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Which country is host to the largest Fashion Week in Scandinavia?

Denmark Click to see the answer

Which magazine is best known for covering the Fashion Week events?


How many days does London Fashion Show run for?


Fashion Weeks first developed as a concept to attract what sort of people?


Which famous Jasper was one of the founding members of London Fashion Week?


Lakme Fashion Week is India's main fashion event. It takes place in which city?


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Which famous actor did Aquascutum use to model their collections in 2014?

Damian Lewis Click to see the answer

The first ever fashion show took part in which country in 1903?


Can members of the public buy tickets for official London Fashion Week Events?


How many times per year does Copenhagen Fashion Week take place?


Dolce and Gabbana showed their first collection in 1985 in which city?


What English red haired model is a regular at London Fashion Week?

Lily Cole

Which Italian city hosts one of the 'big four' Fashion Weeks?


Fashion Week Palm Beach takes place in which American state?


Bridal Fashion Week takes place in which North American city?

New York

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A department store in which US city hosted the first catwalk show in 1903?

New York Click to see the answer

Graduate Fashion Week is held in early summer each year in which city?


Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana organises which of the main Fashion Weeks?


The 'big four' Fashion Week events are held in London, Paris, Milan and where?

New York

Which influential editor is often seen in the front row at Fashion Week shows?

Anna Wintour

Lakme Fashion Week is the main fashion event in which Asian country?


Which high street brand opened the shows at Men's Fashion Week in 2015?


British designer Paul Smith showed his first collection in which city in 1976?


London Fashion Week happens twice a year, in February and which other month?


The brand Kenzo had its first Fashion Week show where?


Model Iman criticised New York Fashion Week designers for what?

only using white models

Spring/Summer collections will be shown in Milan during what months?


Bread and Butter Fashion Week in Berlin features what sort of clothing?

ready to wear

Alternative Fashion Week takes place in which major city?


Famous London Fashion Week model Lily Cole represents which cosmetics brand?


Which is arguably the most prestigious of all the fashion week events?


Moda Donna' means what during Milan Fashion Week?

women's fashion

How many major Fashion Weeks are held twice every year?


The first London Fashion Week of the year takes place in which month?


Christian Fashion Week was held in 2013 in which Florida city?


Versace showcases new designs during which Fashion Week?


In what decade was Milan Fashion Week established?


Which large London museum was home to London Fashion Week until 2009?

Natural History Museum

Black Fashion Week is held in which French city?


How many men's catwalk shows made up London Men's Fashion Week?


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Which ex-Spice Girl was one of the judges at Graduate Fashion Week in London in 2007?

Victoria Beckham Click to see the answer

Which 'Twilight' star was in the front row of the Chanel show in Paris in January 2015?

Kristin Stewart

London Fashion Week has seen ticket applications from bloggers rise by how much in the last 2 years?


Which supermodel helped her friends out when they presented the first Frost French collection in 2001?

Kate Moss

Vera Wang, who has regular catwalk shows at New York Fashion Week, is best known for what?

bridal wear

Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue and at al the most important Fashion Week shows, was born where?


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Which fashion house helped kick start the whole idea of a fashion week with its 'New Look' in 1947?

Dior Click to see the answer

In 2014, which Italian brand said it was considering using drones to film its catwalk shows?


If you were at a Fashion Week in February, you would be looking at clothes for which season?


Which One Direction member had the best seats in the house for the Aquascutum show in London in 2012?

Harry Styles

Goldie Hawn's famous daughter is often seen with her at Paris Fashion Week events. Who is she?

Kate Hudson

Chanel caused controversy by showing suits made of what material during Paris Fashion Week in 2010?


Which designer of men's sharp suits first had a show in Paris Fashion Week at 1994?

Ozwald Boateng

Designer John Rocha, who regularly has a catwalk show at London Fashion Week, is based in which city?


John Rocha, who is a regular on the catwalk at London Fashion Week, was born in which country?

Hong Kong

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Which British designer committed suicide just days before London Fashion Week in 2010?

Alexander McQueen Click to see the answer

Jason Wu, who often designs for Michelle Obama, presented his first catwalk show in which year?


Designer Giorgio Armani presented his first catwalk show during which 1976 Fashion Week?


In January 2015 the London Men's Fashion Event was extended from 3 days to how many?


Kate Hudson is often seen with her famous mom at Fashion Week events. Who is she?

Goldie Hawn

Which British sitcom based in fashion PR often saw the main characters attending London Fashion Week?

Absolutely Fabulous

One of the main parts of the Milan Fashion Week is 'moda uomo'. What does this mean in English?

men's fashion

Giorgio Armani presented his first menswear collection at Milan Fashion Week in which decade?


If you go to London Fashion Week in September, what season's clothes would you see?


LVMH is an acronym associated with several Fashion Weeks, but what does it stand for?

Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy

Orla Kiely who often shows at London Fashion Week, is best known for which type of design?


Vogue editor Anna Wintour who covers all Fashion Week events, is famous for what sort of hair cut?


Between 1993 and 2002 Oscar De La Renta designed couture ranges for which fashion house?


Which tech invention was first shown during a New York Fashion Week show in 2013?

Google Glass

In what month is Graduate Fashion Week held, showcasing the best work from UK Universities?


Stella McCartney, a regular at Paris Fashion week, designed for which 2012 event?


Sarah Burton, who creates catwalk shows for the McQueen brand designed a famous wedding dress for who?

Kate Middleton

Which not for profit organization is the organising body for London Fashion Week?

British Fashion Council

Dolce and Gabbana, who first featured at Milan Fashion Week in 1985, are often abbreviated to what?


Latin Fashion Week is held at the same time as which other Fashion Week events?

New York

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Graduate Fashion Week is sponsored by which value fashion brand?

George Click to see the answer

Sacha Baron Cohen gatecrashed several Paris Fashion Week events in 2008 as which of his many characters?


Buyers first travelled to New York for Fashion Week in 1943 because the Paris event had been cancelled due to what?


Anna Wintour has a front row seat at all of the best Fashion Week events, but what magazine does she work for?


Jason Wu, an Asian designer who has had shows at previous New York Fashion weeks, is a favorite of which famous first lady?

Michelle Obama

Miami Fashion Week focuses on showcasing which sort of clothing?


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Which happy singer presented a catwalk show in collaboration with G-Star at New York Fashion Week in September 2014?

Pharrell Williams Click to see the answer

Pringle of Scotland, who host a catwalk show at London Fashion Week, specialise in what type of clothing?


Which supermodel opens London Fashion Week in 2015?

Naomi Campbell

The editor of Vogue demanded that which Fashion Week rearrange the shows to give her more travelling time?


For how many years did Red or Dead present a collection at London Fashion Week before the brand was sold?


New York Fashion week was first held in which year?


Chronologically, Milan is which of the Big Four fashion weeks?


The editor of which magazine was attacked by animal rights activists at Paris Fashion week in 2005 over her preference for wearing fur?


Philipp Plein shocked the Milan Fashion Week audience by sending models onto the catwalk brandishing what?

semi-automatic guns

Which character in Absolutely Fabulous is a magazine editor who competes for front row at Fashion Week events?


What does the acronym GFW stand for in the fashion world?

Graduate Fashion Week

How many shows are held during a standard Milan Fashion Week?


What year saw the first Milan Fashion Week held?


London Fashion Week was first held in which year?


Fashion Week Los Angeles was founded in which year?


Hunter International will be showing their products at London Fashion Week in February 2015. What are they best known for?

waterproof boots

The label Frost French which first held a show at London Fashion Week in 2001 was set up by which actress?

Sadie Frost

Ozwald Boateng is a British designer who often shows suits at London Fashion Week. Where did his parents come to the UK from?


The original Bread and Butter Fashion Week is in Berlin, but which South Asian city will host a spin off in 2015?


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