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Dennis Bergkamp played for which English football club from 1995 to 2006?

Arsenal Click to see the answer

Peter Aerts is a famous name in which sport?

Kick Boxing

Which country beat the women's Netherlands hockey team to the gold in Rio in 2016?

Great Britain

At which Spanish side did Ruud van Nistelrooy finish his playing career?


Anton Geesink helped popularise which sport in the Netherlands?


Which cycling team is Tom Dumoulin a member of?

Team Sunweb

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Which Dutch footballer famously wore goggles after being diagnosed with glaucoma?

Edgar Davids Click to see the answer

Raymond van Barneveld plays which sport?


Piet Raijmakers competes in which sport?


In 2017 Tom Dumoulin became the first Dutch cyclist to win the tour of which country?


Which country did the Netherlands beat to win the Euro 1988 competition?


Robin Haase plays which sport?


Johann Cruyff played for and managed which Spanish club?


Fanny Blankers-Koen won four Olympic golds at the games in which city?


What is the name of Frank de Boer's twin brother, also a famous footballer?


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In which Olympic sport did Fanny Blankers-Koen win her gold medals?

Athletics Click to see the answer

Robin van Persie played for which English side from 2004 to 2012?


Which German side did Feyenoord beat to win the UEFA Cup in 2002?


Neptunus Rotterdam is a team in which sport?


Richard Krajicek is a famous name in which sport?


What was the highest ATP ranking achieved by tennis star Richard Krajicek?


Which football club plays at the Johann Cruyff Arena?


Ice hockey team the Tilburg Trappers joined which country's league in 2015?


Patrick Kluivert made his debut for the national team in which decade?


Which team did PSV beat to win the UEFA Cup in 1978?


The Eredivisie league was founded in which year?


Which English club bought Ruud Van Nistelrooy from PSV in July 2001?

Manchester United

Sjoukje Dijkstra was a 1950s and 1960s champion in which sport?

Figure skating

Frank Rijkaard managed which Middle Eastern country's football team?

Saudi Arabia

The Netherlands ice hockey league was suspended in which year?


The men's Netherlands hockey team beat which country to take gold at the Sydney 2000 Olympics?

South Korea

What strip color is the alternative to orange for the Dutch male and female hockey teams?


An accident in which sport caused the death of Prince Friso in 2013?


Over which distance did Dafne Schippers win gold at the World Athletics Championship in 2017?


What is the name of Johann Cruyff's son, also a footballer?


What is the name of racing driver Max Verstappen's famous father?


Kees Verkerk was a star of which sport in the 1960s?

Speed skating

What two colors are the Feyenoord home strip?

Red and White

Out of 12 speed skating events at the 2014 winter Olympics, how many did the Netherlands win?


Which Dutch football team was European Champions three times in a row in the 1970s?


Questions: 6
Difficulty: Medium
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Which baseball club was Rick van den Hurk signed by in 2002?

Florida Marlins Click to see the answer

Regilio Tuur boxes in which weight division?

Super featherweight

Which Dutch female judo player was World Champion in 2005?

Edith Bosch

Twan van Gendt represents the Netherlands in which sport?


In 2017, Frank de Boer was sacked as manager of which English club after just 5 games?

Crystal Palace

Jessica Blaszka competes in which sport?


Questions: 9
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In which year was racing driver Max Verstappen born?

1997 Click to see the answer

In which year did judo player Linda Bolder switch allegiance from the Netherlands to Israel?


Although born in the Netherlands, Linda Bolder plays judo for which country?


In December 2017, where was darts player Michael van Gerwen in the world rankings?


Epke Zonderland takes part in which sport?


Which British club was Ryan Babel with from 2007 to 2011?


Joop Zoetemelk came second in the Tour De France how many times?


Which player moved from PSV to Milan in 1987 for a world record price?

Ruud Gullit

Which baseball position does Rick van den Hurk play?


Questions: 20
Difficulty: Medium
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Rick van den Hurk ended his baseball career with which club?

Pittsburgh Pirates Click to see the answer

Which Dutch cyclist suffered a serious crash during the Rio 2016 women's road race?

Annemiek van Vleuten

Joop Zoetemelk won the Tour De France in which year?


What is kickboxer Lucia Rijker's nickname?

Dutch Destroyer

Which team did the Netherlands lose to in the 2010 World Cup final?


Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel made her name in which sport?


Epke Zonderland won a gymastics gold in which city in 2012?


What is the nickname of mixed martial artist Bas Rutten?

El Guapo

What snake is the nickname of Dutch darts player Jelle Klaasen?


How old was Max Verstappen when he became the youngest ever F1 driver?


Ada Kok won a swimming gold at the Olympics in which city?

Mexico City

Ada Kok excelled in which sport in the 1960s?


Which Turkish club did Ryan Babel move to in January 2017?


Max Verstappen won his first Grand Prix in 2016 in which country?


Joop Zoetemelk is a famous name in which sport?


In which year did the Netherlands win the European football championships?


Michael van Gerwen was how old when he became the youngest ever darts player to win a major ?


In which year was the last Dutch Grand Prix held at Zandvoort?


Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel beat which disease to win 4 medals at the 2000 Olympics?


What is the nickname of darts player Michael van Gerwen?

Mighty Mike

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Petra van Staveren won a gold for swimming at the 1984 Olympics in which city?

Los Angeles Click to see the answer

In 2014, swimmer Marleen Veldhuis moved to which country to pursue a career in teaching and motivational speaking?


How old was Petra van Staveren when she won her Olympic swimming gold in 1984?


Roline Repelaer van Driel takes part in which sport?


Anicka van Emden won gold in judo in Rio 2016 in which weight category?


Nouchka Fontijn won a bronze medal at Rio in 2016 for which sport?


Questions: 19
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Johann Cruyff was born in which year?

1947 Click to see the answer

Jacobine Veenhoven won the bronze rowing medal in 2012 as part of a crew of how many?


Which Dutch Olympic swimmer took part in reality show 'Adam sucht Eva'?

Inge de Bruijn

The ABN Amro indoor tennis tournament is held in which city?


Who was manager of Ajax when Johann Cruyff started playing in the first team?

Rinus Michels

What was the nationality of the solver and bronze medallists when Sanne Wevers took gold in Rio 2016?

United States

How tall is swimmer Marcel Wouda?


The Netherlands football team played their first international match against which country in 1905?


Which speed skater has the nickname 'Beer van Lemmer'

Rintje Ritsma

Marit Bouwmeester competed in which sport at Rio in 2016?


In which year did speed skater Sven Kramer compete at his first Winter Olympics?


At what age did Johann Cruyff join Ajax's youth division?


Ellen van Langen won a 1992 Olympic gold in which sport?


What is the name of the mixed-sex team ball sport invented in the Netherlands?


Which footballer sang with Revelation Time on a 1988 single called South Africa?

Ruud Gullit

Who was the first footballer to win European Player of the Year three times?

Johann Cruyff

Mia Audina won an Olympic silver medal for the Netherlands in which raquet sport?


At which distance did speed skater Sven Kramer take silver at the 2006 Olympics?


How many Olympic swimming medals did Marleen Veldhuis win during her career?


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