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Which actress plays the groupie Penny Lane in the film 'Almost Famous'?

Kate Hudson Click to see the answer

Which of these films were released first?

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Which British star played the adult robot in 'AI'?

Jude Law

Scarface' starred which actress?

Michelle Pfeiffer

Taxi Driver' features which actress when they were just thirteen years old?

Jodie Foster

Who was the voice of Mike Wazowski in the movie 'Monsters, Inc.'?

Billy Crystal

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With the help of a German bounty hunter, which film sees a freed slave set out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner?

Django Unchained Click to see the answer

Which of these films was released first?

Fast & Furious 6

For which of these movies did Michelle Pfeiffer win an Oscar?

She has never won an Oscar

Which famous comedian starred in 'Animal House'?

John Belushi

Complete the 1984 movie title, 'The Muppets Take _____'?


Which actress portrays the title role in 'Hannah Montana: The Movie'?

Miley Cyrus

Which actress stars as Annie in the 2011 comedy film 'Bridesmaids'?

Kristin Wiig

The Peanuts Movie was released in which year?


Which Pixar movie was the first not to be nominated for an Oscar?

Cars 2

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Which of these has not played the role of James Bond?

Colin Firth Click to see the answer

Sister Act' starred which actress as Mary Clarence?

Whoopi Goldburg

1990 saw Eric Clapton's 'Layla' appear on which movie's soundtrack?


Which famous cowboy was 'Young Guns' and its sequel centered on?

Billy the Kid

Who voiced Panda Po in 'Kung Fu Panda'?

Jack Black

Which of these actors does not star in 'Old School'?

Tom Cruise

Which Hollywood actress was the first woman to appear on the cover of 'GQ'?

Julia Roberts

The World Is Not Enough' stars which actress as Bond girl Christmas Jones?

Denise Richards

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead' stars which actress?

Christina Applegate

Which of these films was released first?

Mamma Mia!

Which actress starred as a villainous character in 'The Golden Compass'?

Nicole Kidman

Gone with the Wind' won how many Academy Awards?


Which actress starred in 'Hitch' with Will Smith?

Eva Mendes

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Rick Baker won the first make-up Oscar for which 1981 horror film set in England?

An American Werewolf in London Click to see the answer

What country is the Nebuchadnezzar, Morpheus's ship from 'The Matrix', made in?


Which James Bond film features the character, Max Zorin the mad industrialist who plans to destroy Silicon Valley?

View To A Kill

In which film was Earth destroyed to pave the way for an intergalactic bypass?

Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

Which former James Bond played Prince Barin in 'Flash Gordon'?

Timothy Dalton

Which of these actresses won the 'Best Actress' Oscar in 2006?

Reese Witherspoon

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Ethan Hawke plays which character in 'Before Sunrise'?

Jesse Click to see the answer

The film 'The Full Monty' was nominated for an Oscar in which year?


In 'The Inbetweeners Movie' where do the lads go on holiday?


The film 'Titanic' won 11 Oscars, after being nominated for how many?


Name the British actor who starred in the movies 'Inception', 'Tinker Tailor Solider Spy' and 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

Tom Hardy

The film 'The Madness of King George' tells the story of which UK King?

George III

How did Tom Hanks end up on his deserted island in 'Castaway'?

Plane Crash

From which film soundtrack was the 2001 version of 'Lady Marmalade' taken?

Moulin Rouge

Which actress stars in 'Ghost Busters'?

Sigourney Weaver

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The Lost World: Jurassic Park' stars which actress?

Julianne Moore Click to see the answer

Who wrote the movie 'Notting Hill'?

Richard Curtis

What part of the body is discovered at the start of David Lynch's 'Blue Velvet'?


Which of these films was released first?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Who starred as the main character in 'Revolver'?

Jason Statham

What is the name of the botanist who helped create 'Extremis' and is saved by Pepper Potts in the 2013 movie 'Iron Man 3'?

Maya Hansen

Which of these movies is not about golf?

Swing Vote

Grease' stars which actress alongside John Travolta?

Olivia Newton-John

Who was the near-silent subject of 'The Ultimate Disaster Movie' in 1997?

Mr Bean

Which of these movies does not feature Winona Ryder?

Sleepy Hollow

Groundhog Day' director Harold Ramis played which character in 'Ghostbusters'?

Dr. Egon Spengler

Which actress was the invisible woman in the 2005 film 'The Fantastic Four'?

Jessica Alba

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Which of these actresses was not in the 2008 film adaptation of 'Mamma Mia!'?

Rachel McAdams Click to see the answer

In which year did Cher win an Oscar for her performance in 'Moonstruck'?


In what year was the Disney flop 'John Carter' released?


In 2013, which of the following won an Oscar for Best Hair and Makeup?

Les Misérables

In Disney's 'Hercules' what is Hercules winged horse called?


Which of the following films has NOT won 11 Oscars?

Slumdog Millionaire

Name the film based on the novels of Suzanne Collins, that is set in the futuristic nation of 'Panem'.

The Hunger Games

Jack Nicholson was Oscar-nominated for three of these films, spot the odd one out?

The Fortune

The movie 'World War Z' was based on a novel by which author?

Max Brooks

What is Baby's real name in 'Dirty Dancing'?

Frances Houseman

The 2013 film, 'Behind The Candelabra' is about who?


In what year was 'Pocahontas' released?


Which blonde actress died in 1962?

Marilyn Monroe

Shooting the movie 'The Hive' in LA, which 45 year old Oscar winning actress was treated in hospital after she hit her head on concrete during a fall?

Halle Berry

In the 'Scream' trilogy, what is the name of Gale Weathers' book about the killings?

The Woodsboro Murders

Which of these movies stars Jennifer Garner?

13 Going On 30

In dollars, how much did the 1997 film 'Titanic' gross in it's opening weekend in America?


Which actress starred in 'Crash'?

Sandra Bullock

In 'A Bug's Life', who provided the voice of Hopper the vicious grasshopper?

Kevin Spacey

From what film is the quote, 'Say Hello To My Little Friend!'?


In which decade was 'Bridge On The River Kwai' awarded Best Film Oscar?


In which century is the 2013 movie 'Elysium' set?


Which of these movies in not based on a novel by Nick Hornby?

Four Weddings And A Funeral

In which of Stanley Kubrick's films did he make an inadvertent cameo, walking just out of shot?


The 2013 movie 'Only God Forgives' is set where?


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Escape from Pretoria' (2020) is based on real-life prison escape by three political prisoners in which year?

1979 Click to see the answer

Which time period was 'Greyhound' (2020) set in?

World War 2

Which US location is 'Palm Springs' (2020) located set in?

Palm Springs

Which of the following groups of genres does 'Palm Springs' (2020) belong in?

Romantic Comedy

Which of the following distributing companies released 'The Invisible Man' (2020)?


Which of the following companies produced 'Bad Boys for Life'?

Columbia Pictures

Which of the following British actresses stars in 'Summerland' (2020)?

Gemma Arterton

Which of the following comedy actors starred as the villain Doctor Robotnik in 'Sonic the Hedgehog' (2020)?

Jim Carrey

Which of the following genres best describes 'The Invisible Man' (2020)?


Which of the following genre categories best describes 'Dolittle' (2020)?


Which of the following is the main genre in 'To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You' (2020)


Which type of film is 'Onward' (2020)?


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