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What nut is the Dundee cake topped with?

Almonds Click to see the answer

To the nearest meter, what was the size of the largest Cornish Pasty?


What is the color of Guinness?

Dark Ruby Red

What was the primary meat eaten by Welsh people?


In what year was the largest Cornish pastry recorded?


When did distillation of whiskey begin in Wales?


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What is the meaning of Welsh Cakes?

cakes on the stone Click to see the answer

What meat is traditionally used in Faggots?


Who was the founder of Guinness?

Arthur Guinness

What type of baked goods is a Blaa?

A bap-like roll

What year was Guinness founded?


In which Southern county was the cream tea created?

Devon & Cornwall

What is black pudding?

A blood sausage

In what decade did the Ulster fry become popular in Northern Ireland?


What is Pantysgawn a type of?


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What is a Boxty?

A potato pancake Click to see the answer

How many years has the leek symbol been associated with Wales?

400 years

What broth is leak and potato normally cooked in?

Chicken broth

Which Welsh cheese does Red dragon cheese originate from?

Y Fenni cheese

What high fibre dried fruit is served with Cock-a-leekie soup?


What dish is a Welsh rarebit?

Cheese on toast

What type of drink is milseán?

A sweet buttery drink

It's claimed Guinness is good for which organ of the body?


What carrot-family herb was often used with fish throughout Welsh culinary history?


When was modern day Vegetarianism founded in Britain?


What crockery is Tatws Pum Munud served on?

A plate

Which Guardian newspaper award did the cook Mary Berry come second in 2013?

Best dressed over 50's

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In the Ulster cake, Fifteens, what does this number refer to?

15 of each of the main ingredients Click to see the answer

What type of sweet is a Soor ploom?

Boiled Sweet

What cheese is often used in Glamorgan sausage?


What type of cake is a 'Dundee cake'?

Fruit cake

What is a traditional breakfast that is hugley popular in Northern Ireland?

Ulster fry

What white cruciferous vegetable cooked with cheese is sometimes served with a roast?


What type of dish is Tatws Pum Munud?

A stew

When is the tradtional date for Burns Night?

25th June

Oban distillery produces which alcoholic drink?

Oban whisky

In the 2009 Good Food survey, what did people vote Bangers and Mash as being Britain's most what?

Comfort food

How many Michellin starred restaurants are in Wales?


What is bangers and mash?

Sausage and potato

What brothy dish does Cawl resemble?

A soup

How many Michelin star restaurants are there in Northern Ireland?


What type of bread is not a breakfast roll?

Sliced bread

It's claimed the Breakfast roll became popular in Ireland during the Celtic Tiger economic boom which occured during which time?


What is the raising ingredient found in Bara brith?

Self raising flour

What is the raising agent in soda farls?

Sodium Bicarbonate

Petticoat tails are which type of Scottish biscuit?


What Emerald color is a Soor ploom?


What type of bread is Barmbrack?

Sweet Bread

How many Michelin star restaurants are there in Scotland?


What is the Gaelic symbol for Guinness?


What is a batter burger?

A burger encased with batter

What was the most consumed meet in Ireland?


What color is Tikka Masala sauce?


In what year were Fish and Chips introduced to British Cuisine?


What is a spotted dick?

A pudding

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Which chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu and was a regular judge on the Great British bake off?

Mary Berry Click to see the answer

How many fish and chip outlets exist in Australia?


What is the aging time for Wensleydale cheese?


The Berwick cockle is actually a what?

A sweet (candy)

A British sunday roast is often compared to which festive meal?

Christmas Dinner

What % of white fish is sold to fish and chip consumers?


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What is a 'bridie'?

Scottish meat pasty Click to see the answer

Steak and Kidney puddings can take approximately how many hours to cook?

4 hours

What is the slang name for a Fish and Chip shop?


How are the ingredients cut in Tatws Pum Munud?


What is a Blarney Castle?

A cheese

When was the deep fried Mars bar invented?


What is the most common type of porridge?


What is referred to as a 'Collop'?

A slice of meat

What day (other than pancake day) are Crempog traditionally served on?


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What dairy product is used to make Crempogs?

Buttermilk Click to see the answer

What is the name of the cake that has pink and yellow chequed pattern?


What dried fruit is often added to Barmbrack?


What is the meat content of the modern Glamorgan sausage?


Ireland ranks in which position for global tea consumption (per capita)


Which food outlet held the record in 2004 for the largest serving fish and chips?

A Yorkshire pub

When did the first Fish and Chip restaurant in England open in a single day in 1952?


What is the melting point of beef suet?

45 °C and 50 °C

The 'Clootie dumpling' is the nickname for which politcial party logo?

Scottish National Party

What milk is used in Pantysgawn?


What is a Tayberry?

A cross between a raspberry and blackberry

According to the British Cheese Board, how many British cheeses exist?

over 1800

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Which vegetable is mashed to compliment the dish Cabbie claw?

Potato Click to see the answer

What flavour is the boiled sweet 'Hawick Balls'?


When was the national Fish and Chip awards founded?


What is a Tanora?

A carbonated drink

Traditionally Soda bread is divided into how many pieces?


What is a breakfast roll?

A fry-up in a roll

Which salted meat was often used in Cawl?


Lanark Blue cheese started production in which year?


How many ingredients does Colcannon contain?


What type of food a a Clootie?

A dumpling shaped pudding

What type of flour is used in Potato bread?

Potato Flour

Suet is not made from which fat?


What type of alcoholic beverage is Guinness?


What color wax is added to Red dragon cheese?


What type of cake is a Scottish Drop scone?


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In a Boxty, what is the ratio of mash potato to raw potato?

50/50 Click to see the answer

In what decade did commercial tea production start in India?


When was Pantysgawn cheese created?


What base is used for banoffee pie?

Crumbled biscuits and butter

A genuine Melton Mowbrary pork pie is one that is made within what distance of the market down?

10.8 square miles

Which fish was a staple food for the poorer Welsh people?


Approximately in which century was the Steak and Kidney pie referenced in cookery books?


What is the fat content of Harbourne Blue cheese?


In what year was the world record for the number of FIsh and Chips sold by Harry Ramsen's?


Isle of Mull cheese is made from what type of milk?

Raw cow's milk

On average, how long does Pantysgawn take to ripen?

3 weeks

What are scrumps?

By-product of fish and chip frying (batter)

In which Irish city does Blaa originate from?


in what decade was the Irish cheese Ardrahan invented?


Which aromatic beverage flavours Bara brith?


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Which dairy ingredient was the primary cooking medium in Welsh cooking?

Butter Click to see the answer

Where does the bread known as a 'Buttery' originate from?


Where did the Empire Biscuit originate?


Which Welsch actor famously said laverbread is like Welsh caviar?

Richard Burton

What is the name of the alcoholic drink that is mixed with oatmeal brose?

Atholl Brose

Which former British colony heavily enriched British cuisine with spicy foods?


What temperature is the oil fish and chips are cooked in?


Blue Rathgore cheese stopped being made in which year?


What is a Yellowman?

A candy

The Clootie is also known as what in Scottish?


What was the date of when Soor plooms were first introduced?


In what century was the Full English breakfast created?


Which Irish-butter brand has been a Irish export for the past 50 years?


What % of potatoes are sold to fish and chip consumers?


What breakfast dish is made typically from grain?


What is the type of pastry is used to encase Steak and Kidney pudding?

Suet pastry

On average, how many calories does a portion of Fish and chips have?

1000 kcal

What is a Drisheen?

A type of Black-pudding

In 1910, approximately how many fish and chip stores were there around the UK?


In what era was the dish oubble and squeek created?


How many Michelin stars does Gordon Ramsay hold collectively with his restaurants?


What year was Irn Bru introduced into the market?


What is the Welsh breakfast dish llymru known as?


What is dinner sometimes referred to as in English culture?


What is the world record for the number of FIsh and Chips sold by Harry Ramsden's on a single day?


What is the literal translation of Piccalilli?

A mustard pickle

The Clootie dumpling uses what dried fruit as the filling?

Currants and Sultanas

How long does it take to mature Caerphilly cheese?

10 weeks

What animals are the Welsh famous for farming?


How does a Dishreen differ to other black-puddings?

A gelatanous texture

At what mealtime is a full English typically served?


What dairy product is a goody boiled in?


Cockles are normally served which time of the day?


Dubliner cheese is has an aging process of how many months?

12 months

How is the fish cooked in Arbroath smokies?


How many cookery books has Mary Berry written?


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What is the closest relation to Y Fenni cheese?

Cheddar Cheese Click to see the answer

Which of these is not a synonym for Battenberg cake?

Patchwork cake

Which British company invented the chocolate bar?


What alcoholic liquid can a 'tablet' be flavoured with?


What is the name of the dish similar to Champ, but is made from kale or cabbage rather than chopped scallions?


Sausage toad is a dish more commonly known as what?

Toad in the hole

Questions: 9
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English Blue cheese has which mould added to it?

Penicillium Click to see the answer

What is the dish Ardglass herring rolled in?

Bay leaf

Which pagan festival is Barmbrack associated with?


What is the dish Ardglass herring baked with?


What is the traditional method of cooking a steak and kidney pie?


What alcohol is added into a Scotch Mist cocktail?


Which Irish food doesn't have protected status?

Irish Stew

Cullen skink is what type of meal?


The Irish cheese Coolea is similar to what type of cheese?


Questions: 12
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What is the name of the dish made from mashed potatoes and adding milk and chopped scallions?

Champ Click to see the answer

Clooties are sometimes served with which Scottish spirit?


The cheese Cornish Yarg is made from the milk of which type of cows?

Friesian cows

Laverbread is high in which vitamin?


When is the black bun traditionally eaten in Scotland?


A little Black bomber is a type of what?


Anglesey Eggs are made with which member of the onion family?


Crappit heid is a traditional dish consisting of stuffing what with suet, oats and liver?

Boiled fish head

What is the 'festy cock' made from what grain?


Welsh faggots were traditionally a lunch for what Welsh workers?


Fly cakes are sweet pastries filled with what?


What is the Welsh translation for Anglesey Eggs?

Wyau Ynys Mon

Questions: 25
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Where in India did British commercial tea production start?

Assam Click to see the answer

In 2018, which nation is the largest net-exporter of Beef in the northern hemisphere?


What was the fictional character's name who created the Betty's hot pot?

Betty Turpin

What color is the Berwick cockle?

White with red striples

The cheese Ardrahan is made from the pasturised milk of which cow?

Friesian cows

Limerick ham is steeped in what liquid overnight?

Cold water

Where in England was the world's first chocolate bar made?


Which is not a variety of Coolattin Irish cheese?


Where would you find Betty's tea rooms?


What is the pastry used in making Fly cakes?

Shortcrust pastry

Which former British colony rates Fish and Chips as their number one takeaway?

New Zealand

Lobscaw is a popular stew in what town in Wales?


Lanark Blue cheese is produced in which county in Scotland?


Armagh Bramley Apples are not used for what?

Everyday eating apples

The dessert Cranacahan was traditionally eaten to celebrate when?


In the Irish dish, what herb is often used to flavour Bacon and cabbage?


Crempog is traditionally served when?

Shrove Tuesdays

What are Melting Moments?


What is pluck more commonly referred to as?


What popular Soap opera featured Betty's hot pot?

Coronation Street

What is the name of the dish that is uncooked porridge - by adding oatmeal and boiling water and left to stand?


Brack or Barmbrack is a type of what?


What dish is Bágún Agus Cabáiste translated in English?

Bacon and cabbage

Which dish is covered in pate and then covered in puff pastry and is very similar to the French dish 'filet de bœuf en croûte'?

Beef Wellington

The dish Arán friochta is known by what English name?

Fried Bread

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