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Difficulty: Easy
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A small room purely for storing clothes is called what?

Walk In Closet Click to see the answer

Ms. Lawson is the author of which of these cookbooks?

Nigella Express

What is the best energy rating on a household appliance?


Which versatile liquid brings a great shine to windows?


Which mobile appliance kept food hot?

Hostess Trolley

Pop a sandwich into which handy machine to toast it?

Toastie Maker

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David Austin is most associated with growing what flower?

Rose Click to see the answer

Puds & Pies is a cookbook from which presents of the Great British Bake Off?

Paul Hollywood

Sash, Bay, Casement and Skylight are types of what home feature?


An outdoor sit in pool perfect for relaxation is a what?

Hot Tub

How many plug holes are there in a 3 piece bathroom?


Which of the following is a type of television?


Axminster, Wilton, Saxony and Berber are types of what home furnishing?


Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal encourages us to shop at which supermarket?


What essential tool would you need to do a bit of woodwork?


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The handy appliance perfect for heating food quickly is a...?

Microwave Oven Click to see the answer

The art of cocktail making is known as what?


How long does it take to do a makeover in one daytime show?

60 Minutes

Mixing red and white paint will give you what color?


An extra bathroom fitment to wash your derrier is a what?


Terence Conran changed the face of interior design when he opened which store?


A small hand held tool used for weeding is called what?


The original floors in very old houses are usually made from what?


Which kind of furniture is the most likely to be restored?


Who designed the Pernilla chair?

Bruno Mathsson

Which industrial insects are a pain when they get in the house?


Which door that is oriented horizontally in a floor or ceiling, often accessed via a ladder?

Trap Door

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What is a separate kitchen unit with a worktop and often a sink?

Island Click to see the answer

Custom make your own green paint by mixing which colors?

Blue & Yellow

The frames of most modern windows are made from what?


What distinctive color are Flymo products?


Wingback, Director's and Rocking are types of what furniture?


Where are you if you are dining al fresco?


In which of the following would you expect to find children's toys?


In 2017 former PM David Cameron spent £25,000 on what sort of garden building?

Shepherd's Hut

Which herb comes from a species of laurel?


Which word describes a small house that can be assembled quickly from factory-made pieces?


A strip of patterned paper around the walls of a room is called what?


Anita Manning is a TV expert on what?


Bathrooms usually have what on the walls around the bath?


Which appliance saves you dipping your hands in soapy water?


Horizontal wooden boards affixed to the outside of a house at ground level are called what?


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What is a treatment for most soft furnishings?

Scotguard Click to see the answer

What color varnish shows of the color of natural wood?


A dwelling right in a city is said to be what?


Sofas, tables, chairs etc are collectively known as what?


What is unusual about a Bubble chair?

It' Hangs From the Ceiling

Black and yellow are associated with which flying insect?


Big Chill is a US brand of ranges and what?


Which of the following is an American designer and presenter?

Ty Pennington

Which former footballer is a presenter on the TV show Homes Under The Hammer?

Dion Dublin

How many storeys does a bungalow have?


Which handy device saves you putting food scraps in the bin?

Waste Disposal Unit

Who hosts Dickinson's Real Deal?

David Dickinson

Moving heavy things from one place to another is easy with ....?

A Wheelbarrow

Open concept living means there is a shortage of what?


Avid readers will have which of the following in their home?


Double doors that open onto a garden are called what?

French Doors

What do you call the glass that doesn't break when a gun is fired at it?

Bulletproof Glass

What would you use to make sure you can sleep through the day?

Blackout Blind

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Which of these light bulbs are most commonly used in homes?

Incandescent Click to see the answer

Unexpected guests are no problem when you have a sofa....?


Large pots filled with flowers are often called what?


Emma Bridgewater, the famous homewares designer is from which country?


Which celebrity chef is known for his spun sugar work?

James Martin

What color varnish shows of the color of natural wood?


The ultimate hang out for a group of men in called what?

Man Cave

Complete the name of this door lock. Five-lever_____ deadlock


Which country would you associate with a country cottage?


Tong Lau is a kind of shophouse found where?


Mixing red and white paint will give you what color?


In which permanent fixture would you wash your dishes?


A biennial plant has a life cycle that lasts how many years?


Pure crystal is what?


Paint starts as a liquid but dries as a what?


Venetian, Roman, Micro and Panel are types of what home furnishing?


Which of the following is an American celebrity chef?

Rachael Ray

Woodchip, Embossed, Blown Vinyl and Flock are types of what home furnishing?


Which of these light bulbs mirror day light most effectively?


The retro coconut chair has how many corners?


Which of the following is known as a 'grease buster'?


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What is the process called of removing paint from wood?

Stripping Click to see the answer

An attractive addition that burns a natural product is called what?

Wood Burner

A flap fixed into a door is usually to give access to which pet?


Which of the following is a French interior designer?

Philippe Starck

Which of the following is a style of kitchen?


Who is the host of Gardening Australia?

Peter Cundall

Digitalis is another name for what flower?


Kenco products would go into which appliance?

Coffee Maker

Flexible doors which fold up on themselves are known as what?

Concertina Doors

What kind of 'pan' has a valve on the top?

Pressure Cooker

What is used to make a piece of furniture look like wood?


Which of the following is a popular material for garden furniture?


What is a hatch in the pavement above an underground coal bunker usually called?

Coal Hole

Which tool cuts long grass down in preparation for mowing?


Which style is epitomised by sparse furnishings and cool, clean lines?


What can be grown on wet cotton wool?

Water Cress

Monty Don, Alan Titchmarsh, Rachel de Thame and Percy Thrower have presented what TV show?

Gardeners' World

Kitchens and bathrooms usually have what kind of flooring?


Which of these radiators are you most likely to have in a bathroom?

Towel Rail

Which of the following endorses stock cubes and stock pots?

Marco Pierre White

Which rock fragments cut down on garden maintenance?


Which white fluffy rugs were found in front of many fireplaces?


Which of these is a real and popular garden addition?

Artificial Grass

Which of the following will keep you safe from heat and flames?

Fire Doors

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A worktop in the UK is called what in the US?

Countertop Click to see the answer

Much lauded in the US what is the piece of wall called above the worktops?


This gets your clothes dry when you can't hang them out?

Tumble Dryer

At what temperature should you serve red wine?

Room Temperature

Drinking the liquid of a fruit quickly is thanks to what?


What type of floor will you usually have in a garage?


Which magazine shares its name with a Thackeray novel?

Vanity Fair

What stops tables being damaged by hot plates?

Table Mats

Vinyl Silk and what are the two common finishes of emulsion paint?


The architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh is most associated with what city?


Chef Robert Irvine presents which show?

Restaurant Impossible

A building made of glass for growing plants is called what?


What would you use to smooth off a surface prior to painting or staining?


Which dairy product gave its name to an iconic chair?


If you wanted to develop your own photos you would need a …?

Dark Room

A small building for children to play in is called what?

Play House

Which of the following gives you access into your home?

Front Door

Futon mattresses originally came from which country?


HD on a television set is short for what?

High Definition

Opium comes from a species of what flower?


What is currently a popular material for wall prints?


Which home improvement TV show featured Laurence Llewellyn Bowen and Handy Andy?

Changing Rooms

What usually gives access between a street and a front garden?


Cabriole sofas have which of these features?

Exposed wood

Which paint should you apply before gloss?


You will most likely to find garden furniture on what area of the garden?


Custom make your own green paint by mixing which colors?

Blue & Yellow

Questions: 30
Difficulty: Easy
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Which of the following do you associate with Gardener's World?

Monty Don Click to see the answer

Which magazine started life as a banded supplement to Cosmopolitan?


Light Emitting Diodes are more commonly known by what name?


Which of the following would you use to clean your floors?

A Mop

Which paint is much used in in the making of decorative items for the home?


Homeowners in the US pay which tax?

Property Tax

What is the art of cutting living trees and shrubs into decorative shapes?


What sort of bedding is a bolster?


What item would you lay your clothes on before pressing the creases out?

Ironing Board

Aquiesse are a brand who produce top end what?


Which decorating material comes in a tin in range of colors


A duvet is also known as what?

Continental Quilt

What is a vintage style bath likely to be made from?

Cast Iron

Bang & Olufsen produce top end what?


On which paved or concreted area would you park a car?


Which hobs give off the most heat?


Which of the following uses the most water?


Designer Jasper Conran is what nationality?


What colors wood but allows the grain to shine through?


______ is a moving structure used to block off, and allow access to the house?


Paul Martin hosts which popular reality show?

Flog It!

Which tea company has a range of collectables?


What would you run on in a home gym?


Which British magazine is targeted at upper middle class readers?


Where would you keep your bottles of red, white and rose?

Wine Rack

On which floor of a building would you find the attic?


What is the first name of interior designer Ms. Urquiola?


Floating blobs of wax are the main feature of which lamp?


Which design style began in Europe around 1890?

Art Nouveau

Which of the following must you have as a homeowner?

Buildings Insurance

Questions: 38
Difficulty: Easy
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Which ex presenter of Master Chef has his own range of sauces?

Loyd Grossman Click to see the answer

The traditional style roof on a cottage is known as what?


Which of the following is known for their cool, minimalist designs?

Federico Delrosso

James Martin presents which weekend show?

Saturday Kitchen

What is the name of the 'sling' suspended at either end?


What kind of furniture arrives in a box for you to assemble yourself?

Flat Pack

You may see an urban version of which omnivore in your garden?


Which paint brand used an Old English sheepdog in its advertising?


Which piece of garden furniture will you also find in a park?


Which of the following is a material used for flooring?


Which of these usually opens electronically to let your car in?

Garage Door

Somewhere to listen to music or watch movies could be called a what?

Media Room

Which windows are proven to be more energy efficient?

Double Glazed

What is the Chinese practice of arranging a living space in a harmonious manner?

Feng Shui

A balloon glass is designed for which drink?


Old fashioned windows that slide up and down are called what?


Name the celebrity gardener who is also an author and presenter?

Alan Titchmarsh

A Chinese light shade is made from what?


Roman and Venetians are types of what?


Which high end magazine is also the title of a Madonna song?


Which handy gadgets attach things to one of your white gadgets?

Fridge Magnets

What type of lock would you commonly lock a shed with?


To paint designs perfectly onto furniture you would use a what?


Which Italian magazine has a name that translates into Grace?


What kind of paint do you apply to walls and ceilings?


Who was the original UK TV celebrity chef?

Fanny Craddock

A carafe is a receptacle to hold what?


The hole in the center of a garden table is for the what?


Dishes were found on display on which piece of pine furniture?

Welsh Dresser

Rachael Ray is known as the Food Network what?


Which utility is used to heat hot water via a boiler?


What is the main ingredient of emulsion paint?


Which lifestyle had us all moving our furniture to create a 'flow of energy'?

Feng Shui

Red Alert, Moneymaker and Sungold are varieties of what popular garden crop?


Chinese chef Ken Hom put his name to a range of what?


The word 'patio' comes from what language?


Which of the following is a Canadian celebrity gardener?

Art Drysdale

Which home furnishing retailer was founded in Sweden in 1943?


Questions: 6
Difficulty: Medium
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A model of which bird by a pond is said to keep herons away?

Heron Click to see the answer

Hydraulics are used to raise what kind of seat?


What condiment often comes in corns to be ground?

Black Pepper

What kind of cookware revolutionized home baking?

Non Stick

Shabby chic furnishings tend to have what appearance?


Which wood is used to create a typical country kitchen table?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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Maria Sharapova endorsed which technology brand?

Canon Click to see the answer

Which of the following ornaments is said to bring good luck?


Which of the following is associated with fabrics?

:aura Ashley

Willow Tree is a name associated with which decorative items?


Axminster is a name associated with household item?


The Tatty Bear collectables carry which sentiment?

From Me to You

Which handy item made sweeping laminate floors so much easier?


A huge range of home interior items start with what words?

Keep Calm

What is used in between tiles to give them a nice finish?


Questions: 12
Difficulty: Medium
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What is a painting called that has been applied to a wall?

Murel Click to see the answer

It's cling film in the UK, what is it in the US?

Plastic Wrap

What is the term for a house that looks just like any other?

Cookie Cutter

What implement would you normally use to whip up egg whites?


What kind of cooker became hugely popular in the 80's?

Split Level

Luxury blankets and throws are often made from what?


Which style of clock originated in Switzerland?


Which of the following is the host of Backyard Blitz?

Don Burke

Pine is the wood mainly used in which kitchen style?


The name Tiffany is most associated with which household item?


A high rise apartment building is also known as a what?

Tower Block

A black and white mirror would be found in which décor?

Art Deco

Questions: 15
Difficulty: Medium
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A radiogram consisted of a radio and what else?

Record Player Click to see the answer

Smalands Kunstglas Kunst made glass items in which color?


Who is considered to be the first celebrity gardener?

Percy Thrower

Which butterfly attacks your green vegetables as they grow?

Cabbage White

Duplex is another word for what kind of property?

Semi Detached

The two dining room chairs with arms are known as what?


Lights suspended from the ceiling are known as what?


A bestselling retro print shows which animals kissing?


If you've messed up your house which show will help you out?


Which iconic lamp is a tall, cylindrical shade with 3 legs?


Which of the following is a US communications provider?


Oversized towels for the bathroom are called what?

Bath Sheets

Which black furniture was hugely popular in the 80's and 90's?


Which gadget allowed you to make your own fizzy drinks?

Soda Stream

Which of these produces a wade range of home interior items?

Casa Uno

Questions: 18
Difficulty: Medium
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Who is one of Britain's best known organic gardeners?

Bob Flowerdew Click to see the answer

What is hung outside that makes a sound when a breeze blows?

Wind Chimes

A popular home and lifestyle magazine in the US is?


Many a baby has been nursed in what style of chair?


A small ornate bowl made for sweets is known as what?

Bon Bon Dish

The width of a mattress for a single bed is usually what?

3 Foot

Which town in Dorset is famous for its pottery?


Which style of home originated in Eastern Massachusetts?

Cape Cod

What might you put wine into to serve it at a dinner party?


Electrical wiring is connected to what kind of box?


Which of these is an early type of washing machine?

Twin Tub

Taking a new item and making it look old is known as what?


Which of these is a nomadic home from Central Asia?


Retro coffee tables often had what forming their top?


The collectable range of plush bears in known as what?

Charlie Bears

A bayonet fitting is linked to which of the following?

Light Bulb

Where might a woman put a perfume bottle once empty?

Underwear Drawer

Which red headed gardener was known for not wearing a bra?

Charlie Dimmock

Questions: 21
Difficulty: Medium
Host Multiplayer Game

Which garden accessory are quintessentially British?

Gnomes Click to see the answer

The villa style house dates back to which ancient civilsation?


Wall tiles are traditionally made from which material?


The mattresses for bunk beds are typically how wide?

2ft 6 inches

The city of Sheffield is known for producing what items?


A pillow that stretches the width of the bed is called what?


Wedgewood is a name synonymous with what household item?


A Tuxedo is a modern day version of which sofa?


What color tiles are synonymous with homes around the med?


What would you wear to remove hot items from the oven safely?

Oven Gloves

Lorena Garcia is a celebrity chef from which country?


Which chef used to present Ready, Steady Cook!?

Ainsley Harriot

Which of the following is a UK chain of furniture stores?


Which of the following is a must in industrial décor?

Rough Wood

Little Paws is a range of collectables featuring which animal?


People went to parties to buy which plastic kitchen products?


Which collectable jugs features charicatures of faces?


Which range of ornaments was inspired by a TV ad?

Marvellous Meerkats

Which celebrity chef led a crusade to improve school dinners?

Jamie Oliver

Which of the following items uses the most energy to run?


Ornately decorated eggs are collectables from which designer?


Questions: 24
Difficulty: Medium
Host Multiplayer Game

What was used as an adherent in paint in ancient times?

Egg Click to see the answer

is a leading home and lifestyle magazine from Australia?

Home Beautiful

What is a tall glass made for Champagne called?


What china animal sat at each end of the mantlepiece?


Drinks should be placed on what to prevent damage to a table?


What item traditionally hangs above a fireplace?


Name the well known US chain of Homeware stores?

Pottery Barn

Which of the following fabrics are a feature of shabby chic?


Thomas Chippendale was a famous designer of what?


Complete the name of this accessory brand Yankee....?


A doll wearing a big woolen dress was used to cover what?

Toilet Roll

Which show helps people find holiday homes abroad?

A Place in the Sun

Which of the following is an Irish celebrity gardener?

Diarmuid Gavin

Which of the following is a retro games console?

Atari 2600

The well travelled, hard drink celebrity chef was who?

Keith Floyd

Which country is said to produce the best cotton for sheets?


Who has given us a range of meals to cook in 30 minutes?

Jamie Oliver

Large sofas designed to fit into a corner are what shape?


Which Desperate Housewife star appeared in ads for Magnums?

Eva Longoria

Which screen icon features on a range of collectable prints?

Marilyn Monroe

Clapboard housing originated in which area of the Caribbean?


What is the age difference between the 'Property Brothers'?

None, they're twins

You can cook your way to £1000 in in which reality show?

Come Dine With Me

Which Spanish city gives its name to a famous chair?


Questions: 27
Difficulty: Medium
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Which addition to a kitchen gives extra space for dining?

Breakfast Bar Click to see the answer

Some of the most popular prints are of which US city?

New York

What style of clock is now a retro favorite in many homes?


What would you serve your guests a Margarita in?

Cocktail Glass

The Lawson-style sofa is popular in which of these countries?


Townies look for a rural retreat in which show?

Escape to the Country

What is the string used in a strimmer usually made from?


The best selling Art Deco print is of which book jacket?

The Great Gatsby

The most powerful garden tools are powered by what?


Empire Style Sofas are favorites in which country?


Lilliput Lane are best known for their collectable what?


Aguas De Alicante are a water supply company in which country?


You can dice, chop and beat using which appliance?

Food Processor

Which interior style is prevalent to the current trends?


A standard double bed takes what size mattress?

4ft 6 Inches

Most extra income rental properties in the US are in where?

The Basement

The apartment right at the top of a block is known as what?


A home on the outskirts of a city is said to be in the what?


A bed that reaches to the floor is called a what?


What kind of outdoor table has the seats attached to it?

Picnic Table

Which kind of sword are popular with collectors?


Which Welsh fashion designer moved into home furnishings?

Jeff Banks

Simply Amish are a furniture brand in which country?


Paul Rankin is a celebrity chef of what nationality?


Collectable glasses feature the logo for which drink?


A retro style house may well have a serving ….?


Which glass is designed for a spirit and a mixer?

Hi Ball

Questions: 43
Difficulty: Medium
Host Multiplayer Game

A tree in the kitchen would usually have what hanging on it?

Mugs Click to see the answer

We were first introduced to fibre optics in which form?


Prue Leith is a regular judge on what cookery contest?

Great British Menu

Which of the following is leading brand for household linen?


What is the famous Royal Doulton range featuring rabbits?


Who was the main chef on Something for the Weekend?

Simon Rimmer

Which kitchen accessory do you use with garlic?


Which phones from the 70's are now collectors items?

Trim Phone

First generation Le Crueset pans are which distinctive color?


Which course follows the starter at a formal dinner party?


You use what to clean the brushes after using gloss paint?

White Spirit

A house covered in numerous tiny stones is said to be what?

Pebble Dashed

A set of 3 what on a wall would go well in a retro household?


Which of the following is a famous Clarice Cliff design?


What may you have on your worktops containing tea, sugar etc?


Red wine at a dinner party should accompany what?

Red Meat

Those with retro homes will have a lot of what color in it?


The iconic Seba side table came from which country?


Which of the following is a common component in paint?


What is the primary utensil used in Chinese cooking?


Which garden tool will topiary fans have in their shed?


A Knole sofa was very common in which of these houses?

English country houses

Hanging what at a bedroom window is meant to stop nightmares?


In which appliance would you make soup or a smoothie?


Which games console is designed to get you fit while you play?


Swarovski are name synonymous with which material?


Your dinner can be ready for you coming in thanks to what?

Slow Cooker

Clarice Cliff is a name synonymous with which collectables?


Which of the following is famous Scottish designer?

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Eco friendly households will put their food scraps where?

Compost Heap

Big squishy seats that shape to fit you are called?

Bean Bags

Which of the following do you need planning permission for?

Loft Conversion

Which of these house styles is found in Florida's Key West?


Frontiersmen made their homes in what kind of dwelling?

Log Cabins

Highly collectable Majolica pottery comes from which island?


Who specialises in cookery books involving fish?

Rick Stein

Which fruit removes nasty smells from inside a microwave?


What was the name of the bed cover filled with duck feathers?


What is the 'paint' commonly applied to fencing?


Which of the following is a celebrity chef from Italy?

Giada De Laurentiis

Tefal are a name associated with which room in the house?


What is attached to a hope pipe to water large areas?


A boil wash is what temperature on a washing machine?


Questions: 6
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

Smooth, clean geometric shapes are trademark features of which design style?

Contemporary Click to see the answer

Chewed packaging and droppings is a sign of what in your house?


Which garden tool is a great help to those with lots of trees?

Leaf Blower

What plant grows up the outside of houses around the Mediterranean?


Vacuuming floors became easier than ever thanks to which designer?


Whose back to basics cookbook caused the sales of eggs to rocket?

Delia Smith

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

By which date should you take your Christmas decorations down?

5th January Click to see the answer

What kind of what would you normally find in a Shaker style kitchen?


The traditional cooking ranges from Victorian times where which color?


What outdoor structure was used to store coal before the advent of gas fires?


Which celebrity chef was on a mission to improve hospital food?

James Martin

In which room would you most likely see Morphy Richards products?


A collection of retro prints featured which animals playing cards?


Mirrors with frames made from what are bang on trend at the moment?


The famous Your Empire Needs You features which Star Wars character?

Darth Vadar

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

Ornately carved wood and symmetry are trademarks of which design style?

Classic Click to see the answer

Which reality show sees Adam Richman taking on food challenges across the UK?

Man V Food

Which iconic lamp was all shade and tiny metal legs with round balls for feet?


What can you put down under a patio or driveway to thwart weeds?


Metals, brick and rough wood are used mainly in which design style?


Rich colors and bold geometric shapes are prevalent to which style of décor?

Art Deco

Which wood came out of the garden to create a range of furniture?


What would you have in the home or the garden to tell you the temperature?


What is chanted just before the big reveal on Extreme Makeover?

Move That Bus

Collectable owls from the US were distinguished by their big what?


Plants can be easily trained to climb up outside walls by using what?


Which low cost housing was built for British servicemen returning from Wwl?

Addison House

Questions: 15
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

Which of the following names is associated with kitchen glassware?

Pyrex Click to see the answer

Which of the following is a Spanish home and lifestyle magazine?


Name the great way of decorating a plain wall that can be easily removed?


Which was THE must have brand of funiture in the 70's and 80's?

G Plan

What is the first layer called that you put on a bare plastered wall?


Windy Willy and Chopping Charlie were popular ornaments for where?


Before blinds came along what did most people have hanging at their windows?

Net Curtains

Which iconic and retro household accessory was in the shape of a pineapple?

Ice Bucket

What is the ideal heating solution for bathrooms and conservatories?


What would you install in your home to get a cinema like experience?

Surround Sound

Sporty types may have what piece of furniture to display their wares?

Trophy Cabinet

Which of the following are hugely popular figurine collectables?

Willow Tree

Large, shallow pans found in Spanish kitchens are for cooking what?


A frog with what in its mouth is said to be a good luck ornament?


Tiles of what material are used to create contemporary backsplash's?


Questions: 18
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

A garden feature that allows you tell the time is called what?

Sundial Click to see the answer

What is the name of a large, traditional style clock which stands on the floor?


The Shotgun House was found in which city in the southern USA?

New Orleans

Which iconic film character is the subject of many home interior items?

Holly Golightly

What buffet favorites were puff pastry with a savoury filling?

Vol au Vents

Digging the old cement out between brick and replacing it is known as what?


What goes into holes drilled in a wall for a screw to grip onto?


A UK broadband connection usually comes courtesy of a dish or through what?

Phone Line

You can have your valuables appraised and send them to auction on what show?

Flog It!

A two story home above a shop or other building is known as a what?


Which TV channel appeals to lovers of home and lifestyle programmes?


Which item is currently in vogue for those seeking extra storage in the bedroom?


A seat where the top lifts up to provide storage in known as a what?


Small lamps with flexible stems are most likely to found standing on what?


What material is currently the most sought after for worktops?


A neutral color palette will be found in a home of which style?


What would you usually have in the garden if you had a pet rabbit?


Occasional tables that stack under each other are called what?

Nest of Tables

Questions: 21
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

What fishy treat should be the starter at a retro dinner party?

Prawn Cocktail Click to see the answer

Rockingham is a name best known for items made from which material?


Which early celebrity chef was known as the Galloping Gourmet?

Graham Kerr

If your sink is blogged you will may have to remove and clean what?

U Bend

What can new fabric be dipped in to give it an aged sepia tone?


A range of retro kitchen accessories is based on what soft drink?

Coca Cola

What is the name for a small room off the kitchen where white goods are used?

Utility Room

Which small room at the entrance of a US home is for coats, shoes etc?

Mud Room

What common feature of a family garden is surrounded by netting?


Which company salvages old furniture then does them up with a twist?

Quirk & Rescue

Which of the following brands would you find in your bathroom?

Soap & Glory

Which of the following is a popular addition to garden in the summer?

Hanging Baskets

There is a style of kitchen inspired by what kind off eaterie?

Paris Bistro

Which of the following would you have in both a pond and a swimming pool?


When you go out you eliminate the risk of damage by leaving your dog in a what?


Chaise lounges are most likely to be located in which room in the house?


Which family game sees you getting into all manner of strange positions?


In what would you be served a drink that you knock back in one?

Shot Glass

A lawnmower that doesn't actually touch the grass is known as a what?

Hover Mower

Scott McGillvray creates rental properties in which reality show?

Income Property

Assam type houses are found in the north eastern state of which country?


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Which retro item used to be filled with a mixer for alcoholic beverages?

Soda Syphon Click to see the answer

A strip of wood running horizontally halfway up a wall is called what?

Dado Rail

Which vintage cartoon character is the subject of a huge range of collectables?

Betty Boop

What is the house building term for this? - The rough frame of a door.

Door Buck

Which Parisian landmark is the subject of numerous prints and posters?

Eiffel Tower

Which item would you use to cook meat and vegetables in the oven?

Casserole Dish

Which Hollywood actor had his own range of organic food products?

Paul Newman

The Queenslander is a house found in tropical areas of which country?


The word guessing game perfect for when friends come round is called what?


A popular retro coffee table is in the shape of which Australian artifact?


Garden ornaments of which metal were hugely popular in the 80's?


Which kitchen accessory would you use to open a bottle of wine?


The amount of books in average homes is less than ever thanks to what?

E Readers

Yves Delorne sells a range of luxury bedding at which London store?


Soft curves and a warm homely feel best describes which design style?


Which of the following is a high end brand of kitchen appliances?


Which hard wearing material is often found in kitchens and bathrooms?


A hugely popular print show workmen sitting on what to eat their lunch?


The gadget used to keep your turkey moist during cooking is known as what?


What square of rubber would you like see on a home computer desk?

Mouse Mat

What item of furniture plays a key role in a classic novel by CS Lewis?


Complete the name of this range of collectables Comic and Curious …?


Which of the following is a home and lifestyle magazine in Italy?


A Music center consisted of a record player, radio and what else?

Tape Deck

Which part of a Buddha figure should you rub for financial luck?


A collectable range of ceramics are based on the Tiki style from which country?

Papua New Guinea

The clothes drying system that works on a pulley is called what?


Complete this famous phrase. 'An Englishman's home is his _____'?


Minimal use of textures and clean lines represents which design style?


Love It or List It and Income Property are reality shows from which country?


Small lights which illuminate the garden at night are powered by what?

The Sun

Florence Knoll is known for specifically designing what type of furniture?


Travellers to Venice would bring back items made from what for their homes?


Which of the following is a popular brand of gardening equipment?


Every home in the 80's had prints from which iconic arts brand?


Which iconic sofa has green leather upholstery and deep buttoning?


Industrial bar stool have a round wooden seat on what kind of legs?


What type of sofa is known for its 'quilted' or 'tufted' style?


What plaster is put onto walls and ceiling to create patterns and spikes?


Ease the burnt bits of pans by boiling water in them with what added?

Soap Powder

Which celebrity chef got people into the kitchen to cook Chinese dishes?

Ken Hom

The hugely popular range of collectable pig ornaments has what name?


A retro ornament has a china cat leaning into a vase trying to get what?

A Mouse

Which of the following produces high end audio/visual products for the home?


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