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What is the name of the vocalist in Shocking Blue?

Mariska Click to see the answer

Jazz musician Misha Mengelberg died in which year?


Dutch artist Dick Annegarn mostly sang in which language?


Jim Bakkum was runner-up on which TV talent show?


What was the name of the female vocalist in 2 Unlimited?


What English group covered 'Venus' by Shocking Blue in the 1980s?


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What girl's name was the title of the 1960 Blue Diamonds hit?

Ramona Click to see the answer

The Vengaboys had an uncle from which island in the 1998 single?


Marco Borsato sang in which language before switching to Dutch?


The Wilhelmus national anthem dates from which century?


Who was the leader of Dutch band Kane?

Dinand Woesthoff

Aafje Heynis was a famous singer of which type of music?


What is the stage name of reggae artist Ricardo Blijden?

Ziggi Recado

Which characters did Irene Moors team up with for her 1995 hit 'No Limit'?


Apocalyps' was a hit by which Dutch singer?

Boudewijn De Groot

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Which 1960s word means popular music from the Netherlands?

Nederpop Click to see the answer

How many members of The Blue Diamonds were there?


Which instrument does Iris Kroes play?


Rock bankd Kane formed in which city?

The Hague

What is the name of the music label run by Allan Eshuijs?

Gemini Music

Als Geen Ander' was a 1995 album from which singer?

Marco Borsato

Prisoner of the Night' was a Golden Earring album from which decade?


What was the first name of Ms Perts, who won the Xfactor in 2011?


Although known as a Dutch musician, Misha Mengelberg was born in which Soviet city?


Raymond Slijngaard fronted which dance band?

2 Unlimited

Ronald van Prooijen was lead singer of which rock band?


Han Bennink is known for which type of music?


Dance act 2 Unlimited had most of their hits in which decade?


Which band had hits with 'Radar Love' and 'Twilight Zone'?

Golden Earring

No Limits' was the first album from which Dutch band?

2 Unlimited

DJ Sammy used which Dutch vocalist on his cover of 'Heaven' by Bryan Adams?


How many times did Golden Earring tour North America from the 60s to the 80s?


Which 1987 Dutch band was named after a percussion instrument?


Misha Mengelberg was a jazz musician known for playing which instrument?


What was the name of the Shocking Blue song which went to No 1 in 1970?


Marga, Patty and José made up which girl band?


Which singer had a hit in 1973 with 'Jan Klaassen de Trompetter'?

Rob de Nijs

Xfactor winner Jaap Reesema uses which stage name?

Jake Reese

Shocking Blue were first founded in which year?


Singer Do provided the vocals on a cover of which Bryan Adams song?


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Bastiaan Ragas was a member of which boy band?

Caught in the Act Click to see the answer

Which singer had No 1 hits in the Netherlands in 2015 with 'Sorry' and 'What Do You Mean?'

Justin Bieber

How old was singer Amira Willighagen when she won 'Holland's Got Talent'?


Which singer has been in After Forever, ReVamp and Nightwish?

Floor Jansen

Karin, Laura, Mandy and Marjon are better known as which girl group?

Frizzle Sizzle

Amira Willighagen is known for singing which type of music?


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Andre Rieu has a recording studio in which Dutch city?

Maastricht Click to see the answer

What was the Eurovision song which Michelle Courtens had a hit with in 2001?

Out on my own

What did group Djumbo change their name to in 2015?


What was singer Forrest's big 1982 hit?

Rock the Boat

What was the first name of the non-Dutch singer in Bearforce 1?


What was the name of the Dutch member of boy band Lexington Bridge?


What was the name of the 2000 hit single by Krezip?

I Would Stay

How many weeks did Lil Kleine and Ronnie Flex spend at No 1 in 2015 with 'Drank and Drugs'


How old was Jamai Loman when he won Dutch Idols in 2003?


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Nils, Daan, Owen and Rein are which boy band?

Mainstreet Click to see the answer

Jacqueline Govaert was lead singer of which group?


Which singer collaborated on 'You've Got A Friend' with Marco Borsato and Rene Froger in 1995?

Ruth Jacott

Suzanna Lubrano is based in Rotterdam, but comes from which island nation?

Cape Verde

The Solace System' was a 2017 single by which band?


Who beat Floortje Smit to win the third season of Idols?

Raffaëla Paton

Lindsy, Lotte and Samantha form which group?


What is the first name of Ben Saunders' older brother, also a singer?


Michel Telo and Gusttavo Lima topped the charts in 2012, but what country are they from?


Emil Landman produces music in which genre?


Stream of Passion have members from the Netherlands and which other country?


Which Niels Geusebroek song spent two weeks at No 1 in 2013?

Take Your Time Girl

Singer Judith Mok made her home in which other European country?


Which folk singer released 'Falling' in November 2017?

Emil Landman

In which year did Ben Saunders win The Voice of Holland?


What was the first single released by Nick & Simon?

Do You Know What I Mean

How many members did the dance music band Bearforce 1 have?


Karen Damen, Kristel Verbeke and Kathleen Aerts created which group?


Who was the new singer chosen to join K3 in 2009 in the show K2 Zoekt K3?

Josje Huisman

What was the name of the 2014 worldwide hit by Mr Probz?


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Two members of Passion Fruit were killed in which type of accident in 2001?

Plane crash Click to see the answer

Singer Simone Angel was one of the judges for the Popstars competition in which country?


Candy Dulfer played saxophone for which American music superstar?


What is the name of the 2018 album by Tim Knol?

Cut The Wire

Arno Menses and Markus Steffen make up which band?


Lee Towers famously covered a song associated with which English football club?


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The Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song was a hit for Passion Fruit in which year?

1999 Click to see the answer

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor were founded in which year?


What was the name of Esmee Denter's debut hit?

Outta Here

Erik Hulzebosch had a 1997 hit with 'Hulzebosch Hulzebosch' but is best known for which sport?


Soprano Johanette Zomer trained as a singer in which city?


What was the name of Candy Dulfer's first solo album?


There is a museum in Alkmaar dedicated to which British group?


Lee Towers was working in which occupation when discovered as a singer?


Esmee Denters was signed to which American singer's record label at the age of 19?

Justin Timberlake

Which metal band announced they were splitting in 2016 after 11 years?

Stream of Passion

Which singer had hits with 'Ticket to the Tropics' and 'No More Boleros'?

Gerard Joling

Dutch protest singer Armand died in which year?


What was the name of the first black singer to enter the Eurovision Song Contest?

Milly Scott

Which instrument does Andre Rieu play?


How many studio albums did protest singer Armand release during his career?


Which group's first hit was 'Can't Help Myself'?

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor

Andre Rieu has an orchestra named after which composer?


The Serious Request charity event is hosted by which radio station?


Candy Dulfer is known for playing which instrument?


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