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What is the best oil to cook with?

Olive Oil Click to see the answer

Which procedure involves warm water flushing out your colon?

Colonic Irrigation

What is a skeletal photograph called?


Mastopexy is the technical name for what cosmetic procedure?

Breast Lift

Painful stones can form in which small organ?


How many pairs of ribs are in a typical human body?


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Whereabouts in the body is the gall bladder?

Above the Liver Click to see the answer

When a ball joint comes out of its socket it is called?


An embolism is an obstruction in a what?


Thrombosis is the medical term for a what?

Blood Clot

Asperger's syndrome is a kind of what?


Which illness presents itself as incredibly itchy spots?


Your biceps are in the tops of which limbs?


Where can you find 'pulp' in the body?


What factor sunscreen is classed as sun block?


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Reflexology involves curing illnesses by massaging what?

Feet Click to see the answer

Indigestion is also known as what?


Which protein based diet was hugely popular in the 1990s?


How many 'canine' teeth does an adult have?


A '5 o'clock shadow' is referring to which of these?

Facial Stubble

What can be strawberry, coffee stain or port wine?


What eye ailment could prevent you from becoming a pilot?

Colour Blindness

Salmonella is a serious type of what?

Food Poisoning

Rubella is the medical term for which disease?


If you are obese you are clinically what?


What is the common name for a constant ringing in the ears?


A doctor of the mind is called what?


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A grand mal is a type of what?

Epileptic Fit Click to see the answer

What is the most popular slimming club in the UK?

Slimming World

Which of the following is a physical fitness programme?


How many pieces of fruit and veg are we told to eat daily?


The most common place for a hernia in a man is where?


Which illness is caused by lack of vitamin C?


Which food group gives you energy?


Which blood type is the most common?


The Caveman Diet is also known by what name?

Paleolithic Diet

Intermittent fasting is a key component in which popular diet?


Which of the following is a common condition of the elbow?

Tennis Elbow

Alopecia is an illness that causes severe what?

Hair Loss

Which of the following is a sexually transmitted disease?


Which of these is a common complaint in young children?

Glue Ear

What state are you in if you have a general anesthetic?


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The most common cause of sinusitis in adults is?

Viral Click to see the answer

Which of these drinks contains the highest volume of caffeine?


Which muscles are defined in a 6 pack?

Abdominal Muscles

Absences are one of the symptoms of which of these illnesses?


Dialysis is needed when which organs are failing?


Which kind of poisoning is known as the 'silent killer'?

Carbon Monoxide

Which pungent vegetable is considered to be a super food?


Pain in the neck following a car accident is known as what?


Benign lumps under the skin are known as what?


How many pounds of fat are needed to store 3500 calories?


Pertussis is better known as what?

Whooping Cough

Aching muscles are one of the ways to tell flu from what?

A Cold

Bulging and/or painful veins are called?

Varicose Veins

Sir Alexander Fleming is credited with this discovery?


What heart operation can be a triple or a quadruple?


Which body type is defined by narrow shoulders and wide hips?


What does a human adult do about 23,000 times a day?


TB is a shortened term used for which lung disease?


The first thing to do for a deep cut is what?

Apply Pressure

Laryngitis gives you a sore what?


In acupuncture what is inserted into the body at certain points?


A migraine sufferer experiences excruciating what?


In which organ is Vitamin A primarily stored?


The longest bone in the body is the what?


A lack of water can lead to what?


The tendon that runs up the back of the ankle is called what?


How many units of alcohol are women told not to exceed per week?


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Which of these plants was used in traditional Native American medicine?

Dandelion Click to see the answer

Where does the phrenic nerve carry its signal?

Medulla Oblongata To Diaphragm

Which animal is immune to all known diseases?


The depreciation of which protein brings the first sign of ageing?


Toxic Shock Syndrome can result from the prolonged wearing of what?


What is another name for vitamin B5?

Pantothenic Acid

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Discolored toenails are a sign that what kind of infection is present?

Fungus Click to see the answer

What is the official name for a breast lift?


Which of these is considered to be the worst kind of food poisoning?

E Coli

Where would you find your zygomatic arch?

Cheek Bone

Which device is used to straighten teeth?


What does 'subcutaneous' mean?

Under The Skin

What is the name of thee bovine disease that can spread to humans?

Mad Cow Disease

Where is the uvula located in the human body?


What is the test that is used on a child's rash to check for meningitis?

The Glass Test

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Blood in your spit after you clean your teeth is often the first sign of what?

Gum Disease Click to see the answer

Which vitamin helps your eyes adjust to the dark?

Vitamin A

How fast does human hair grow?

About Half An Inch A Month

In emergency medicine, what does 'STAT' mean?


What is pruritus?


A lack of iron in the blood can result in what?


If a person is 'cyanotic', what color is he?


A woman carrying weight around her middle is said to be what body shape?


Lock Jaw is an old name for what?


Which country pioneered heart transplant surgery?

South Africa

Who developed the vaccine for polio?

Jonas Salk

Meningitis causes swelling and inflammation of which part of the body?


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Where would you find the hyoid bone?

Base Of Tongue Click to see the answer

Gastroenteritis causes sharp pains where in the body?


Complete this common issue that men have. 'Male ______ Baldness'.


What type of birthmark is also called a stork bite?

Salmon Patches

What are the lungs covered with?


What is said to be caused by babies walking too early?

Bandy Legs

Which company is a maker of exercise machines?


Scurvy is an inadequate production of what?


Which word means a fertilized egg?


What is the body function dictates how quickly you burn off fat?


The Paleo Diet is also known by what name?

Caveman Diet

Excessive drinking can cause which liver disease?


Which is not part of the eye?


Typically, where in the heart is a pacemaker located?

Right Atrium

In which layer of the atmosphere does weather occur?


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What is the leading cause of blindness among older adults in the United States?

Cataracts Click to see the answer

How much activity does the USDA recommend to sustain weight loss in adults?

60 To 90 Minutes

Why could it be dangerous to eat raw cookie dough?

It May Contain Raw Eggs

Which two of these medications are antibiotics?

Biaxin And Levaquin

What percentage fat should a healthy male's body have?

12 To 18 Percent

Which causes rickets?

Lack Of Vitamin D

The therapy concentrating on visualization and relaxation is called what?

Tai Chi

Which serious illness is caused by insect bites?


Glaucoma affects what?


The Lotus position is practiced in which therapy for body and mind?


In medicine, what does 'GLOC' stand for?

Gravity Induced Lost Consciousness

What color does your skin appear to be when suffering from jaundice?


When can adults start to pass the flu virus to others?

One Day Before Symptoms

In what decade was the Weight Watcher's Diet created?


What is an Oophorectomy?

Removal Of The Ovaries

Which is not a key concept of Reality Therapy?

Unconscious Motivation

What is the approximate size of a person's heart?

The Size Of Their Fist

The alignment of your home to create positive energy is called what?

Feng Shui

Alveoli are found in which body organ?


What do the letters 'EEG' stand for?


What is the leading cause of scurvy?

Vitamin C Deficiency

Where is the duodenum located in the body?

Near The Stomach

If you are awake during surgery you have had what kind of anesthetic?


Which of these is a plant now hugely popular for all round health?

Aloe Vera

How many bones make up the human spine?


In traditional Chinese medicine, what is your Qi?

Life force

What is the rat poison that is used to thin the blood?


Nausea is the feeling you get when you need to be?


Hepatitis affects which major organ?

The Liver

An endoscope is a flexible tube inserted into the body which what on the end?


What is the first phase of the Atkins Diet?


What comprises 1/3 of the dry weight of human feces?


You are suffering from conjunctivitis if the white of your eye is what color?


What injection is usually given after an injury where the skin is broken?


Reiki involves massaging which part of the body?


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The knee and which other joint are the ones most commonly replaced?

Hip Click to see the answer

What is the vaccine given to young children which has caused much controversy?


What is the name of the 'love' hormone that plays an important role in childbirth?


How many units of alcohol are men told not to exceed per week?


Extreme itching and a white discharge most likely means a woman has what?


Which painkiller was recalled in 1982 because of product tampering?


Questions: 9
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What is the kind of anaemia that only affects afro-Caribbean's?

Sickle Cell Click to see the answer

Which vitamin is widely used in the battle against ageing?

Vitamin E

A human fetus is approximately the size of which of the following objects at 6 months gestation?


A study has shown that owning which pet is good for your blood pressure?

A Cat

At 5 months gestation, what size is the approximate size of a human fetus?


What condition is characterized by an imbalance of salts or chemicals in the blood?

Electrolyte Imbalance

Which former Attorney General of the US was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease?

Janet Reno

Those who spent all days typing can end up suffering from Carpal Tunnel what?


What does 'holistic' mean in reference to holistic medicine?

Addressing The Whole Person

Questions: 12
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Where do people and animals get the Beta-carotene in their diets from?

Plants Click to see the answer

What are unstable molecules that can attack the body's cells called?

Free Radicals

In an adult, approximately how long is the windpipe or trachea?

11 Cm

What are the hair-like projections on the outside of cells called?


A square of what every day is said to be good for the heart?

Dark Chocolate

What is the name of the infection that can lead to a loss of extremities or a limb?


Matters related to what sense are referred to as olfactory?


Which fatal disease can be given to a human from an animal bite?


According to the old saying what do coughs and sneezes spread?


A burning pain along the bottom of the foot is known as what?

Copper's Heel

How many grams of carbohydrates are allowed a day in the Atkins Diet during the initial phase?

20 Grams

What was the name of the man who received the first artificial heart?

Barney Clark

Questions: 24
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A diet based on all unprocessed foodstuffs is called what?

Macrobiotics Click to see the answer

How many feet long is the average human digestive tract?


Removal of scars and sagging skin from the face is known as what?

Facial Peel

The first genetically-engineered vaccine was approved by the FDA in 1986 for what disease?

Hepatitis B

An eating disorder that causes sufferers to starve themselves is called what?


Which of these is a lotion that has been used for decades to ease itching?


About how many calories will a 150-pound person burn up mopping the floor for 10 minutes?

51 Calories

Who was the Yankee great who died young from a disease later named for him?

Lou Gehrig

In what year was the Nautilus exercise machine first sold?


Near which organ of the body are the adrenal glands situated?


What is an electrical tracing of the heartbeat or heart rhythm called?


How many kilometers of blood vessels and veins are in an adult's body?


Rubella can be dangerous during pregnancy, what is its common name?

German Measles

The type of cancer that begins in the bone marrow is called what?


What is the name of the painful inflammation which affects the eyelids?


Which of the following is considered a fat-soluble vitamin?

Vitamin E

A sunscreen should block both UVA and which other rays?


What is the medical term for slow, irregular heartbeat?


Before labor begins, many women experience practice contractions also knows as which term?

Braxton Hicks

How much blood does the average adult have in his body?

9 -12 Pints Of Blood

When women come to the end of there child bearing years it is called what?


A small McDonald's cheeseburger, small fries, and a small ice tea have how many calories?


A serious, potentially life threatening allergic reaction is known as what condition?


Which of these food items is composed almost entirely of sugars?

Cotton Candy

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