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In what year was 'The Expendables 2' released in theaters?

2012 Click to see the answer

What is the name of the dog in 'Top Dog'?


What Chuck Norris movie is a comedy?


What branch of the Armed Services was Walker in before becoming a Texas Ranger?


Chuck Norris endorses what exercise product on late night infomercials?

Total Gym

Chuck Norris served in what branch of the US Armed Services?

Air Force

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What brother of Chuck Norris would often serve as his stunt double or student coordinator?

Aaron Click to see the answer

What is James Braddock's military rank?


What do the Latin American guerillas pose as in order to sneak into America in 'Invasion USA'?

Coast Guard

Chuck Norris breaks out of a POW camp from what country in 'Missing In Action'?


Chuck Norris said he made 'Missing in Action' has a memorial to his brother Wieland who died in what war?


In what state was 'Silent Rage' and 'Lone Wolf McQuade' shot?


The show 'Walker, Texas Ranger' ran from 1993 to 2001 on what network?


In what city does Barry live in 'Sidekicks'?


What was the original rating from the MPAA for 'Lone Wolf McQuade'?


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Clarence Gilyard who played Walker's partner on 'Walker, Texas Ranger' also played the partner of what other TV crimefighter?

Matlock Click to see the answer

What color is Chuck Norris' hair?


In what state do the Cuban guerillas land in 'Invasion USA'?


Chuck Norris had a cameo in what Ben Stiller comedy movie?


How many years did Norris fight professionally?


How many 'Delta Force' movies were made as of 2014?


Who starred alongside Chuck Norris in the 1986 movie 'Delta Force'?

Lee Marvin

How many movies featured Chuck Norris playing James Braddock?


Who kills Chuck Norris in 'Way of the Dragon'?


Where do the Lebanese terrorists force the American Travelways plane to land in 'The Delta Force'?


What is Chuck Norris' wife's name?


Who kills Yin in 'Missing in Action 2'?


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What role did Chuck Norris play in 'Way of the Dragon'?

Colt Click to see the answer

What role did Chuck Norris play in 'The Expendables 2'?


What is Nick Alexander's rank in 'The Delta Force'?


What is Scott McCoy in 'Delta Force II'?


What major character was murdered in the final season of 'Walker, Texas Ranger'?


What is Chuck Norris' character's nickname in 'The Expendables' movies?

Lone Wolf

Chuck Norris is a native of what US state?


What is Chuck Norris' real first name?


What star of 'Machete' played two different roles on two separate episodes of 'Walker, Texas Ranger'?

Danny Trejo

Where does Wilkes take McQuade's daughter towards the end of 'Lone Wolf McQuade'?


Chuck Norris' son Eric competes as a pro in what sports league?


In what country did Chuck Norris study martial arts?


Chuck Norris earned his black belt in what martial art?

Tang Soo Do

The movie 'Code of Silence' takes place in what city?


Who is Chuck Norris' acting son?

Mike Norris

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Walker, Texas Ranger' went into syndication on what cable network?

USA Click to see the answer

Agent Jackson works for what branch of government in 'Lone Wolf McQuade'?


Who played Nick Alexander in 'The Deltra Force'?

Lee Marvin

What rank is Scott McCoy in 'The Delta Force'?


What was Chuck Norris' character's name in 'Invasion USA'?

Matt Hunter

How many 'Missing in Action' movies were made as of 2014?


Who has Snow and Dakota killed in 'Lone Wolf McQuade'?


What kind of movie is 'Top Dog'?


What is Chuck Norris' character's first name on 'Walker, Texas Rander'?


Chuck Norris played a veteran of what war in 'Good Guys Wear Black'?


What movie has the tagline, 'A Chicago cop is about to face his worst nightmare, only this time it's real'?


What city serves as the setting for 'Top Dog'?

San Diego

What is the name of Norris' non-profit organization that fights drug and violence in public schools?


Norris said that his idol and favorite actor as a child was what Western movie star?

John Wayne

What disease did Walker tell little Lucas Simms he has in an episode of 'Walker, Texas Ranger'?


How many consecutive International Karate Championship has Chuck Norris won?


What role did Chuck Norris play in 'The Delta Force'?

Scott McCoy

Chuck Norris is said to have ancestral roots in what Native American tribe?


What is Chuck Norris' character's police rank in 'Code of Silence'?


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In what movie series did Chuck Norris play James Braddock?

Missing In Action Click to see the answer

How many parts did Marshall R. Teague play on the entire run of 'Walker, Texas Ranger'?


What is the name of David's father in 'Forced Vengeance'?


In what movie did Chuck Norris play a Texas Ranger?

Lone Wolf McQuade

What Colonel runs the POW camp in 'Missing in Action 2'?


Chuck Norris gave a thumbs-up to what team in 'Dodgeball'?

Average Joe's

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How many Academy Awards has Chuck Norris won?

0 Click to see the answer

Who does Barry dream up of teaming up with in 'Sidekicks'?

Chuck Norris

How many years was it since Chuck Norris had done a movie before he returned to the big screen in 2005 with 'The Cutter'?


Who played Chuck Norris' character's partner in 'Code of Silence'?

Dennis Farina

What Army buddy turned crime kingpin helps Braddock find the POWs in 'Missing in Action'?


What is the name of the fictional airline taken hostage in 'The Delta Force'?


What movie's tagline is 'The siege...the ordeal...the mission...'?

The Delta Force

Who said 'Thank you, Chuck Norris' in 'Dodgeball'?

Vince Vaughn

Who played Edie Kapaln in 'The Delta Force'?

Shelley Winters

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Which of the following isn't a movie that stars Chuck Norris?

Red Scorpion Click to see the answer

What British monarch first defeated Satan's emissary in 'Hellbound'?

King Richard

What late night talk show host created the 'Walker, Texas Ranger Lever' on his 'Late Night' show?

Conan O'Brien

Chuck Norris endorsed what Republican candidate for president for the 2008 election?

Mike Huckabee

Walker's partner Jimmy used to play for what NFL team on 'Walker, Texas Ranger'?

Dallas Cowboys

What brother of Chuck Norris has directed several of his films?

Aaron Norris

In which movies does Chuck Norris play Eddie Cusack?

Code Of Silence

What is the subtitle of the 'Walker, Texas Ranger' made for TV movie released in 2005?

Trial By Fire

What is the killer's nickname in 'A Force of One'?

The Karate Killer

Complete this Chuck Norris fact from Chuck Norris made a Happy Meal ______.


How many movies did Chuck Norris make with director Steve Carver?


Who raped and killed Claire in 'Forced Vengeance'?


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What government agency does Chuck Norris' character work for in 'The President's Man'?

Secret Service Click to see the answer

In what year was 'Way of the Dragon' released?


What child star teams up with Chuck Norris in 'Sidekicks'?

Jonathan Brandis

What 'Sixth Sense' star played Lucas Simms in a two-part episode of 'Walker, Texas Ranger'?

Haley Joel Osment

Who played Leo Porter in 'Firewalker'?

Louis Gossett Jr.

What movie marked the first time that Chuck Norris played a Texas Ranger before he became 'Walker, Texas Ranger'?

Silent Rage

What police inspector worked for Ramondi in 'Forced Vengeance'?


What new identity is given to Cliff Garret in 'The Hitman'?

Danny Grogen

What 'SNL' star played the evil dojo owner Kelly Stone in 'Sidekicks'?

Joe Piscopo

What's the name of Chuck Norris' short lived Saturday morning cartoon?

Karate Kommandos

How many seasons did 'Walker, Texas Ranger' produce for television?


What Rat Packer played Harry Goldman in 'The Delta Force'?

Joey Bishop

How many of Chuck Norris' movies were directed by his brother?


What Rat Packer starred with Chuck Norris in the movie 'The Wrecking Crew'?

Dean Martin

Chuck Norris campaigned with what presidential candidate in 1988?

George Bush

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Who played Barry's father in 'Sidekicks'?

Beau Bridges Click to see the answer

Walker, Texas Ranger' was inspired by what Chuck Norris movie?

Lone Wolf McQuade

Who is Seikura's enforcer in 'The Octagon'?


What role did Chuck Norris play in 'Sidekicks'?

Chuck Norris

Who played Father William O'Malley in 'The Delta Force'?

George Kennedy

Which of Chuck Norris' movies has the tagline, 'Back to war'?

The Expendables 2

Who shoots Chuck Norris at the start of 'The Hitman'?

His Partner

Who did Walker marry on 'Walker, Texas Ranger'?


In what year was Chuck Norris inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame?


What Chuck Norris film has the tagling, 'The fine line between heaven and hell'?

Bells of Innocence

Who is Walker's father on the show 'Walker, Texas Ranger'?

Ray Firewalker

How old did Chuck Norris turn in 2014?


How many children does Norris have from both of his marriages?


What 'Deathwish' star was originally cast as Col. Alexander in 'The Delta Force'?

Charles Bronson

Who is Walker's partner and best friend on 'Walker, Texas Ranger'?

James Trievette

What is the name of Braddock's son in 'Missing in Action III'?


What movie did Variety describe as 'a combination horror-kung fu-oater-woman in peril-mad scientist film'?

Silent Rage

What 'Breaking Bad' star played Shelby Valentine in the TV movie 'Walker Texas Ranger 3: Deadly Reunion'?

Jonathan Banks

Who sings the theme song for the show 'Walker, Texas Ranger'?

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris made a cameo appearance as Walker, Texas Ranger on what series starring Sammo Hung?

Martial Law

What movie produed by Roger Corman's studio featured Chuck Norris as a karate instructor?

The Student Teachers

The producers of what movie sued CBS for copyright infringement after the start of 'Walker, Texas Ranger'?

Lone Wolf McQuade

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Who gets killed while witnessing a US Army convoy hijacking in 'Lone Wolf McQuade'?

Bobby Click to see the answer

Who cleans McQuade's house against his wishes in 'Lone Wolf McQuade'?


What is the name of McQuade's daughter's boyfriend in 'Lone Wolf McQuade'?


Who is arrested but escapes from his handcuffs and is shot at the start of 'Silent Rage'?


What evil general captures Braddock and his family in 'Missing in Action III'?


Complete this Chuck Norris fact from Chuck Norris does not sleep. He _______.


Questions: 19
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Who is revived with a formula that makes them nearly invulnerable in 'Silent Rage'?

Kirby Click to see the answer

Who said in 'The Octagon,' 'If you are seeing ninja, you are seeing ghosts'?


Complete this Chuck Norris fact from Chuck Norris is the reason why _____ is hiding.


Who did Justine hire to be her bodyguard in 'The Octagon'?


Which of Chuck Norris' child is the result of an extramarital affair?


Whose men kills Doggo's men in 'The Octagon'?


Who saves McQuade's daughter while she's horseback riding in 'Lone Wolf McQuade'?


What branch of the Armed Forces was Chuck Norris' character in before joining the casino in 'Forced Venheance'?


Who takes a bullet for McQuade at the end of 'Lone Wolf McQuade'?


Finish this Chuck Norris 'fact': Chuck Norris holds the Guinness World Record for the most ____ related killings.'


Through who's training camp does Scott first try to join in 'The Octagon'?


In 1979, Chuck Norris founded what martial arts foundation?


Whose men kill Aura in 'The Octagon'?


What is the name of McQuade's daughter in 'Lone Wolf McQuade'?


What evil general is holding the POWs hostage in 'Misisng in Action'?


Complete this Chuck Norris fact from _____ once had a near-Chuck Norris experience.


What British singer made a guest appearance on 'Walker, Texas Ranger' as a villain named Grangus?


Where does Walker poses as a drug dealer to bring up a drug ring in Season 3 of 'Walker, Texas Ranger'?


A 2008 comedy fact book pitting Chuck Norris against what fellow 80's TV guy?

Mr. T

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