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Dinosaurs reproduced using what method?

They laid eggs Click to see the answer

Hannibal died from what?


What were the state owned serfs of Sparta known as?


The term 'dinosaur' was coined by who?

Richard Owen

When is it suggested that the Olmecs arrived in Mexico?

1500 BC

Most of Mesopotamia is part of which modern-day country?


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Which of the following is not a real species of dinosaur?

Gladaitorious Click to see the answer

The first dinosaur fossils were recognized during which century?


Which dinosaur had its skull stolen by criminals?

Irritator challengeri

Dinosaurs lived on Earth for how long?

150 million years

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built by who?

Nebuchadnezzar II

During the Chinese Empire what was the Taketonbo?

A toy

What was the earliest period of the Mesozoic era?


During the Chinese Empire, a jian was a what?

A sword

The first dinosaur was discovered by who?

Gideon Mantell

What was the writing system invented by the Sumerians known as?


Persia was conquered by which Greek?

Alexander the Great

Popol Vuh, the epic creation story, was written by which civilization?


Which was the smallest known dinosaur?


Dinosaurs lived during which era?

Mesozoic Era

Dinosaurs were what type of animal?


What was a heavily armed Ancient Greek foot soldier known as?


The first major battle between Hannibal and Rome occurred where?

Lake Trasimene

The Spartans were lead into the Battle of Thermopylae by who?

Leonidas I

Hannibal Barca was born in which year?

247 BC

Which of the following is the name of a dinosaur?


Queen Boudicca of the Iceni was from which ethnic group?


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The site of ancient Thebes is now occupied by which modern Egyptian city?

Luxor Click to see the answer

The state religon of the Persian Empire was what?


The first King of the Babylonian Empire introduced law codes, what was his name?


The Persian empire was founded by who?

Cyrus the Great

Rome fought who in the Punic Wars?


When did the occupation of the Xingu territory begin?

1500 AP

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Dinosaurs first appeared during what period?

Triassic Click to see the answer

What does the word dinosaur mean?

Terrible Lizard

What are rocks that contain dinosaur fossils called?

Fossiliferous rocks

With what people are Macchu Picchu and Cuzco associated?


Which of these dinosaurs did not exist?


Which of these rivers did NOT form a border of the Persian empire?

Volga River

What was the person who codifided the laws of Athens called?


The first Chinese Emperor was who?

Qin Shi Huang

Which language does the word dinosaur come from?


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The first settlements in Cuba can be dated back to when?

4500BC Click to see the answer

The Hittites negotiated which important ancient treaty with Egypt?

Treaty of Kadesh

Who officially was the first person to name a dinosaur?

William Buckland

Which of these ancient cultures is thought to be the oldest in South and Central America?


Settlers from which city founded Carthage?


A Mayan calendar prediction speculated that the world would end in which of these years?


How many Indians were estimated living in Brazilian territory before 1500?

More than 3 million

In what year did the first Romans, led by Julius Caesar, land in Britain?

55 B.C.

The El Caracol structure at Chichen Itza had slit windows that marked the movements of which planet?


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What did the founders of the Mesopotamian civilization call themselves?

Sumerians Click to see the answer

When did the first Shogun rule Japan?


What term is applied to unique architectural settlements found at a number of Mayan sites?


The Roman province of Illyricum was once part of which modern nation?


Which of these cities governed Crete from the north in ancient times?


Who is considered to have uncovered the Minoan civilization?

Arthur Evans

The Roman province of Dacia was once part of which modern nation?


Darius fought which battle with the Greeks in 490 B.C.?


The Phoenicians lived where?


In which modern day country are the Kingdoms of Kush and Meroe located?


Richard I of England rode which horse in the battle on the Third Crusade?


What was the name of the horse of Khosrow II of Persia?


What was the name of the Roman Usurper married by Danmis in 17 BC?


The name Phoenician is derived from which language?


Which of the following was the last numbered legendary emperor of Japan?

Emperor Chuai

Roofed Lizard' is the meaning of which dinosaur's name?


How many of Japan's emperors are considered legendary?


What title from a Taino word was given to leaders of pre-Columbian America?


How many numbered legendary emperors ruled over Japan?


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Which of the following is NOT the name of an Ancient tribe, nation or King?

Pagans Click to see the answer

The great city of Carthage was founded by who in 814 BC?


Which of these is NOT one of the plagues God bestowed on the Egyptians for refusing to allow the Israelites to leave?


In which century B.C. did the first Japanese people come in from the Korean peninsula?


Who was the legendary founder of Rome?


Which country was Heinrich Schliemann, the pioneer of archaeology, from?


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King David captured which city in 995 BC?

Jerusalem Click to see the answer

Which of these ancient cities near the river Tiber served as the major port for Rome?


Who was the founder of the First Persian Empire?


The Mesopotamians wrote on what?


Which general famously lead the Carthaginian army?

Hannibal Barca

Which ancient culture flourished in Italy?


The site where John the Baptist was executed is in which modern-day country?


Which of these ancient cultures is associated with the development of cuneiform and the legend of Gilgamesh?


Complete the name of the ruler of the Persian Empire. Cyrus ...

… The Great

Which of the following is NOT a major Mesopotamian god?


Porus, the King of Punjab, fought with war elephants in which modern day country?


Which trait were the Phoenicians known to excel in?


In which of these places did the Ostrogoths establish a major kingdom in 493?


David was referring to who in his lament, 'Thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women'?


Rome and Carthage attacked and enslaved the inhabitants of which island?


Heinrich Schliemann, the pioneer of archaeology died in what year?


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