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Difficulty: Hard
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Which city hosted the summer Olympics in 2000?

Sydney Click to see the answer

Concorde flight 4590 crashed after taking off from which city in July 2000?


Lindsey Davenport beat Martina Hingis in which sport in 2000?


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Bill Gates stepped down as CEO of which company in 2000?

Microsoft Click to see the answer

The Tate Modern opened in which UK city in 2000?


What was another name for the Y2K bug, which was predicted to crash the world's computers in 2000?

Millennium Bug

Which famous rock band started legal action against file sharing sites in 2000?


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Former dictator Augusto Pinochet returned to which country in 2000?

Chile Click to see the answer

Who released 'The Marshall Mathers LP' in 2000?


Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix starred in which blockbuster 2000 movie?


Who won the US Presidential election in 2000?

George W Bush

India's population finally hit which milestone in 2000?

1 Billion

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