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Difficulty: Hard
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What foodstuff is involved in Spain's annual Tomatina festival?

Tomatoes Click to see the answer

Summerfest, the world's biggest music festival, takes place in which US state?


Hogmanay is the name for the New Year celebrations in which country?


Questions: 4
Difficulty: Medium
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In which month of the year do Irish people party on St Patrick's Day?

March Click to see the answer

In which month does Mexico celebrate Day of the Dead?


Which Brazilian city hosts the world's largest carnival?

Rio de Janeiro

Oktoberfest is a beer related festival and celebration in which German city?


Questions: 5
Difficulty: Easy
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What kind of music is celebrated at the annual Montreux music festival?

Jazz Click to see the answer

The Kumbh Mela festival is one of the largest celebrations in which country?


Which animal is involved in the annual festival in Pamplona, Spain?


The Roskilde art and music festival takes place in which country?


Which French town hosts a film festival every May?


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