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What can be cirrus, altocumulus and stratus?

Clouds Click to see the answer

What is the most polluted town in the world?


Rocks are broken down by which gradual process?


Liquid changing into a gas is called this?


The sun creates which vitamin?


Which natural environment are coral reefs most likely to be found in?


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Off these, which is a temperature scale?

Fahrenheit Click to see the answer

Which of these instruments measures temperature?


The Sao Francisco River is in which country?


Which of the following is charged with gathering and providing results for the public in Japan, that are obtained from data based on daily scientific observation and research into natural phenomena in the fields of meteorology, hydrology,seismology and volcanology, among other related scientific fields?


What color is in the middle of a rainbow?


Dandelions are which color?


What name is given to the middle of a hurricane?


The World Bank has approved a loan to Uruguay to help avoid financial pressures of climate shock; how big was the loan?

$200 million

Why are trees good for the environment?

They absorb carbon dioxide

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Which of these seasons is the warmest?

Summer Click to see the answer

Which natural phenomena can be cirrus, altocumulus, and stratus amongst others?


What is very thin fog is termed what?


A scientist who studies the environment is commonly called what?


How many seasons are there in Japan?


Which of these is NOT caused by the tilting of the earth?

High and low tide

Which country does the Parana River not flow through?

25 °C

Which of these cloud types forms highest in the sky?


Which country does the Amazon River not flow through?

A tropical wetland

A rainbow a natural example of what?


Approximately how long is the Amazon River?


Which of these countries is NOT affected by tropical cyclone?


The calm dry period of weather during late autumn is called what?

Indian summer

Which of the following is a treaty that puts the obligation to reduce current emissions on developed countries on the basis that they are historically responsible for the current levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?

The Kyoto Protocol

Off these, which place is the coldest?


Cuándo llovió por última vez en el desierto de Atacama?


Which of these is irrelevant in creating a rainbow?


The Ucayali River is in which country?

1,000mm to 2,000mm

What is the term for the temperature of the surrounding air?

Ambient temperature

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Lightning bolts can travel how far?

60 miles Click to see the answer

Which of these methods of disposal is the best for the environment?


Borescopes are used to measure what?

Atmospheric pressure

Which environmental condition helps to slow down the decaying?

Low temperatures

Where is the sun in relation to you if you can see a rainbow?

Behind you

Which environment is the driest on Earth?


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Which city in the UK gets the most rain in a year?

Belfast Click to see the answer

Rapidly expanding air causes what?


The highest standard type of cloud formation is what?


What speed must a wind reach to be classified as a hurricane?


Which country is the rainiest place on Earth?

United States

What is a measure of human impact on the environment. Carbon ____.


The lowest average rainfall is in which part of the UK?

East Anglia

Name of the Hurricane that hit Cuba and Hait in summer 2008.


What is England's lowest ever recorded temperature?


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Force 10 wind on the Beaufort scale can have what effect on trees?

Uproots them Click to see the answer

Name the fog that forms on Table Mountain.


Which of these cloud types appears in the sky between 5,000 meters and 13,000 meters?


The wind direction of a given period is called what?

Prevailing wind

Name the transition zone between two distinct air masses.


Which sort of clouds produce hail storms?


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What do the letters RH stand for?

Relative humidity Click to see the answer

North Carolina was hit by which hurricane in 2000?


Which current makes Britain warmer than it otherwise be?

Gulf Stream

The release of water vapor into the atmosphere by plants is termed as what?


Which of these is not a weather condition associated with mountains?


Which US mountain is the windiest place in the world?

Mount Washington

Brass monkey' is a phrase used to describe what type of weather?

Freezing cold

How far across does a tornado stretch normally stretch?


What is the difference in the daily temperature between the equator and the South Pole?


Which of these is NOT the real name for a wind?


In which year did Britain not have a drought?


Which of these is NOT the name used to describe a a wind?


Name the lines on a weather chart connecting areas of equal pressure.


Name the temperature of the surrounding air.

Ambient temperature

Which of these environments is the driest on planet Earth?


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Which one of these is not a cloud?

Claudius Click to see the answer

Which country recorded the world's highest ever temperature?


Which of these instruments are used to measure wind speed?


Cirrus clouds are made of what?

Ice Crystals

Which of these does NOT cause any global warming?


In the United Kingdom, how many consecutive days with less than 0.25 millimeters of rain are required to constitute a drought?


The Beaufort scale measures what?

Wind speed

What is the average temperature in a rainforest?


The heaviest hailstone ever recorded, in Bangladesh in 1986, weighed how much?


Gale force wind is how strong?

40 mph

Sun block is what UV factor?


Which of these is used to prevent environmental skin damage?


A hurricane would be what number on the Beaufort scale?


Puff white clouds at the top and grey at the bottom are called what?


Which cloud type is the highest in the sky?


The speed of the fastest man on the world would be classed what on the Beaufort scale?

Strong Breeze

Mackerel sky refers to which type of clouds?


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