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Which French car company advertised on all 4 sides of the Eiffel Tower during the 1930s?

Citroen Click to see the answer

Below the Arc de Triomphe lies a tomb of an unknown soldier from which war?

First World War

Where do Paris St Germain football club play their home games?

Parcs des Princes

On what surface is the French Open tennis championships in Paris played on?


Which building did Parisians capture at the start of The French Revolution?

The Bastille

Notre Dame is an example of which style of architecture?


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The Moulin Rouge nightclub is located in which area of Paris?

Montmarte Click to see the answer

The Place de la Concorde & the Arc de Triopmhe are connected by which Paris street?


What was the Propontis the ancient name for?

Sea of Marmara

The Prime Minister of France lives at which address in Paris?

Hotel Matignon

The Arc de Triomphe celebrates whose military victories?

Napoleon Bonaparte

What was the Hunchback of Notre Dame's name?


In which did year Nazi German troops invade and occupy Paris?


Which foreign leader made his one & only trip abroad to Paris in 1941?


The Mona Lisa is kept at which Paris gallery?

The Louvre

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The Sorbonne University is located in which area of Paris?

Latin Quarter Click to see the answer

The Mona Lisa, kept in Paris' Louvre gallery, was painted by whom?

Da Vinci

Which musical is set during the French Revolution in Paris?

Les Miserables

Bastille Day is held in Paris on which day every year?

14th July

The peace conference at the end of which was was held at the Palace of Versailles outside Paris?

World War I

On which Paris street does the Tour De France bicycle race finish?


Which German commander refused to destroy Paris' historical monuments during World War Two?

von Chorlitz

Paris' Notre Dame is affiliated with which religion?


What is the name of Paris' largest cemetery?

Les Innocents

The French Open tennis championships are held at which venure in Paris?

Roland Garros

Which musical is set in the Paris Opera?

Phantom of the Opera

Napoleon Bonaparte is buried in which Paris landmark?

Les Invalides

What is the name of Paris' business district?

La Defense

Paris' underground rail system is known as what?


The Elysses Palace in Paris is home to which person?

French President

The Louvre Museum in Paris was previously what?

Royal Palace

In which Paris building did Napoleon declare himself Emperor of France?

Notre Dame

Which Paris author wrote The Three Musketeers?

Alexander Dumas

Which bird is released onto the Stade de France pitch before every French international rugby match?


The Museum of French History is housed in which building in Paris?

The National Archives

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Gene Kelly's character in An American In Paris lives where in the city?

Montmartre Click to see the answer

Which architect completely renovated the streetscape of Paris during the nineteenth century?


Which building did Parisians capture at the start of The French Revolution?

The Bastille

In what year was the Paris Commune?


Which Paris attraction had a fictional hunchback bellringer?

Notre Dame

In which region of France is Paris situated?

Ile de France

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The expressway encircling Paris is known as what?

Peripherique Click to see the answer

What type of Architectural style would The Pompidou center be described as?


The administrative districts of Paris are known as what?


Which American author emigrated to Paris?

Ernest Hemmingway

Paris is considered to be the birthplace of which art movement?


Which Paris attraction houses the Hall of Mirrors?

Palace of Versailles

Who is buried at the Hotel des Invalides in Paris?

Napoléon Bonaparte

In what year was the Bastille stormed in Paris?


Which US company opened its only European theme park outside Paris in 1992?


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Paris native Alexander Dumas was famous for what?

Writing books Click to see the answer

What opened in Paris in 1900 to much fan fare?

The Metro

In what year was The Pompidou center opened to the public?


How many restauraunts are located on the Eiffel Tower?


In which Superman movie is the Eiffel Tower almost blown up by terrorists?

Superman II

How many times has Paris hosted the Summer Olympics?


Which famous Paris hotel taken over by occupying Germans as the local headquarters of the Luftwaffe in WW2?

Hotel Ritz Paris

As of 2013, Paris had how many Michelin starred restaraunts?


Which structure dominates the courtyard of Paris' Louvre gallery?

Glass pyramid

In what year was the Eiffel Tower erected?


Which Paris metro station is closest to the Eiffel Tower?


Which of these famous universities in situated in Paris?


Which Paris prison was famously stormed by revolutionaries during the French Revolution?


Which famous Paris landmark do Paris St Germain football club have on their club badge?

Eiffel Tower

Which Paris football team won the French championship in 2013?

Paris St Germain

On which hill in Paris is the Sacre Coeur located?


Which famous Paris nightclub has a windmill as its emblem?

Moulon Rouge

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Prior to World War II when was Paris last occupied by a German army?

Franco-Prussian War Click to see the answer

In which years did Paris host the summer Olympic games?

1900 & 1924

In which year did the Stade de France host the Champions League football final?


A combination of workers and students famously rioted in Paris during which year?


In which district of Paris is the Stade de France located?

St Denis

Paris' Stade de France was host to the football World Cup Final in which year?


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In which year did Paris host the Rugby World Cup Final?

2007 Click to see the answer

What are the names of Paris's two busiest international airports?

Charles De Gaulle & Orly

In what year was the Paris Metro underground system opened?


In what year was Paris liberated by Allied forces during World War Two?


In which Beatles song is the Eiffel Tower mentioned?

I Am The Walrus

Une Ville En Concert was a famous concert held by Jean Michelle Jarre watched by 2.5 million people. Which district of Paris was it in?

La Defense

In which year other than 1998 did Paris host the FIFA World Cup Final?


Which former mayor of Paris went on to become French President?

Jacques Chirac

Le tunnel sous la Manche is better known as what outside Paris?

The Channel Tunnel

In what year did the Eiffel Tower receive its 200 millionth guest?


In 1930 the Eiffel Tower lost its title as the world's tallest structure to which building?

Chrysler Building

Which Paris author wrote The Count of Monte Cristo?

Alexander Dumas

Which of Paris art gallery was originally built as a handball court during the reign of Napoleon III?

Jeu de Paume

According to the 2009 census which group of foreign born citizens form the second highest nationality living in Paris?


In which James Bond film does the Eiffel Tower appear as the scene of base jump?

A View To A Kill

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