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What is Katy Perry's middle name?

Elizabeth Click to see the answer

Katy Perry's perfume Purr is sold in a bottle shaped like what?


How many years after the release of her debut album did Katy Perry hit the big time with 'I Kissed a Girl'?


Which character does Katy Perry voice in 'The Smurfs'?


Katy Perry pronoted the single 'Roar' with which animal's images?


The music video for Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' was filmed in which US state?


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Katy Perry performed at rallies for which US politician?

Barack Obama Click to see the answer

A mobile game featuring Katy Perry was only available for how many years?


Katy Perry's 'Cosy Little' song refers to which time of year?


How many copies of the 'One of the Boys' album did Katy Perry sell worldwide?

7 million

What kind of horse did Katy Perry sing about in 2013?


One of Katy Perry's 2011 songs was about which night of the week?


Katy Perry has a tattoo of which cartoon character on her finger?

Hello Kitty

What was Katy Perry's fifth album, released in 2017?


Which rapper featured on Katy Perry's hit 'Cailfornia Gurls'?

Snoop Dogg

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Do you ever feel like a plastic bag' is the first line of which Katy Perry song?

Firework Click to see the answer

In which city was Katy Perry waking up in the title of her 2009 hit?


Katy Perry was first spotted by a Nashville producer at which age?


In which California city did Katy Perry grow up?

Santa Barbara

Aged 13, what instrument was Katy Perry given for her birthday?


You change your mind like a girl changes clothes' is the first line of which Katy Perry song?

Hot and Cold

What is Katy Perry's natural hair color?


How many tickets did Katy Perry sell for her Prismatic world tour?

2 million

Katy Pery admitted to struggles with which condition in 2017?


Katy Perry has a tattoo in which language on her bicep?


Which group threatened legal action over Katy Perry's 'California Gurls'?

Beach Boys

The rebooted version of 'American Idol' featuring Katy Perry is on which TV station?


I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath' is the first line of which Katy Perry single?


We fight, we break up, We kiss, we make up' is from which Katy Perry single?

Hot and Cold

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter' is a lyric from which Katy Perry song?


What word completes the title of the Katy Perry single 'Chained to the '?


Katy Perry was born in which state?


In 2017, Katy Perry performed at Ariana Grande's beenfit concert in which English city?


Katy Perry was 'one of the' what, according to an album title?


Katy Perry has a tattoo of which fruit on her ankle?


In 2013, Katy Perry was named a Goodwill Ambassador for which organization?


What flavor of Chapstick is mentioned in 'I Kissed a Girl?'


So you wanna play with magic?' is a lyric from which Katy Perry song?

Dark Horse

Katy Perry is said to have 'bad blood' with which other singer?

Taylor Swift

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Fine, fresh, fierce we got it on lock' is from which Katy Perry single?

California Gurls Click to see the answer

How old was Katy Perry when she moved to LA to further her career?


Firework' and 'Teenage Dream' feature on which Katy Perry album?

Teenage Dreams

In which year did Katy Perry marry Russell Brand?


What comes after 'Killer' in the name of a Katy Perry fragrance?


Katy Perry launched her Metamorphosis Records as a joint venture with which label?


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Which hip hop group collaborated with Katy Perry on 'Bon Appetit'?

Migos Click to see the answer

I hope my boyfriend don't mind it' is a line from which Katy Perry song?

I Kissed a Girl

What style of singing voice does Katy Perry have?


Which Katy Perry single starts 'I know a place where the grass is really greener'?

California Gurls

Katy Perry's concert movie 'Part of Me' was released in which year?


Let's go all the way tonight, No regrets, just love' is a lyric from which Katy Perry song?

Teenage Dream

Which superstar gave Katy Perry's career a boost by praising her early release 'Ur So Gay'?


Katy Perry's 'One of the Boys' album was released in which year?


What is the name of Katy Perry's fourth album?


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Katy Perry has said the leader of which British band was her performance inspiration?

Queen Click to see the answer

Katy Perry's on/off boyfriend Orlando Bloom comes from which country?


In how many Smurfs films has Katy Perry voiced Smurfette?


Katy Kat is Katy Perry's lipstick line for which brand?


Katy Perry fronted an expansion pack for which videogame?


In which year was 'I Kissed a Girl' released by Katy Perry?


Which record label did Katy Perry sign to in 2007?


Katy Perry's appearace on which kids' show was pulled over concerns about her revealing clothing?

Sesame Street

What was the name of Katy Perry's first fragrance, released in 2010?


Kary Perry took over which politician's Instagram feed in October 2015?

Hillary Clinton

Katy Perry hosted the MTV music awards in which year?


What is the first track on the Katy Perry album 'Prism'?


Katy Perry appeared in the video of 'Bitch I'm Madonna' by which artist?


In which year was Katy Perry born?


What was the profession of Baptiste Giabiconi, linked to Katy Perry in 2012?


Katy Perry posed in brightly colored PVC underwear in the promotional pictures for which album?

Teenage Dream

Katy Perry's first album 'Katy Hudson', was which type of music?


How many siblings does Katy Perry have?


What was Katy Perry's most successful single from the 'Witness' album?

Chained to the Rhythm

There's a stranger in my bed' is the first line of which Katy Perry single?

Last Friday Night

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Katy Perry said that 'California Gurls' was a response to which Alicia Keys song?

Empire State of Mind Click to see the answer

In 2014, which young star said she got relationship advice from Katy Perry?

Selena Gomez

Katy Perry's ex-husband, Russell Brand, is from which country?

United Kingdom

Katy Perry appeared as herself in which soap in 2008?

Young and the Restless

Katy Perry's role in which Russell Brand movie was cut?

Get Him to the Greek

Which Beach Boys album did Katy Perry say had a strong influence on her?

Pet Sounds

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Which of Katy Perry's boyfriends broke the internet after appearing naked with her on a paddleboard?

Orlando Bloom Click to see the answer

Who featured on the Katy Perry single 'If We Ever Meet Again'?


Katy Perry stripped naked and wore a white wig in the video for which song?

California Gurls

Who features on Katy Perry's single 'Swish Swish'?

Nicki Minaj

Katy Perry has been in an on/off relationship with which actor since 2016?

Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry featured in a live action segment on which famous show in December 2010?

The Simpsons

What was the name of Katy Perry's breakthrough album, released in 2008?

One of the Boys

Which Canadian singer does Katy Perry say influenced her?

Alanis Morissette

Katy Perry passed which other star as the person with most followers on Twitter in 2013?

Justin Bieber

Katy Perry was reportedly offered how much to join the judging panel of American Idol?

$20 million

Katy Perry played a character called Honey in which TV comedy in 2011?

How I Met Your Mother

Which was the first Katy Perry album to top the Billboard 200?

Teenage Dream

In which 2016 movie did Katy Perry make a cameo appearance as herself?

Zoolander 2

Which famous woman did Katy Perry have lunch with on her 28th birthday?

Michelle Obama

Which of Katy Perry's album spawned five chart topping singles?

Teenage Dream

Katy Perry dated the lead singer of which band until 2009?

Gym Class Heroes

What was the name of Katy Perry's third fragrance, released in 2013?

Killer Queen

Katy Perry sings on 'Feels', a 2017 single by which DJ?

Calvin Harris

Katy Perry chose her stage name to avoid confusion with which actress?

Kate Hudson

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