Questions: 3
Difficulty: Hard
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Belvedere Palace is a visitor attraction in which European city?

Vienna Click to see the answer

Visitors flock to the old town of Dubrovnik after it was featured in which TV series?

Game of Thrones

What currency would you need for a holiday in Mauritius?


Questions: 4
Difficulty: Medium
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Bora Bora is a holiday island in which body of water?

Pacific Click to see the answer

Vilamoura is a popular resort in which European country?


In which European city can you find Grand Place which is filled with a carpet of flowers each August?


If you are flying to Antalya airport, you're going to which country on holiday?


Questions: 5
Difficulty: Easy
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The Amalfi Coast is to the south of which Italian city?

Naples Click to see the answer

In which European city could you visit the Tivoli Gardens?


In which European city could you relax in Parc Guell?


What is the largest Greek island?


Tenerife and Fuerteventura are part of which island group?


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