Questions: 3
Difficulty: Hard
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Eliud Kipchoge set the record for the fastest marathon in which city in October 2019?

Vienna Click to see the answer

Florence Griffith-Joyner of which country set the women's 100m record in 1988?

United States

The speed record for which animal is 0.28 meters per second?


Questions: 4
Difficulty: Medium
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The speed of what is the fastest thing in the world?

Light Click to see the answer

What is the fastest fish?


The land speed record for the fastest vehicles was set in which US state?


Which planet orbits the sun the fastest?


Questions: 5
Difficulty: Easy
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The fastest maglev trains run on tracks in which country?

Japan Click to see the answer

Which company makes the Veyron, the fastest car in production?


What is the first name of Mr Baumgartner, the fastest human in free fall?


Which is the fastest dog breed?


In kilometers per hour, what is the record for the fastest tennis serve?

263 km/h

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