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Auguste Escoffier, who modernised traditional French cooking, was born in which year?

1847 Click to see the answer

Thomas Keller is a celebrity chef with Michelin star restaurants in which country?

United States

Born and raised in France, Alain Roux has held 3 Michelin stars in which country since 1985?

United Kingdom

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Eleven Madison Park is a famous fine dining restaurant in which US city?

New York Click to see the answer

Which British chef was the youngest ever to get three Michelin Stars?

Marco Pierre White

What is the name of Heston Blumenthal's famous restaurant?

The Fat Duck

What is the name of the organization which awards stars to top restaurants?


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Ken Hom is a famous chef in which type of cuisine?

Chinese Click to see the answer

Which British 'Kitchen Nightmares' chef is best known for his fiery temper?

Gordon Ramsay

Central and Maido, both in the list of the top 10 restaurants in the world, are in which South American city?


What is the first name of The Naked Chef, Mr Oliver?


As of 2019, which country has the most Michelin 3-star restaurants, with 31?


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