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In 'Empire' what is Mimi Whiteman's profession

Venture Capitalist Click to see the answer

In 'Empire' what is artest Timbaland real name?

Tim Mosley

In 'Empire' what business is Empire Entertainment primarily in?


In 'Empire', ALS, the desease Lucious has is more commonly known as?

Lou Gehrig's disease

In 'Empire' what is Cookie's real character name?

Loretha Holloway

In 'Empire' what illness does Lucious contract?


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In 'Empire' what is Empire rated?

TV-14 Click to see the answer

In 'Empire' what year did the show Empire premiere?


In 'Empire' what city is the show Empire filmed in?


In 'Empire' which actor plays the role of dying CEO Lucious Lyon?

Terrence Howard

In 'Empire' which one of Lucious's sons in Gay?


In 'Empire' who plays the role of Officer Mcknight?


In 'Empire' who is the CEO of Empire Entertainment?

Lucious Lyon

In 'Empire' what does Lucious give to rapper Titan after a visit in prison?

A cell phone

In 'Empire' who took over Empire Entertainment when Lucious was in jail?

Mimi Whiteman

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In 'Empire' who is the cofounder of Empire Entertainment?

Cookie Click to see the answer

In 'Empire' which one of Cookie's sons does she end up managing?


How did Hakeem lose his CEO position at 'Empire'?

Voted out by board

In 'Empire' what did Lucious say saved his life as a child?


In 'Empire', how many jobs did Rhonda work to pay for her Ivy league education?


In 'Empire' what famous actress guest stars as Candace?

Vivica A. Fox

In 'Empire' which musical star has NOT appeared on Empire?


In 'Empire' what is the name of the intro theme song of Empire?

No Apologies

In 'Empire' what city is Empire set in?

New York

In 'Empire' what famous actor plays the role of Eddie Barker?

Forest Whitaker

In 'Empire' which of Lucious sons is the oldest?


In 'Empire' which actor plays the role of Gutter Live rapper Titan?

Jim Beanz

In 'Empire' at what age did lucious begin selling drugs to survive?

9 years old

In 'Empire' which character in Empire is a Cannibal?

Frank Gathers

In 'Empire' what shakespeare play do inspired Empire?

King Lear

In 'Empire' what type of music does Empire Entertainment primarily produce?


In 'Empire' what is the name of the company the family is battling for control of?

Empire Entertainment

In 'Empire' what is Lucious Lyon's real character name?

Dwight Walker

In 'Empire' who plays Cookie Lyon, Lucious's Ex-wife?

Taraji P. Henson

In 'Empire', how much drug money did Cookie contribute to the founding of Empire Entertainment?


In 'Empire' which actor plays detective Calvin Walker?

Damon Gupton

As of 2018, how many seasons has 'Empire' run?


In 'Empire' which of Lucious's sons is the youngest?


In 'Empire' who is Andre's wife on Empire?


In 'Empire', how does Thirsty blackmail the judge into letting Lucious out on Bail?

Incriminating pictures

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In 'Empire' which character Murdered Mimi Whiteman?

Camilla Click to see the answer

In 'Empire' what is Steve Cho's job at Empire?

Public Relations

In 'Empire' what song of his father's does Jamal change some lyrics during a performance to reveal he is gay?

You're So Beautiful,'

In 'Empire' Lucious Lyon is considered the main protagonist, what type of character is he?


In 'Empire' where is Bunkie Killed?

City docks

In 'Empire' which character is described as '100 percent wolf and 100 percent gangsta,'

Leslie 'Shine' Johnson

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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In 'Empire' what is Roxanne Ford's Occupation?

District Attorney Click to see the answer

In 'Empire' what mental illness does Andre suffer from?


In 'Empire' what is the name of Empire's Spin off label?

Gutter Life Records

In 'Empire' what does Lucious hate about Rhonda, Andre's wife?

She is white

In 'Empire' what actor plays Cannibalistic drug lord Frank Gathers?

Chris Rock

In 'Empire' what does Cookie attempt to kill Lucious with?

A Pillow

In 'Empire' what controversy surrounds the company's IPO?


In 'Empire' the rap battle is between Freda and which other character?


In 'Empire' what did Lucious call Jogo after knocking him to the ground in the boxing ring?

Punk Ass

Questions: 20
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In 'Empire' what group killed Lucius's father?

Nation of Islam Click to see the answer

In 'Empire' what position does Cookie within Empire Entertainment after her release from prison?

Head of A&R

In 'Empire' which one of Lucious sons considers himself the black sheep of the family?


In 'Empire' which character is revealed to be Lucious's half brother?


In 'Empire' what is the name of the competing company Cookie starts?

Lyon Dynasty

In 'Empire' which actress plays Lucious Lyon's secretary, Becky Williams?

Gabourey Sidibe

In 'Empire' which character works for the FBI?

Tariq Cousins

In 'Empire' what is Jago Locke profession?


In 'Empire' which character is head of security at Empire?

Malcolm DeVeaux

In 'Empire' what present does Lucious give to Hakeem when he forgives him?

Gold Chain

In 'Empire' which character committed suicide?


In 'Empire' which character is involved in an interracial marriage?


In 'Empire' what university did Andre attend?


In 'Empire' which character kills Bunkie?


In 'Empire' what is the tagline for season 1?

Music, Family, Power. The battle begins'

In 'Empire' what is the name of Andre's wife?


In 'Empire' what is Thirsty Rawlings profession?


In 'Empire the quote from Cookie 'Bye, Felicia' is a quote originating in what movie?


In 'Empire' what is Porsha Taylors job?

Cookie's Assistant

In 'Empire' where was Cookie when she was divorced?


Questions: 6
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In 'Empire' which character is NOT an artist for Gutter Life Records?

Blaster Click to see the answer

In 'Empire' what illness did Mimi Whiteman suffer from in secret?

Breast Cancer

In 'Empire' which character said 'My obedience is no longer for sale.'


In 'Empire' what was the name of Hakeem and Tiana's daughter who died shortly after birth?


In 'Empire' how many years was Cookie in Prison?


In 'Empire' what job did Lucious do at 9 years old to feed himself?

Sell Drugs

Questions: 19
Difficulty: Hard
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In 'Empire' what is the name Lyon Dynasty's Latin-American girl group?

Mirage a Trois Click to see the answer

In 'Empire' what is Lucious's bail set at for the murder of Bunkie?


In 'Empire' which character said 'Just 'cause I asked Jesus to forgive you don't mean I do.'


In 'Empire' what is the runtime for each episode of Empire?

42 min

At the beginning of the first season of 'Empire' in 2015, how old was actress Taraji P. Henson?


In 'Empire' what is Lucious wearing when the FBI come to raid his home?

He is naked

In 'Empire' what does Roxanne Ford find in her car at the end of the 'Poor Yorick' episode?

Dead Body

In 'Empire' which character is NOT a member of Mirage a Trois?


In 'Empire' how is Hakeem related to Rhonda?

sister in law

In 'Empire' what law school did Thirsty Rawlings go to?

University of Guam

In 'Empire' which character said 'I don't wanna win the game. I wanna change it.'


In 'Empire' what gift does Lucious give Cookie as he ties to forgive her?


In 'Empire' which character has NOT been CEO of Empire Entertainment at least once?

Porsha Taylor

In 'Empire' what derogatory term does Hakeem use when referring to President Obama while drunk?

Sell out

In 'Empire' how pushed Rhonda down a flight of stairs?


In 'Empire' what was the name of Hakeem, Andre and Jamal's Caregiver who died?


In 'Empire' what song does Snoop Dogg perform during his guest appearance?

Peaches N Cream'

In 'Empire' how do we find out Mimi has cancer?

Sex tape

In 'Empire' how are Bunkie and Cookie related?


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