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Which religion does Steve Harvey claim to be?

Christian Click to see the answer

What is Steve Harvey's surname?


According to a previous 'Family Feuds' contestant, what does Steve Harvey smell like?

Moustache Conditioner

Steve Harvey's Big Time Challenge' was a variety show where performers competed for a prize of how much?


What was Steve Harvey's nickname as a child?


Cleveland named a street after Steve Harvey in which year?


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In what category is Steve Harvey's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star?

Radio Click to see the answer

What is Steve Harvey's trademark feature?

His Moustache

What color is Steve Harvey's famous moustache nowadays?


Steve Harvey's show 'Little Big Shots' is produced by which talk show host?

Ellen DeGeneres

What nationality is Steve Harvey


Which television game show did Steve Harvey begin hosting in 2010?

Family Feud

Before he dropped out, what was Steve Harvey's major at Kent State University?


Steve Harvey's talk show, 'Steve', is filmed at Universal Studios on…?

Stage 1

During the second season of 'The Steve Harvey Show', a new character, Lovita Alizay Jenkins came on board as the school's new administrative assistant. Which of the following statements about Lovita is false?

Lovita was a great cook.

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From which high school did Steve Harvey graduate?

Glenville High School Click to see the answer

What color are Steve Harvey's eyes?

Dark Brown

Steve Harvey splits his time between which two cities?

Atlanta & Chicago

During the first season of 'The Steve Harvey Show', there were four teenager characters regularly involved in the action. Which of the following was NOT the name of one of those characters?

Coretta Cox

In what year was Steve Harvey born?


How many seasons did 'The Steve Harvey Show' run?


Steve Harvey's 5th stand-up comedy concert from 2008 is called 'Steve Harvey: Still…'?


Steve Harvey was an Executive Producer for the reality TV show 'Mobile Home…'?


How old was Steve Harvey when he decided to take his act on the road?


Steve Harvey hosts a radio show. What is it called?

The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Steve Harvey featured in which Tyler Perry movie?

Madea Goes To Jail

How many times has Steve Harvey been married?


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Which two rappers appeared on 'The Steve Harvey Show', Sean 'Puffy' Combs and?

Snoop Doggy Dog Click to see the answer

Steve Harvey is a game show…?


Why did Steve Harvey's ex wife, Mary, get arrested?

For Being in Contempt of Court

Who talked Steve Harvey into hosting 'Little Big Shots'?


In which year were Steve Harvey's twin daughters born?


Steve Harvey appeared in an episode of 'My Wife and Kids'. Who plays Michael Kyle in the Show?

Damon Wayans

Steve Harvey said that his home growing up had one bathroom and how many occupants?


How old was Steve Harvey when he scored his big break in 'The Steve Harvey Show'?


In 2008, Steve Harvey hosted the 'Disney Dreamers Academy' in Florida. Where was it hosted?

Lake Buena Vista

After his mistake at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, Steve Harvey made a commercial for which mobile network?


Steve Harvey's bacon business is called Harvey Foods' Easy…?


Steve Harvey's book 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man' was turned into a movie called 'Think like a…'?


How old was Steve Harvey when his family moved to Cleveland?


When did 'The Steve Harvey Show' go off the air?


When he started off, how much was Steve Harvey paid a night as a comedian?


How tall is Steve Harvey?


What is the name of the production company for the Steve Harvey talk show 'Steve'?


Steve Harvey has won how many Daytime Emmy Awards?


In 2017, The Steve Harvey Show moved production to which city?

Los Angeles

Steve Harvey has said that he plans to launch an Organic Food…?


Steve Harvey starred in 2004's Johnson Family Vacation. His characters name was Mack…?


After gigs kept falling through in the 1980s, what happened to Steve Harvey?

He became homeless

Where was Steve Harvey raised?

A Farm

What is the tag line for Steve Harvey's dating site 'Delightful'? Find Love &…?

Keep It

Steve Harvey was in a 2004 film called 'You Got…'?


The Steve Harvey talk show was cancelled after how many years?


How many hours of Family Feuds does Steve Harvey make each year?

110 hours

After college, Steve Harvey worked as what?


Which variety television series that debuted in 2016 does Steve Harvey host?

Little Big Shots

In what year was 'The Steve Harvey Show' created?


Steve Harvey plans his path using…?

Vision Boards

Steve Harvey's building in the Universal Studio lot, has a supersized what on it?


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Steve Harvey was a DJ in 2003 for which Dallas radio station?

97.9 The Beat Click to see the answer

Who did Steve Harvey go on a 'King and Young King Comedy Tour' with in 2006?

Thomas Miles

Which 2000 movie based on a stand-up comedy tour did Steve Harvey star in?

The Original Kings Of Comedy

What car did Steve Harvey use to live out of?

1976 Ford Tempo

What makes Steve Harvey's clothing line distinctive?

Loose Fitting Pants

Steve Harvey's father is called Jesse. What was his occupation?

Coal Miner

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What variety show did Steve Harvey host from 2003 to 2005?

Steve Harvey's Big Time Click to see the answer

What word did Steve Harvey use to refer to atheists?


What 2004 movie found Steve Harvey reunited with Cedric the Entertainer?

Johnson's Family Vacation

When his sixth-grade teacher asked Steve Harvey what he wanted to be when he grew up, what did he reply?

He wanted to be on television

Where is 'The Steve Harvey Morning Show' based?

Los Angeles

Steve Harvey went to college with which talk show host?

Arsenio Hall

When in college, his three roommates moved out of their shared room. One of them told Steve Harvey the reason was because of what?

He didn't know how to live with a black person

Who starred in 'Don't Trip ... He Ain't Through With Me Yet' with Steve Harvey?

Rickey Smiley

Steve Harvey was nominated for a People's Choice Award in 1995 for which show?

Me and the Boys

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Steve Harvey performed on the 'Kings of Comedy' tour with D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer and which other fellow comedian?

Bernie Mac Click to see the answer

What car company has Steve Harvey been a spokesperson for?


In what year did 'The Steve Harvey Show' debut on the WB?


Steve Harvey's big break was at a 1993 Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival. Where was it held?


Which series featured Steve Harvey in his first starring role in a sitcom?

Me and the Boys

What was the name of Steve Hightower's former funk group in 'The Steve Harvey Show'?


Which television talent show series did Steve Harvey host?

It's Showtime at the Apollo

Which one of these is not one of Steve Harvey's children?


Steve Harvey launched a dating website in 2014. What was it called?


What was Steve Harvey's mother's occupation?

Sunday School Teacher

In which 2005 movie did Steve Harvey play the voice of Buzz?

Racing Stripes

What kind of car did Cedric drive in 'The Steve Harvey Show'?


The last original episode of 'The Steve Harvey Show' finds Regina pursuing a job opportunity in which state?


When was Steve Harvey's book 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man' first published?


Steve Harvey was nicknamed Va-Va-Voom become he stuttered which word?


What was the name of Cedric's grandmother in 'The Steve Harvey Show'?

Grandma Puddin'

In 1996, Steve Harvey was a spokesperson for which chain of restaurants?


The Steve Harvey talk show was cancelled and replaced by which show?

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Steve Harvey was born in Welch, Virginia. What was the city once known as?

The Heart Of The Nation's Coal Bin

What is Steve Harvey's full name?

Broderick Stephen Harvey

In which year was the Steve Harvey & Marjorie Harvey Foundation founded?


Steve Harvey plays the character Miles Smoke in which feature film?

The Fighting Temptations

Which well-known entertainer had a recurring role on 'The Steve Harvey Show' as Pretty Tony?

Ronald Isley

What is the name of Steve Harvey's 2010 book?

Straight Talk, No Chaser

Steve Harvey appeared in an advert for which fast food company?

Burger King

Steve Harvey's ex wife, Mary Lee, sued him for how much money?


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Who directed the 'Kings of Comedy' foursome which included Steve Harvey in the 1998 film 'The Original Kings of Comedy'?

Spike Lee Click to see the answer

Steve Harvey hosted the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, where he announced the wrong winner. Which name did he call out by mistake?

Miss Colombia

Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner of Miss Universe in 2015. The actual winner was Miss Philippines. What was her name?

Pia Wurtzbach

When Steve Harvey struggled with work, he was given a carpet cleaning contract by Rich and Becky. What was their surname?


As of July 2018, what is Steve Harvey's 2018 earnings, according to Forbes?


Steve Harvey's first wife, Marcia, remarried. What is her new husband's name?

Larry Greene

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Steve Harvey's daughter, Karlie, is married and has a son. What is his name?

Benjamin Click to see the answer

Which NFL team does Steve Harvey support?

Cleveland Browns

Steve Harvey starred in a 2003 film called 'Love Don't Cost a…'?


Steve Harvey's wife Marjorie runs a fashion blog. What is it called?

The Lady Loves Couture

What zodiac sign is Steve Harvey?


Where was Steve Harvey born?

Welch, West Virginia

Steve Harvey's son, Broderick Harvey Jr., has his own podcast. What is it called?

85 South Show

Which of these jobs did Steve Harvey not have at one point?

Dental Receptionist

How many siblings does Steve Harvey have?


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Which of these is not a book written by Steve Harvey?

Discovering Your Purpose, and the Way to Your Happiness Click to see the answer

How did the counterman at Steve Harvey's Neighborhood deli help him to overcome his stutter?

He rewarded him with candy whenever he spoke clearly

Which network aired the variety show 'Steve Harvey's Big Time Challenge'?

The WB

What was Steve Harvey's mother called?


Including step-children, how many children does Steve Harvey have?


Steve Harvey has been married three times. Which one of these was not the name of one of his wives?


Steve Harvey is a member of which international fraternity?

Omega Psi Phi

Which member of Nickelodeon's Saturday-night series 'All That' joined 'The Steve Harvey Show' cast full-time during the third season (1997-98)?

Lori Beth Denberg

Steve Harvey hosted a morning radio show for which Chicago station in 1996?


Where did Steve Harvey perform his final stand-up act in 2012?

MGM Grand

In 2002, Steve Harvey released an R&B CD. What was it called?

Sign of Things to Come

Where did Steve Harvey perform his first stand up show on 8th October 1985?

Hilarities Comedy Club

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After his mistake at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, Steve Harvey appeared in a commercial for which mobile network?

T-Mobile Click to see the answer

Steve Harvey met his wife Marjorie at a comedy club in which city?


According to an interview, what aspect of Steve Harvey's life motivated him to work hard?

Growing Up in Poverty

Regina Grier, the school's highly educated and shapely principal in 'The Steve Harvey Show', was the proverbial ugly duckling during her high school days. What nickname did Steve Harvey have for her, and use on her occasionally as an adult?


In 1993, Steve Harvey opened his own comedy club called 'Steve Harvey Comedy House'. Where was it based?

Dallas, Texas

Steve Harvey is currently married to Marjorie. What is her star sign?


Steve Harvey received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. What number was it?


In which national talent search did Steve Harvey perform in as a finalist?

Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search

How many NAACP Image Awards did Steve Harvey win for his work in 'The Steve Harvey Harvey Show'.


What did Steve Harvey buy his wife Marjorie for her 50th birthday?

Rolls Royce Car

In 2015, the road Steve Harvey grew up was renamed Steve Harvey Way. What was it called before that?

East 112th Street

Steve Harvey's first name is Broderick. Who is he named after?

Broderick Crawford

How long was Steve Harvey homeless?

3 Years

Where did Steve Harvey meet his ex wife Mary Lee?

At an Arlington Comedy Club

The high school in 'The Steve Harvey Show' that Steve Hightower and his pal, Cedric Robinson, taught in was named for which famous African-American?

Booker T. Washington

As a child, what caused Steve Harvey to be terrified of speaking in front of large audiences?

His Stutter

What subject(s) was Steve Hightower in 'The Steve Harvey Show' hired to teach?

Music, Drama and Art

How many turkeys did the 2018 'Steve Harvey Morning Show Annual Turkey Give' donate?


What is the maiden name of Steve Harvey's ex wife, Mary Lee?


When is Steve Harvey's birthday?

17th January

When did Steve Harvey perform his first stand-up comedy routine?


What is the name of Steve Harvey' son in law?

Ben Raymond

Which label released Steve Harvey's comedy album called 'Steve Harvey Live … Down South Somewhere'?

T-Neck/Island Black Music

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