Pennybags

Who wrote the Blackjack book, Bringing Down the House?

Ben Mezrich

Which TV comedy included a Risk game on a bus?


Which of these is not a mobile game published by Wooga?

Bumpy Road

Which of these is an iPhone tower defense game?


What is the object of a backgammon game?

Remove your pieces

Who was called 'The Chess Machine'?

Jose Raul Capablanca

Which game is played on a 7x6 grid?

Connect Four

Which word made the highest-scoring turn at Scrabble?


Why did the creators of Trivial Pursuit invent it?

Missing Scrabble Tiles

Which game was rumored to be invented by David Bowie?

Connect Four

How do they make checkers more difficult in Russia?

A 10 x 10 board

How many distinct poker hands are possible?

2.5 Million

Which card game is featured in the movie '21'?


Questions: 36
Difficulty: Medium
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What is the highest ranking hand in standard poker?

Royal Flush Click to see the answer

The character Barry Steakfries is from which hit app?

Jetpack Joyride

What is the object of a game of Risk?

World Domination

Which games have the object of making five in a row?

Pente and Gomoku

Which product did A.C. Gilbert market, starting in 1922?

Chemistry Sets

Which card game is played unaided by a single person?


What is the formal name of bridge?

Contact Bridge

Which board game depicts colonies on an island?

Settlers of Catan

In what year was Dungeons & Dragons first introduced?


Which company created the game 'Fruit Ninja'?

Halfbrick Studios

Name the hero in the game Jetpack Joyride?

Barry Steakfries

Which board game has the most books written about it?


The spin off to 'Angry Birds' was called what?

Bad Piggies

Which is NOT a offshoot of the original Clue?

I Don't Have a Clue

In what country was the game 'Cut the Rope' created?


Which anime and manga are about Go players?

Hikaru No Go

Which was NOT a hotel chain in Acquire?

Embassy Suites

When was the game 'Fruit Ninja' first released?


What score do you need to lose at Ninety-Nine?

Over 99

Which space is most often landed on in Monopoly?

Illinois Avenue

Which are the two classes of pieces in checkers?

Men & Kings

How many suits are there in a standard deck of cards?


Which board game has a variant called bughouse?


Which of these is a hugely popular app game for Disney?

Where's My Water?

In a four-color deck, what color is the diamond suit?


Which company created the game 'Cut the Rope'?


Which card game is also called Literature?

Canadian Fish

When was the game 'Cut the Rope' first released?


What is a special card elevated above its normal rank?

Trump Card

Which company created the game 'Subway Surfers'?

Kiloo Games

In the United States version of Clue, who died?

Mr. Boddy

What is checkers known as in the United Kingdom?


Which is the least expensive Monopoly property?

Mediterranean Ave.

Which company created the game 'Angry Birds'?

Rovio Entertainment

Which doll was first introduced to the public in 1915?

Raggedy Ann

What is the losing card in Old Maid?

Ace of Spades

Questions: 6
Difficulty: Hard
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What is a visual cue that reveals a player's state of mind during a game?

Tell Click to see the answer

In the TV show 'Friends', as an excuse to give money to Joey, what card game did Chandler invent?


Aside from player and banker, what is the other possible result in Baccarat?


Who designs the World Series of Poker bracelet since 2007?


In Go Fish, what do you call the pool of cards shared by the players?


Which company created the game 'Words with Friends'?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Hard
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For the MTV generation of the 1980s, Hasbro brought girls what?

Jem Click to see the answer

In American Canasta, how many cards are dealt to each player?


Starting in 1971 what company produced officially licensed action figures for movies, TV programs, and even rock bands?


Texas Instruments first introduced the 'Little Professor' in what year?


In 1969 Parker Brothers introduced a polyurethane foam ball that is safe for indoor play by what name?


Which is the only continent that Australia borders on the Risk board?


Which game gives one player three white dice and the other two red dice?


Together with the King and Queen, what is the other face card?


Introduced in 1976, bright green polyvinyl alcohol based plastic sold in small tubs was called what?


Questions: 12
Difficulty: Hard
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Complete the title of global smash hit app game 'Clash of ____'.

Clans Click to see the answer

In the novel 'Scarlett' what is Scarlett O'Hara's favorite card game?


How many tiles make up the smallest possible city in Carcassonne?


Farmville was a highly successful Facebook to mobile game. Who developed it?


Which poker hand consists of five non-sequential cards with the same suit?


Played with a deck of 36 cards, what is the national card game of Switzerland?


Aside from red, green and yellow, what other color comprises an Uno deck?


Name the app that redefined the 'To-Do List' genre for mobile apps by dispensing of any buttons within the app, instead using gestures and flicks to get things done.


How many different color objects fall in the mobile app version of Tetris?


The game 'Candy Crush Saga' featured in a music video of which artist?


In 2009, which network broadcasted the World Series of Poker?


Which of these mobile apps provides a simple way to exchange information through proximity sensors?


Questions: 25
Difficulty: Hard
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Which toy company now has four amusement parks around the world celebrating their product?

Lego Click to see the answer

How many pawns are there on each side at a game of chess?


Which outdoor toy was banned from sale in the United States and Canada in 1988?


How many Triple Word Score squares are on a Scrabble board?


Which chess unit captures differently than it moves?


In blackjack, if you touch your finger to the table, what does that signal?


What is the name of the main character of the game 'Subway Surfers'?


In Texas Hold 'Em, what is the last card opened by the dealer?


On the first turn at Monopoly, where will you most likely land?


In Uno, if a player doesn't have a card to match the one on the discard pile, from which pile does he get?


In poker, what do you do when you want to increase the size of the bet?


What is the lowest card in Solitaire that is used to start the pile?


During the 1990s a children's disc game known as what became popular by slamming discs on a table?


Which toy was rumored to be originally a 16th century Philippine weapon?


In Genus edition of Trivial Pursuit, what color are science questions?


What was the electronic game that required the players to remember the sequence of both sounds and color?


How much is the Monopoly prize for '2nd place in a beauty contest'?


What is a set of matching cards that allow a player to deplete his hand?


In the U.S., what is it called when all seven Scrabble tiles are used?


Which kind of bet is used when players put an equal amount of chips before the deal begins?


Voice tuning on a mobile app was made famous by which musical artist in the app 'I am …..'?


In 1903 the first yellow and green box of Crayola crayons was introduced, how many colors were in it?


Which year was the McDonald's 'happy meal' first introduced?


Which companies weather app won a 2013 'Apple Design Award' app of the year trophy?


Which brand of die cast vehicles originated in Britain in the 1930s?


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