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Which world leader's real name was Kamau Ngengi?

Jomo Kenyatta Click to see the answer

From what did Napoleon Bonaparte die?


What was the name of the last Russian tsar?


Who was Britain's Prime Minister from 1940 - 1945?

Winston Churchill

Which leader was assassinated in 1967?

Che Guevara

Who became President of Afghanistan in 2004?

Hamid Karzai

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What color were Mussolini's Fascists shirts?

Black Click to see the answer

During World War II, which country was led by Stalin?


In European history, who was the last Tsar of Russia?

Nicholas II

Which country was once ruled by Ivan the Terrible?


In what year did Yasser Arafat die?


Which PM's father was a trapeze artist?


Which of these was US President in the 20th century?

Calvin Coolidge

Which historical leader was also known as 'Goyathlay'?


In which American state was Abraham Lincoln born?


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What was the first name of the Russian leader Stalin?

Joseph Click to see the answer

Of which people was Napoleon Bonaparte emperor?


Pol Pot ruled which country in the 1970s?


In 2009, Vincent Nichols became Archbishop of where?


Which of these men became Emperor of France in 1804?

Napoleon Bonaparte

Which of these was NOT a ruler of ancient Persia?


Who became President of South Africa in 1994?

Nelson Mandela

For how long was Stalin leader of Russia?

31 years

Of which organization is Pope Benedict XVI the head?

Roman Catholic Church

Which of these was a US President in the 1860s?

Abraham Lincoln

The 'Shah' was formerly ruler in which country?


Robert Menzies was Prime Minister of which country?


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Who declared martial law in the Philippines in 1972?

Marcos Click to see the answer

What nationality was Napoleon?


What did Saddam Hussein ban in Iraq in 1977?

Use of surnames

Of which country was Jomo Kenyatta president?


When did the Russian leader Peter the Great die?


Which of these is Archbishop of Canterbury?

Rowan Williams

How old was Winston Churchill when he died in 1965?


Who succeeded Jomo Kenyatta as president of Kenya?

Daniel Moi

Who was Britain's youngest Prime Minister?

William Pitt the Younger

Which World War II leader died in 1953?


Which of these was a US President in the 1960s?

John F.Kennedy

Which of these was a Prime Minister of Israel?


Which of these historical leaders was born in 1769?

Napoleon Bonaparte

Genghis Khan led which people in the 13th century?


Julius Caesar was a leader in which empire?


Geronimo was the 19th century leader of which people?


Who succeeded King Hussein of Jordan?

His son

What was Emperor Yung Hue the first to issue in 650AD?

Paper money

Who was president of the USA from 1933 to 1945?

Franklin D Roosevelt

What is Winston S. Churchill's middle name?


How old was John F. Kennedy when he was assassinated?


Who did JFK replace as US President in 1961?


General Zia ruled which country in the '70s-'80s?


Who was the world's first woman prime minister?

Sirivamo Bandaranaike

Who succeeded Churchill as Prime Minister in 1955?

Anthony Eden

What was the first name of the Russian leader Stalin ?


Of which country was Archbishop Makarios President?


Which of these was a US President in the 1970s?

Jimmy Carter

What nationality was Adolf Hitler?


Peter the Great was a ruler of which country?


Cory Aquino became president of which country in 1986?


What was the name of the tribe lead by Boudica?


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Which Hollywood legend is the cousin of former Israeli PM Shimon Peres?

Lauren Bacall Click to see the answer

What did the B stand for in US President Lyndon B.Johnson's name?


How was the 20th century dictator Saloth Sar better known?

Pol Pot

Of which country was Francois Mitterand president in the 20th century?


Tutankhamun was a young ruler of which ancient civilisation?


Montezuma was the last Emperor of which race of people?


Questions: 9
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In which of these years was Tutankhamen ruler of Egypt?

1330BC Click to see the answer

At the end of World War II, President Sukarno was leader of which country?


Which of these was the name of a number of rulers of the ancient Persians?


For how many years was Nelson Mandela President of South Africa?


Which disease confined President F.D.Roosevelt to a wheelchair?


Which of these was US President Jimmy Carter's middle name?


Of which country was Michel Suleiman elected President in 2008?


Which 20th century world leader spent 25 years of his life in jail?

Nelson Mandela

Sneferu and Menes were leaders of which ancient empire?


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Which group of people ruled Mexico in the 16th Century?

Aztecs Click to see the answer

Which American president was assassinated in a Washington theatre?

Abraham Lincoln

Which British prime minister adopted the three-day week policy?

Edward Heath

Which of these World War II leaders was NOT a dictator?


Which British statesman married Miss Clementine Hosier in 1908?

Winston Churchill

How many times was William Gladstone Prime Minister of Britain?


Who, most famously was assassinated in Sarajevo in the last century?

Archduke Ferdinand

Which of these was NOT a ruler of the Ancient Roman Empire?


Which foreign leader was stripped of his honorary knighthood in 2008?

Robert Mugabe

Which of these South American leaders has been the President of Ecuador?

Rafael Correa

Which of these was a British Prime Minister in the 1930s?

Ramsay MacDonald

Who became Prime Minister after Harold Wilson resigned in 1976?

James Callaghan.

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In which country did the Ming dynasty rule from 1368-1644?

China Click to see the answer

What was the first name of Soviet leader Mr Khrushchev?


In which century did the Russian ruler Peter the Great die?


Which world leader famously made the 'One Hundred Flowers' speech in 1956?


Rajiv Gandhi, assassinated in 1991, was a leader in which country?


What's the name of the Russian President who was elected in March 2008?

Dmitry Medvedev

Which country was ruled by Peter the Great around 300 years ago?


In 1774, what was the name of the first Governor-General of British India?

Warren Hastings

Who was the first US President to visit all 50 states?

Richard Nixon

Mao Zedong was the leader of which country during the 20th century?


How was Haitian dictator Francois Duvalier better known?

Papa Doc

Which President had once advertized Chesterfield Cigarettes?

Ronald Reagan

Ptolemy ruled which ancient empire from 323BC to 283BC?


What sentence was passed on Saddam Hussein in November 2006?

Death by hanging

Of which country did Colonel Gaddafi become president in 1970?


Questions: 26
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Which country did Kgalema Motlanthe become president of in 2008?

South Africa Click to see the answer

Canaan Banana was the first president of which country?


Which of these people is a past Prime Minister of Canada?

Pierre Trudeau

Until its revolution in 1917, which country was ruled by Tsars?


Of which country was Ferdinand Marcos President from 1965 to 1986?

The Philippines

Which European country has been ruled by the Grimaldi family since 1297?


Which British Prime Minister set up the Open University?

Harold Wilson

Of which country was David Ben Gurion Prime Minister from 1948 - 1953?


Barack Obama was elected President of which country in 2008?


How old was Peter the Great when he became joint tsar with Princess Sophia?


General Pinochet took control of which country in the '70s?


How did the former President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, meet his end?


Gaddafi became leader of Libya at the end of which decade?


What was the surname of the 1960s black civil rights leader Malcolm?


When did Robert Mugabe become Prime Minister of Zimbabwe?


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the extreme president of which country?


Of which country did Saddam Hussein become president in 1979?


Who was Governor and Commander in Chief of the Bahamas from 1940 to 1945?

The Duke of Windsor

What's the first name of Israeli Prime Minister Mr.Netenyahu?


In 1992, who did Bill Clinton beat to become US President?

George H. W. Bush

What was the name of the clan which ruled Japan from 1603 to 1867?


Keir Hardie was the first leader of which organization?

Labour Party

Which 20th century Middle Eastern politician wore a black eye patch?

Moshe Dayan

Which of these leaders was best man at Idi Amin's fifth wedding?

Yasser Arafat

Which of these was a British Prime Minister during World War I?

David Lloyd George

In what year was Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin assassinated?


Questions: 6
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Benigno Aquino was opposition leader in which country when he was assassinated in 1983?

Philippines Click to see the answer

In 2009, Pushpa Kamal Dahal resigned as the Prime Minister of which country?


Which leader left his second wife immediately after the wedding ceremony due to her infidelities ?


Who was the only leader to take part in the post World War II meetings at both Yalta and Potsdam?


What was the name of the 19th century Italian commander who gave his name to a type of cookie?


Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his 'untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts'?

Jimmy Carter

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Hard
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In spring 2009, when 20 world leaders came together at a G20 summit, how many of them were women?

2 Click to see the answer

What was the first name of Spain's military dictator General Franco who died in 1975?


Which Indian chief led the Sioux Indians at The Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1976?

Sitting Bull

Which World War II leader was shot dead while trying to escape to Switzerland?


Following pressure from the ANC, Thabo Mbeki stepped down as the President of which country?

South Africa

In March 2007, who became the first living former Prime Minister to have a statue unveiled in the House of Commons?

Margaret Thatcher

Which country's Prime Minister was involved in a car accident in early 2009 that tragically killed his wife?


Which religious leader was asked to take part in Celebrity Big Brother 2007?

Archbishop of York

Which American president was elected four times, serving longer than any other?


Questions: 12
Difficulty: Hard
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Which country was unable to shift its 84 year old president, despite election results that went against him in 2008?

Zimbabwe Click to see the answer

Which founder of the organization of Afro-American Unity was assassinated in 1965 while addressing a rally?

Malcolm X

Which Soviet leader introduced the openness policy of 'Glasnost' in the 1980s?


At a 2009 NATO summit, who was photographed standing on tiptoe alongside his taller model wife and the Obamas?

Nicolas Sarkozy

What name was given to the impromptu debate between Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon that took place in 1959?

Kitchen Debate

Which American President was forced to resign because of The Watergate Scandal?

Richard Nixon

In 2009, who did the gaffe-prone Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi say should view their experience as a 'camping weekend'?

Earthquake victims

What's the name of the founder and first president of the modern state of Turkey?

Kemal Ataturk

In 2008, Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda abruptly resigned less than a year after taking office in which country?


Following elections, which former leader became the deliberately vaguely titled 'Father of the Nation' in March 2008?

Vladimir Putin

In 2007, which South American country elected its former president's wife, Cristina Fernandez, to replace him?


Michelle Bachelet was president of which South American country from 2006-2010?


Questions: 19
Difficulty: Hard
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In which century did the assassination of US President Abraham Lincoln take place?

19th Click to see the answer

In 2009, these were all world leaders but which, when appointed to his role, was appointed for life?

Ali Khamenei

Who said 'There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America'?

Bill Clinton

In 2009, who allied himself to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in 'the fight against neoliberalism and imperialism'?

Evo Morales - Bolivia

Which world leader's wife released an album in 2008, one of the tracks comparing her husband to 'Class A drugs'?

Nicolas Sarkozy

Which World War II leader wore a 'siren suit' which he'd designed to maintain comfort and authority when working long hours?


Which world leader stormed out of the stadium at the 1936 Olympics following the successes athlete Jesse Owens?


Which of these is a name associated with the Secretary General of the United Nations?


Which Chinese statesman proclaimed the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949?

Mao Tse-tung

Which of these was a British chieftain who led the resistance to the Roman conquest in 55 BC?


Which World War II leader was supported vociferously by the poet Ezra Pound?


What is the first name of the controversial former Prime Minister of Italy, Mr Berlusconi?


In 2009, who became the first European leader to officially visit the newly installed President Obama?

Gordon Brown

In spring 2009, who called Israel 'totally racist' at a UN conference causing delegates from 30 countries to walk out?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

In 2009, Bingu wa Mutharika was inaugurated for his second term of office in which country?


Besides being US presidents, what do Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Ronald Reagan have in common?

Acted in films

In which Asian country has one of the main opposition leaders, Aung San Suu Kyi, been under house arrest since 1990?


Which European country was united in the 19th century under Giuseppe Garibaldi?


In 2008, Vladimir Putin became 'Father of the Nation' in which European country?


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