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U2 are a rock band from which country?

Ireland Click to see the answer

The song 'Every Breath You Take' by The Police is about what?


What iconic Simple Minds song has become known in part due to its appearance in The Breakfast Club?

Don't You (Forget About Me)

What song, originally about Marilyn Monroe, did Elton John re-dedicate and re-produce to be about Princess Diana?

Candle in the Wind

Which legendary Welsh singer's birth name is Thomas John Woodward?

Sir Tom Jones

Prince's hit song is about what color of rain?


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Which song is the soundtrack to the opening scene of 'Trainspotting' when the iconic 'choose life' monologue begins?

Lust for Life - Iggy Pop Click to see the answer

The Spice Girls reunited in 2012 to perform at what?

London Olympics Closing Ceremony

Which former girl group member released the single 'Fight For This Love' in 2010?

Cheryl Cole

4:44' is the title of the 2017 album marking the 14th album released by which rapper?


Who released the 2018 country album 'Rearview Town'?

Jason Aldean

What Jamaican dance music became popular in London in the 2000s?


In early 2019, Ariana Grande took the top 3 spots on Billboard Hot 100. Who is the only other artist to have achieved this prior to her?

The Beatles

Which rapper topped the UK Charts in 2010 with Pass Out?

Tinie Tempah

What portable music item was first released in 2003?


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Tamla Records is the former name of what current record label?

Motown Records Click to see the answer

The Spice Girls said 'if you wanna be my lover' you have to do what?

You gotta get with my friends'

What was the last name of brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac who sang the hit single 'MmmBop'?


Which Cuban-American rapper introduces himself with the tagline 'Mr. Worldwide'?


At which London University did the band Coldplay meet and form?


Which hip-hop group produced a famous cover of the Aerosmith song 'Walk This Way'?


What album by Pink Floyd charted for 741 weeks in a row from 1973 onwards?

The Dark Side of the Moon

Dave Grohl was the drummer for which band prior to forming the Foo Fighters?


Which rapper was the best selling artist of the 2000s?


What song helps maintain the ideal rhythm for chest compressions when providing CPR?

Stayin Alive - Bee Gees

In 2005, Fall Out Boy released their second album titled 'From Under the [BLANK] Tree', fill in the blank.


The biopic movie 'Rocketman' is a story about which popstar?

Elton John

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Who hosted the 2018 60th Grammy Awards?

James Corden Click to see the answer

With what song did ABBA win the Eurovision song contest?


What American rock band was founded as a one-man project in Seattle in 1994?

Foo Fighters

Who famously fell onstage at the BRIT Awards in 2015?


How many members were there in ABBA?


What is the name of Britney Spears' first single?

…Baby One More Time

In 1985, Tina Turner won Record of the Year at the Grammy Awards with what song?

What's Love Got To Do With It

Which Coldplay album became their 5th to debut Number 1 on the US Billboard 200?

Mylo Xyloto

What US city was considered the hub of grunge music?


What city did N.W.A come straight out of?


What language is the 'Numa Numa' song sung in?


In 2018, Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke had to pay approximately $5 million to the estate of which late musician after 'Blurred Lines' was ruled to be a rip-off of this artist's 1977 hit?

Marvin Gaye

Man in the Woods' was the first studio album release in 5 years for which former NSYNC band member?

Justin Timberlake

Who performed 'Live Forever' at the 2018 Brit Awards?

Liam Gallagher

Hiram Williams was the real name of which famous country singer?

Hank Williams

Who sang the Titanic theme song?

Celine Dion

Who won a Grammy for best reggae album in 1995 with 'Boombastic'?


In 2015, a song by which artist became the first song to have ever sold over a million downloads in just one single week?


Other than in English, what language does Celine Dion frequently sing in?


Which legendary British music star returned in 2016 with the album 'Blackstar' which had a ten minute long title track?

David Bowie

What was the name of David Bowie's alter ego?

Ziggy Stardust

Which musical, named after a US state, was the first of many collaborations between composers Rodgers and Hammerstein?


What type of music was New York's 'Studio 54' most associated with?


What is the name of Beyonce's onstage alter ego?

Sasha Fierce

Which famous lead singer died from AIDS / HIV in 1991?

Freddie Mercury

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Who sings 'Try Everything' from the movie 'Zootropolis'?

Shakira Click to see the answer

JoJo Siwa sang a song about what kind of a party?

Worldwide Party

Ali Berke released a song in November 2020 which shares a name with which games console?


Rapper Travis Scott has a daughter with which reality TV star?

Kylie Jenner

Simba sings 'I Just Can't Wait To Be…' what, in The Lion King?


The TikTok trend which saw two people switch clothes was set to what song?


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Born To Be Brave' is a song from the cast of what TV show?

High School Musical: The Series Click to see the answer

I.L.Y.S.B' is a song by LANY. What does 'I.L.Y.S.B' stand for?

I Love You So Bad

Complete the title of this JoJo Siwa song: 'Every Girl's A….'

Super Girl

With the release of 'Positions', Ariana Grande has now released six albums. How many have made it to No.1 on the UK Album Chart?


Which previously famous YouTuber is the artist who sings 'My My My!'

Troye Sivan

What Not3s song shares a name with a London car company?

Addison Lee

The TikTok trend which starts with saying 'Down South' is from what song?

Hood Baby

In Lauv's song 'Never Not' what does Lauv say he will 'never not' do?

Think About You

What does DJ stand for?

Disc Jockey

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How Far I'll Go' in Moana was also recorded and released by which singer?

Alessia Cara Click to see the answer

Tate McRae had a viral hit with 'you broke me first' but on what American TV show did she first gain fame?

So You Think You Can Dance?

What is the title of the Aaron Carter song which includes his name in it?

Aaron's Party (Come Get It)

The song 'I Love You 3000' got its title from a quote from what movie?

Avengers: Endgame

What is the most successful song by The Wiggles?

Hot Potato

Who sung the popular summer song 'Cake by the Ocean'?


What 2010 song by Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber which has recently gone viral on TikTok shares its name with a children's game?

Eenie Meenie

What artist is responsible for the viral hit 'Baby Shark'?


What Lil Nas X song shares its names with a toasted sandwich treated?


Which of these animals would you not find on Old MacDonald's farm?


benny blanco released an album titled 'FRIENDS KEEP SECRETS' in 2018. What color is 'blanco' in Spanish?


Who sang the Coca-Cola Anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, titled 'Colors'?

Jason Derulo

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In Taylor Swift's music video for 'You Need to Calm Down' what are her and Katy Perry dressed as?

Fries and a Burger Click to see the answer

What brand of dress did Bruno Mars talk about in song '[BLANK] on the Floor'?


I just wanna make the mu-la-la, yeah. The mu-la-la' are lyrics to what song by S1MBA?


Who is the voice of Olaf in Frozen and the singer of 'In Summer'?

Josh Gad

Everything Is …' is the lead song from 'The Lego Movie'. Fill in the blank.


According to the song by Pikotaro, if you have a pen and you have an apple, what do you get?


What song by OMI shares a name with a high-school sport commonly seen at Football or Basketball matches that uses pom-poms?


Finish the title of the Vance Joy song 'Fire and the [BLANK]'


Who sings the song 'Shower' which includes the lyrics 'You light me up inside. Like the 4th of July'?

Becky G

Which of these fast food chains is not mentioned in the 'Fast Food Song'?


Which former One Direction member sang the song 'Finally Free' from the movie Smallfoot?

Niall Horan

Silentó said 'Now watch me whip, now watch me…' what?

Nae Nae

If you were playing the game Musical Statues, what would you have to do when the music stops?


What does 'a capella' mean?

Singing without Musical Accompaniment

Complete the song title of this song by The Vamps. 'Can We ____'.


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Which member of the group Fifth Harmony left first to pursue her own solo career?

Camila Cabello Click to see the answer

Who sings the song 'Green Light'?


If you send me the location, then I'll be right there' is the opening line of what song by rapper Dave?


What song would you be listening to if it said 'To the left. Take it back now y'all. One hop this time'?

Cha Cha Slide

Singer Olly Murs first gained fame on what TV show which he later went on to present?

The X Factor

What is the name of the biggest song of the first half of 2020 in the USA by Roddy Ricch?

The Box

What does 'The Hokey Cokey' tell you to do first?

Put your left arm in

How many members are there in NCT 127 not including WinWin?


In which city would you find the famous Opera House?


Use this video to work out the name of the band who sung the song 'Shut Up and Dance With Me'.

Walk The Moon

How are Chloe x Halle related?


Which member of the Marley family sings the 2020 song 'Music Is In Everything'?


Who sang about being 'taken back to 2002'?


Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder sang the song 'Faith' from what movie?


Lil'Matick sang about loving what form of affection in 2020?


Complete the title of this song performed by cast of Nickelodeon's Victorious: 'Take A ____'


Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron collaborated together on what song?

Good To Be Bad

What brand is famous for creating albums on which children create covers of pop songs?

Kidz Bop

Zac Efron and Zendaya sang 'Rewrite the Stars' in The Greatest Showman. Which two popstars also did a version of this song?

James Arthur and Anne-Marie

Who sings the song '17' which includes the lyrics 'We'll be dancing the same groove, when we're ninety-two'?

Pink Sweat$

What does 'allegro' mean?

Play at a lively speed

How many times do the words 'TOOTIME' appear in the title of The 1975's 2018 single of that name?

Three Times

Bounce Patrol have a song about what kind of robot titled 'Do The [BLANK] Robot'?


Charlie Puth sang 'Marvin Gaye' featuring what other artist?

Meghan Trainor

Which member of the band McFly plays the drums?


Jawish 685's song 'Savage Love' reached number one after a remix featuring who was released?


Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato teamed up to sing what track in 2019?

Échame La Culpa

What is the title of the Jonas Blue song that starts with the opening line 'We're gonna ri-ri-ri-ri-rise 'til we fall'?


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In the music video for 'You Should Be Sad' which singer visits an underground Country and Western nightclub?

Halsey Click to see the answer

Which singer re-released updated versions of their early 2000s hits 'Leave (Get Out)' and 'Too Little Too Late' in 2018?


What acronym was made popular as a result of Drake's song 'The Motto' in 2012?


How does the Frank Ocean song 'Thinking Bout You' start?

A tornado flew around my room before you came

What is the word for the sign that lowers the pitch of a note by a half-step?


What was the only Number 1 hit by the band Toto?


Questions: 9
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Which member of Take That appeared as a judge on X Factor from 2011 - 2013?

Gary Barlow Click to see the answer

Hayley Williams is the lead singer of which pop rock band?


What A Man Gotta Do' is a January 2020 single from which group?

Jonas Brothers

Lady Gaga got her stage name from a song performed by which band?


In what year was 'I Kissed A Girl' by Katy Perry released?


Which Jonas Brother's music video showed the members with their wives/girlfriends?


Former Love Island contestant Wes Nelson released a song with which rapper in 2020?

Hardy Caprio

Who released the song 'Youngblood' in 2018?

5 Seconds of Summer

Halsey's 2016 track 'Closer' was inspired by another song by which 1990s rock band which she references in the song?


Questions: 12
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Which country is Lorde from?

New Zealand Click to see the answer

Which 'country rap' song released by Lil Nas X spent a record breaking 19 consecutive weeks at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart?

Old Town Road

I've been on the low. I been taking my time' is the opening line of what song?


Are hip-hop duo Krept & Konan related? If so, how?


Which British rapper sadly died in a car accident on his way to a gig in February of 2019?


Rihanna and Kanye West collaborated on the song 'FourFiveSeconds' with which legendary British artist?

Paul McCartney

What music group performs on Jimmy Fallon's talk show?

The Roots

Ashley Frangipane is the real name of what singer?


What is the Italian word used in music to indicate that the piece should be played loudly?


The Weeknd said 'I can't feel my..' what 'when I'm with you'?


Which rapper uploaded a video speaking about her fears over the coronavirus which then went viral for the way she pronounced coronavirus?

Cardi B

Cross my heart, hope to die. To my lover, I'd never lie' is the opening line of what song by Halsey and G-Eazy?

Him & I

Questions: 15
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What region of the World does 'the whine' dance move come from?

Caribbean Click to see the answer

Who won top R&B Male Artist at the Billboard Music Awards in 2018?

Bruno Mars

Which tube station in London shares a name with an AJ Tracey song?

Ladbroke Grove

Young T & Bugsey released a track in 2017 about what type of car?


What stringed symphonic instrument has a 'pedestal' and a 'crown'?


Which duo famously sing the lyrics 'Shake it like a polaroid picture'?


Which Drake track begins 'It go, right foot up, left foot slide. Left foot up, right foot slide'?

Toosie Slide

ntltc is the abbreviation for what album released in 2018?

No Tears Left To Cry

What song by Childish Gambino is a critique of American society?

This Is America

What is the ending to the Mac Miller lyric 'They gave me the key to the ___'?


The truth will set you free. But first, it'll piss you off' is the opening line to what song featuring Rihanna?


What is Eminem's fastest rap song?

Rap God

Which Drake song broke No.1 records in the Summer of 2016?

One Dance

What is the name of the grime collective and record label founded by JME and Skepta?

Boy Better Know

Who is the singer sister of Beyoncé?


Questions: 36
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Which American singer was an executive producer on the show '13 Reasons Why'?

Selena Gomez Click to see the answer

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello released what song together in 2018?


In November 2016 the 'Mannequin Challenge' was a viral internet trend set to what song?

Black Beatles - Rae Sremmurd

Who released the album 'Beerbongs & Bentleys' in 2018?

Post Malone

Who said 'In the ends, I'm the Bouff Daddy'?

J Hus

What type of shop did 50 Cent rap about in 2005?

Candy Shop

What was the title of Nicki Minaj's first album?

Pink Friday

What is the name for a coin-operated music machine often found in American style diners?


November' is a track on the 2017 album 'Flower Boy' from an American rapper who called himself 'the Creator'. What is his first name?


Rare' is the third album released by which female American pop singer?

Selena Gomez

What instrument is like a flute but smaller?


What is the name of the headphone brand co-founded by rapper Dr. Dre?


Which band's 2018 tour was named the 'Meet You There Tour'?

5 Seconds of Summer

Which Brooklyn rapper had a UK number 1 in March 2020 with 'Roses'?


Fender and Gibson are both types of what?


Beyoncé's musical film and visual 'Black is King' was inspired by what movie?

The Lion King

Whose second solo album released in 2019 is called 'Fine Line'?

Harry Styles

What was One Direction's debut song?

What Makes You Beautiful

Which former Love Island contestant succeeded on the charts with the song 'See Nobody'?

Wes Nelson

Gang Signs and Prayers' was the 2017 debut album of which rapper?


Which two artists came together to record the lockdown hit 'Stuck With U'?

Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande

Which classic rap song are these girls dancing to?

Crank That (Soulja Boy Tell 'Em)'

I just win again, then win again like Wimbledon, I serve' is the opening line of what rap song?

DNA - Kendrick Lamar

In what band is Patrick Stump lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist?

Fall Out Boy

What is 'Lo-Fi' music short for?


Suave Bandit' is a synonym for what song title?

Smooth Criminal

The band 'Foals' are from what British city?


Bruno Mars and Cardi B collaborated on what 2018 single?


Which duo accepted the Grammy award for Best Pop Duo / Group Performance in their underwear?

Twenty One Pilots

In the Arizona Zervas reinterpretation of the song 'Roxanne' what does Roxanne wanna do all night?

Party All Night

Which Puerto Rican musician's stage name initials are 'DY'?

Daddy Yankee

Jackson Penn sings a song about 'Streetlights on [BLANK[' which planet?


Oasis is one of the most famous bands credited with pioneering what music movement?


Which US city is widely considered to be the birthplace of Jazz?

New Orleans

Which musical that recently shot to fame tells the story of one of America's founding fathers?


What song by Megan Thee Stallion was parodied on TikTok to be about Tiger enthusiast Carole Baskin?


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