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Social Security income keeps what percentage of Americans, age 65 or older, above the Federally defined poverty level?

20% Click to see the answer

Which U.S. Senator filibustered the Social Security appropriation at the end of the 1935 session of Congress?

Huey Long

Social Security began a program of listing the favorite baby names on which day?

Mother's Day

What was the name of the person who received the first 'official' Social Security Number?

John Sweeney

How many Social Security Cards were issued in the first year of their existence?

20 million

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In 2013, what was the total Social Security expenditures in the US?

$1.3 trillion Click to see the answer

Who was the first American to receive a monthly benefit Social Security check?

Ida May Fuller

Which U.S. President added the disability benefits program to Social Security?

Dwight D. Eisenhower

In what year was the Disability program added to Social Security?


In which US state is the headquarters of the Social Security Administration?


As of 2014, what is the maximom amount of taxable earnings in the US?


The first recipient of Social Security retirement benefits received how much?

17 cents

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What was the Social Security Act originally called?

Economic Security Act Click to see the answer

In what year was the original US Social Security Act signed?


Who received the Social Security Number 001-01-0001?

John Gilbert Winant

Which President signed Medicare into law?

Lyndon B. Johnson

How many digits are there in a Social Security number?


Which state established the first mandatory Old-Age Pension Law?


Which US president signed the original Social Security Act?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Where were Social Security applications needed to be sent to?

Post office

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