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What was the name of Diddy's clothing line?

Sean John Click to see the answer

How many nominations did Diddy get at the Grammys in 1998?


How many films has Diddy been in?


How old was Diddy when his father was killed?


How many episodes of CSI Miami did Diddy star in?


What was the name of the aftershave Diddy released?

I am King

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Which Jennifer did Diddy famously date?

Lopez Click to see the answer

What film did Diddy do a collaboration with Jimmy Page?


How many albums has Diddy released?


Where is Diddy from?

New York

What year did he announce he was changing his name to Diddy?


How many copies did Diddy album 'No Way Out' sell?


What position did Diddy's 'No Way Out' reach on Billboard 200 in its first week of release?


How many awards has Diddy been nominated for?


What film did Diddy star in 2001?

Monsters Ball

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What year did Diddy create the group 'Dream Team'?

2010 Click to see the answer

What year did Diddy sell half of his record label?


What was Diddy's time for his 2003 marathon?

4hrs 19 mins

What year was Diddy born?


What year did Diddy change his name from Puff Daddy to P Diddy?


What year did Diddy start a clothing line?


What year was Diddy's friend and client Notorious BIG killed?


What country is Diddy not allowed to refer to himself as Diddy?


What is Diddy first name?


How much money did Diddy raise for his chosen charity?

$2 million

What year did Diddy release 'Press Play'?


In what year did Diddy record his first commercial work as a rapper?


What year did Diddy end the joint venture with Bad Boy and Arista Records?


Which position did Diddy's single 'Can't nobody hold me down' reach on Billboard 100?


How many members of the Diddy 'Dream Team' were there?


What was Diddy charged with in April 1999?


What did Diddy study at university?


What year did Diddy run a marathon?


What year did Times Magazine name Diddy as one of 100 most infuential people?


How long did Diddy date Jennifer Lopez for?

2 years

How many nicknames does Diddy have?


How many children does Diddy have?


Who was Diddy's opening act for on a Spring 2002 tour?

N Sync

What year did Diddy create his fragrance?


As of 2018, what is Diddy net worth?

$825 million

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What season did Diddy appear on 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'?

season 8 Click to see the answer

What did Diddy once dress up as for halloween?

The Pope

Which artist followed Diddy to his own record label?

The Notorious BIG

Who critisized Diddy and BIG?


Diddy's '2000' album got which of accolade?

septuple platinum

What was the name of the TV network Diddy launched?

Revolt TV

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What job did Diddy once do at a Marriott Hotel?

doorman Click to see the answer

What would be Diddy's dream acting role?

James Bond

What does Diddy eat with every meal?


Where did Diddy work before finding his own label?

Uptown Records

What charity did Diddy run the NY marathon for?

education system of NY

Who did Diddy credit for making him fall in love with hip hop again?

Kanye West

What is Diddy's starsign?


Which record label did Diddy sell half of his own to?

Warner Music Group

What did Diddy found in 1995?

Daddy's House Social Programs

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What did many accuse Diddy of doing to hip hop?

watering it down Click to see the answer

What was the name of Diddy's song in tribute to BIG?

I'll be missing you

Who did Diddy help develop whilst working at 'Uptown'?

Mary J Blige

What did LA Times claim about Diddy in 2008?

That BIG and Combs orchestrated the shooting of Tupac

What did Diddy's mother teach him the importance of at an early age?


What is Diddy's favorite color?


Who turned down the change to write 'I'll be missing you'?

Jay Z

Which NBA team does Diddy want to own?

The Knicks

Which ex did Diddy NOT remain friends with?


Why was Diddy given the nickname Puff as a child?

He would huff and puff when angry

What is Diddy's favorite show?

Good Times

Which Eminem track dissed Diddy?


Who did Diddy supposedly get into a fight with at the VMAs?

J Cole

What is Diddy's favorite kind of massage?


What did Diddy try and bribe his driver with?

a diamond

Who did Diddy slap in a club?


Who else as well as Diddy pledged $1 to help victims of Hurricane Katrina?

Jay Z

Who mocked Diddy over the coach he attacked with a training weight?

50 cent

Who started a petition asking Diddy to stop mentioning BIG?

50 cent

What did Diddy NOT do when spending the summer in the countryside?

watch tv

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What was Diddy's reputation in college for?

throwing big parties Click to see the answer

Where did Diddy slip on stage?

Madison Square Garden

Who is the mother of Diddy's oldest son?

Misa Hylton-Brim

What did Diddy win 'Best rap performance by a duo or group' for?

Shake Ya Tailfeather

Who did Diddy have an altercation with on 'The Four'?

Meghan Trainor

Which Sheffield band is Diddy a huge fan of?

Artctic Monkeys

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What did Diddy hit a record exec with?

champagne bottle Click to see the answer

What is the name of Diddy's tequila company?

DeLeon Tequila

What is intersting about Diddy's diet?

He is lactose intolerant

Who was the most impressive person Diddy ever met?

Nelson Mandela

Who does Diddy believe changed the way the fashion world viewed sportswear?

Himself,Sean Combs

What did Diddy's mother tell him after his father was murdered?

That he died in a car crash

Who else, besides Diddy, was responsible for bottle service in clubs?

Jermaine Dupri

What iconic item did Diddy take to his 'White Party'?

The declaration of Independence

Who did Diddy attack with a training weight?

His sons football coach

What programme did Diddy appear as a guest star on?

Hawaii Five-0

What did Diddy's ex chef sue him for?

Sexual harrassment

Which famous woman does Diddy consider to be a sister?

Naomi Campbell

Who did Diddy throw a drink over for claiming to be 'the King of New York'?

Kendrick Lamar

Who did Diddy live with for a summer to get out of the city?

An Amish family

Who helped him with 'It's all about the Benjamins'?

Missy Elliot

What was Diddy's role in the film 'Made'?

a drug dealer

What was Diddy's first ever job?

A newspaper delivery boy

Why did Diddy throw ice at someone?

They drank a rival vodika brand

Who did Diddy think was a valet girl?

Selena Gomez

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