Questions: 6
Difficulty: Easy
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Robert Redford directed this movie about the true story of the rigged NBC game show 'Twenty-One.'

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Bill Murray gets fired from his cab driving job and joins the Army.


Jack Nicholson tells Tom Cruise, 'You can't handle the truth!' in a military murder trial.

A Few Good Men

Johnny Depp plays a legendary director known for making some of history's worst movies.

Ed Wood

Luke Wilson plays an Army recruit who wakes up in the future where the world is inhabited by complete morons.


Three female employees find a way to get back at their bigoted, sexist pig of a boss.

9 To 5

Questions: 6
Difficulty: Medium
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Comedy musician 'Weird Al' Yankovic takes over a small TV station with shows like 'Conan the Librarian' and 'Wheel of Fish.'

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Detective Sam Spade loses his partner in a scheme involving a priceless statue.

The Maltese Falcon

A man learns that his entire life is just a virtual reality simulator while humans are harvested for energy.

The Matrix

Al Pacino plays a blind man who goes to New York to live the best weekend of his life.

Scent Of A Woman

Jack Black plays a nice guy who only sees outer beauty until he learns it's what's on the inside that counts.

Shallow Hal

Jimmy Stewart plays a photographer who suspects one of his neighbors may have committed murder.

Rear Window

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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Matt Damon and Edward North play poker players who try to win back a massive mob debt.

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Patrick Swayze plays a spirit who can't move on to the next life until he avenges his own death on Earth.


Paul Newman turns a minor league hockey team into a crowd pleasing band of ice goons.

Slap Shot

The mother of a creepy motel owner goes on a killing spree in this movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock.


Financial legend Gordon Gekko tries to show a young broker the hard truth of becoming a successful stockbroker.

Wall Street

A reluctant son takes over the Corleone crime family.

The Godfather

Two goons are hired to kidnap a man's wife to net the husband some cash and leave a trail of bodies as the plan falls apart.


Charlton Heston plays a wealthy prince who becomes a slave and a heroic chariot racer.


Clint Eastwood plays a retired hitman hired to avenge the brutal assault of a young woman on the Old West.


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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A tobacco executive goes on '60 Minutes' to blow the whistle on his former employer's wrongdoings.

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A magic portal in an office building lets people live in the mind and soul of a famous actor.

Being John Malkovich

John Cusack and Charlie Sheen play ballplayers caught up in a scheme to throw the 1919 World Series.

Eight Men Out

A mob loan shark tries to worm his way into the movie business through a subpar horror movie director.

Get Shorty

A group of jewel thieves score millions and conspire to knock each other out of the way when a British barrister gets in the way.

A Fish Called Wanda

A loveable loser fights to win back the girl who dumped him in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Shaun Of The Dead

Joe Pesci plays a smart aleck attorney tasked with saving the lives of two young men accused of a murder they didn't commit.

My Cousin Vinny

The leader of a gang of British thugs undergoes forced rehabilitated in this Stanley Kubrick movie.

A Clockwork Orange

Chris Cooper plays an FBI agent who sells vital state secrets to the Soviet Union.


Questions: 19
Difficulty: Medium
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A disturbed kid obsessed with death falls in love with a vibrant, elderly woman with a zest for life.

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Marty McFly travels to the old west to save his good friend Doc Brown from being murdered.

Back To The Future Part III

Two morons travel the country in a van that looks like a giant sheepdog on wheels.

Dumb & Dumber

A writer charged with caretaking an isolated hotel goes insane and tries to murder his family.

The Shining

Yul Brynner leads a band of cowboys to save a small Mexican town from a group of ruthless thugs.

The Magnificent Seven

Clint Eastwood starred and directed this movie about a gruff veteran protecting his neighborhood from a street gang.

Gran Torino

Jackie Chan travels to the US during the Wild West to save a kidnapped princess.

Shanghai Noon

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a disturbed teenager who keeps seeing a time traveling rabbit.

Donnie Darko

A group of ragtag American soldiers conspire to take down the leaders of the Nazi regime in a movie theatre.

Inglourious Basterds

Steve Martin learns how to be a high class con man with the help of Michael Caine before they develop a rivalry.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

A San Francisco cop bends the rules of police brutality to stop a coldblooded killer.

Dirty Harry

A smart-aleck reporter uncovers a drug smuggling plot when someone asks him to kill him while posing as a beach junkie.


A notorious, cannibalistic serial killer helps an FBI agent capture another notorious serial killer.

Silence Of The Lambs

A medical student invents a glowing elixir that can bring the dead back to life.


Monty Python spoofs the story of Jesus Christ in this movie.

Life Of Brian

An aspiring writer joins the Marines and sees the horror of war first hand in this Stanley Kubrick movie.

Full Metal Jacket

A gang framed for the murder of a gang leader must bop their way back to their homeland of Coney Island.

The Warriors

A group of allied soldiers trapped in a German POW camp plot to tunnel their way to freedom.

The Great Escape

John Belushi plays a drunken frat brat who conspires to take down the college's evil dean who expelled him.

Animal House

Questions: 22
Difficulty: Medium
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This Frank Capra movie stars Jimmy Stewart as a man who realizes life is worth living from his guardian angel.

It's A Wonderful Life Click to see the answer

Will Ferrell plays a cocky NASCAR driver who develops a rivalry with a French race car driver.

Talladega Nights

Al Pacino plays a Cuban refugee who builds a powerful drug syndicate in Miami.


A lower class golf caddy plays a high stakes game of golf against his snobby country club boss.


A mob bookmaker becomes one of Las Vegas' most powerful businessmen.


A cartoon rabbit is framed for murder and detective Eddie Valiant tries to find the truth about it.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

US Marshal Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday have a legendary showdown with western thugs at the OK Corral.


A girl named Dorothy travels through a magic land with a scarecrow, a lion and a man made of tin.

The Wizard Of Oz

A space pilot destroys a massive military base using a mystic power known as 'The Force.'

Star Wars

Orson Welles plays a wealthy troublemaker who creates a massive newspaper empire.

Citizen Kane

Kevin Smith shot this movie in black and white about a convenience store employee who can't improve his station in life.


Liam Neeson plays a vigilante who can assume the identity of anyone with a synthetic skin.


The fat son of an auto parts company president goes cross country on a sales trip to save the company.

Tommy Boy

Robert De Niro plays a self-destructive boxer in this Martin Scorsese movie.

Raging Bull

A group of paranormal exterminators save New York City from a god named Zuul.


Haley Joel Osment says 'I see dead people' in this M. Night Shyamalan movie.

The Sixth Sense

Paul Newman and Robert Redford team up to con a crime boss out of his money.

The Sting

Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon and Bill Paxton play NASA astronauts in a disastrous space mission.

Apollo 13'

This Guy Ritchie crime caper comedy is about a massive diamond and the bumbling thieves trying to score it.


A teenager from the 1980's goes back to the past and accidentally makes his future mother fall in love with him.

Back To The Future

A bumbling heavy metal band from Britain stumbles their way through a US tour in this mockumentary.

This Is Spinal Tap

Zombies attack humanity in this black and white horror film directed by George A. Romero.

Night Of The Living Dead

Questions: 6
Difficulty: Hard
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Keanu Reeves stars in this adaptation of a story written by renowned sci-fi writer Phillip K. Dick.

A Scanner Darkly Click to see the answer

Woody Allen dubs over the dialogue of a Japanese spy film.

What's Up, Tiger Lily?

A low level US Congressmen leads a covert war against Soviet forces in Afghanistan.

Charlie Wilson's War

John Cleese plays a tough boss charged with running a British zoo.

Fierce Creatures

Tony Curtis plays a dashing hero who embarks on an epic road race from New York to Paris.

The Great Race

A thief plots to take back money from a crime syndicate that was stolen from him by a greedy partner and a jealous wife.


Questions: 16
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

A group of real estate salesmen have just one shift left to save their jobs with a competitive sales contest.

Glengarry Glen Ross Click to see the answer

Paul Newman plays a pool shark who tries to take on the legendary Minnesota Fats.

The Hustler

A reporter for the New Republic gets caught making up stories and publishing them as if they were real.

Shattered Glass

An IRS agent realizes life of worth living after hearing a narrator in his head narrate his own life.

Stranger Than Fiction

A hitman returns to his hometown to kill someone and attend his high school reunion.

Grosse Pointe Blank

A con artist conspires with ghosts to bilk his customers when a killer ghost starts wiping out his clientele.

The Frighteners

An advertising writer teams up with cops, CIA agents and a homeless guy to take back a nuclear bomb from two bumbling thieves.

Big Trouble

Alfred Hitchcock directed this movie about a vacationing businessman who witnesses the murder of a secret agent.

The Man Who Knew Too Much

A writer tries to fool his publishers into believing that he's written the autobiography of the reclusive Howard Hughes.

The Hoax

Albert Brooks tries to show happens what the afterlife is like.

Defending Your Life

Nicolas Cage plays a paramedic on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

Bringing Out The Dead

Matt Damon stars in this true life story about the birth of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Good Shepherd

Danny DeVito plays a greedy capitalist trying to close a Rhode Island company when he falls in love with their leggy attorney.

Other People's Money

A group of Iraq War soldiers plot to steal gold bullion from Saddam Hussein's crumbling regime.

Three Kings

Albert Brooks plays a manic director trying to film a movie about a real family that only ends up disrupting their life.

Real Life

Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez play a couple of Seattle cops keeping an eye on a woman with ties to an escaped convict.


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