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Difficulty: Easy
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The mobile game 'Dumb Ways to Die' started as a video promoting safety on what?

Trains Click to see the answer

In which of these mobile games do you fire ragdolls from a cannon to hit the bulls-eye targets?

Ragdoll Blaster

Swampy is the hero of the mobile game 'Where's My Water?'. What type of creature is Swampy?


Name the popular mobile game that recreates famous soccer goals from history?

Score! World Goals

Created by cofounders of Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz, which of these is a mobile app travel search engine?


Complete this mobile game title by naming the type of liquid you have to move around the screen, 'Feed Me …'.


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Voice tuning on a mobile app was made famous by which musical artist in the app 'I am …..'?Pain

T-Pain Click to see the answer

Of these companies who created the game 'Candy Crush Saga'?


The successful mobile app 'Doodle Jump' released a movie themed version in 2011. Which movie was it promoting?


Name the mobile app created by Donut Games were you need to direct cars around a road system.

Traffic Rush

Smule published the worldwide mobile hit 'Ocarina'. From which game franchise was this musical instrument based?


Name the mobile audio app that uses acoustic fingerprints to identify music tracks.


On iOS the 'Where's Wally?' game proved so popular that they made a sequel. Which location is the second release themed around?


Which of these is a proximity based mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile that lets users find nearby points of interest like restaurants, hotels and parking?


In which mobile game do you take on the role of a ninja climbing walls on the sides of the screen while dodging protruding objects and attacking things in the air?


Name the ultimate baddy in the mobile game 'Infinity Blade'?

God King

Which photo-sharing app was acquired by Facebook?


Which of these is a popular diary / journal mobile app?

Day One

Name the mobile game where you have to seek and find objects amongst colorful collages built from thousands of tiny pictures.

Little Things

The game 'Words with Friends' is loosely based on what board game?


How many different color objects fall in the mobile app version of Tetris?


Which of these is a weather app on mobile platforms?


The mobile game 'Top Eleven Football Manager' was created by which of these companies?


Originally starting life as an iOS app, name the cult 'task management' mobile app created by 6Wunderkinder.


Questions: 6
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Which of these is a mobile app for helping schedule Twitter messages?

Tweetbot Click to see the answer

Which fruit is used on the icon for the popular mobile app 'Color Splash'?


Which of these is a popular mobile photography app that allows you to add filters to your photos?


What is the maximom amount of 'Words with Friends' games that can be played at once?


What is the name of the protagonist of the game 'Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective'?


Which of these is a brain training mobile app on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile?


Questions: 16
Difficulty: Medium
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In December 2008 which of these faux beer drinking apps made the 'Top Paid Apps' category of iTunes?

iBeer Click to see the answer

Subway Surfers' was created by which of these games publishers?

Kiloo Games

Which movie franchise had a version of 'Angry Birds'?

Star Wars

Which of these is a deal-of-the-day website that became one of the most successful mobile apps of all time and gave the company a valuation of $1.35 billion?


Name the 'Pictionary' style mobile drawing game that was downloaded over 50 million times after just 50 days of release?

Draw Something

Humming, singing or playing a recorded track in to which of these mobile apps will help you identify a song?


The mobile game 'Fruit Ninja' was created in which country?


The style of the Android game 'Kick The Boss' is based on which cult animated TV series?

South Park

Which mobile app has an elephant against a green background as their icon?


Name the children's app publisher who has successful apps themed around hair salons, tailors and kitchens?

Toca Boca

Which of these is an instant messaging service app for mobile devices?

Kik Messenger

The popular mobile game 'Fruit Ninja' had a spin-off tie in with a major Hollywood release. Name the film.

Puss In Boots

The mobile game 'Doodle Jump' has been referenced twice in which TV sitcom?

The Big Bang Theory

Name the pinboard style photo-sharing website that took off on mobile platforms.


What is the name of the main character in the game 'Candy Crush Saga'?


Which of these is a music based recommendation service made popular on mobile?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Hard
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Which of these is a popular baseball themed mobile game?

Flick Home Run Click to see the answer

Which of these is a mobile cookery reference app that was named Editors Choice by Apple in several countries?

The Photo Cookbook

Which of these is a magazine style mobile app that uses your social-network feeds to populate the stories?


The remote location tracking mobile app provided by Apple is known as what?

Find My iPhone

What genre is the game 'Temple Run'?

Endless Runner

What is the name of the online multiplayer social gaming network created by Apple?

Game Center

Which of these is a physics based puzzle game first released on iOS and Android and later ported to Windows, OSX and Wiiware?

World of Goo

Which of these is a paper craft mobile puzzler game where the user must simulate folding paper to fling, fly and explode through levels?

Paper Titans

Which game featured Billy the fisherman as its protagonist?

Ridiculous Fishing

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