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Where had Bob Hoskins been volunteering in 1967?

Israel Click to see the answer

How many children does Hugh Grant have?


Which living person does Julie Walters most admire?

Her dentist

Who called Pete Postlewaite the best actor in the world?

Steven Spielberg

Who did Bob Hoskins name as the living person he most despised?

Tony Blair

Where was Bob Hoskins born?

West Suffolk

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What film did Bob Hoskins win a Golden Globe for in 1987?

Mona Lisa Click to see the answer

Where did Liam Neeson meet his wife Natasha Richardson?

Anna Christie

What year did Ian McKellan make his first West End appearance?


Jeremy Irons was the first celebrity to wear what on screen?

Red ribbon

What film did Bob Hoskins star in with Cher?


Who did Julie Walters work with as a comedy partner?

Victoria Wood

What film did Hugh Grant make his debut in?


How much money did 'Four Weddings and a Funeral', which Hugh Grant was the protagonist, make?

$244 million

What did Julie Walters win a Laurence Olivier Award for?

All my Sons

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Whose video did Bob Hoskins star in 2007?

Jamie T Click to see the answer

What singer did Jeremy Irons direct a music video for?

Carly Simon

How many Laurence Olivier awards does Ian McKellen have?


What actor was Bob Hoskins pencilled in to replace in 'The Untouchables'?

Robert De Niro

What year did Julie Walters come to prominence?


What film did Bob Hoskins regret making?

Super Mario Bros

What year did Ian McKellen start his professional career?


What was the first Shakespeare play that Ian McKellan watched?

Twelfth Night

What did Pete Postlethwaite originally train to be?

A Catholic Priest

What advert did Bob Hoskins voice in the 1980s?


What was Bob Hoskins diagnosed with in 2011?

Parkinson's disease

What makes Julie Walters depressed?

Peoples inhumanity

What film brought Julie Walters to the attention of the international community?

Educating Rita

What was the name of Julie Walters character in Indian Summers?

Cynthia Coffin

What did Liam Neeson receive a Best Actor nomination for at the Academy Awards?

Schindler's List

How many children did Bob Hoskins have?


At what age was High Grant about to give up on acting?


What film did Pete Postlewaite star in where the role was written to accommodate his illness?

Killing Bono

Where can you hear Jeremy Irons as a recorded tour guide in London?

Westminster Abbey

Where does Julie Walters live with her husband?

On an organic farm

How old was Liam Neeson when he started boxing lessons?


Who was Liam Neeson named after?

The local Priest

Who did Liam Neeson live with when he first moved to London?

Helen Mirren

What did Julie Walters study before she studied English and Drama?


What was Ian McKellan's first leading role in?

Priest of Love

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What job did Hugh Grant do before acting?

Assistant groundsman at Fulham Football club Click to see the answer

How many times has Vanessa Redgrave been married?


What year was Patrick Stewart knighted by Queen Elizabeth II?


What did Liam Neeson study before being an actor?

Physics and Computer Science

How many children does Patrick Stewart have?


Why was Hugh Grant not able to accept the role on The Bounty?

He didn't have an equity card

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Which sci fi series was Patrick Stewart picked to star in 1987?

Star Trek Click to see the answer

Which living person does Julie Walters despise?

George Bush

What was Donald Pickup's first television work?

Doctor Who

What did film Pete Postlewaite receive an Academy award nomination for?

In the Name of the Father

Where is Emma Thompson's adopted son from?


What year did Maggie Smith make her stage debut?


How many seasons of Downton Abbey did Penelope Wilton star in?


What did Celia Imrie suffer with at the age of 14?


How many times has Penelope Wilton been married?


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What was Jeremy Irons first major film role?

The French Lieutenant's Woman Click to see the answer

What is one of jeremy Irons best known audio roles?

Scar in The Lion King

What actress did Donald Pickup star in 1989 and 2012?

Judi Dench

What character did Alan Rickman lend his voice to?


Where was Maggie Smith performing between 1976 and 1980?


What year did Emma Thompson have her first professional role?


How old was Alan Rickman when he met his wife?


Who voted Bill Nighy in the top 50 best dressed over 50s?

The Guardian

What was Alan Rickman's first film role?

Die Hard

How many Olivier award nominations has Penelope Wilton received?


Where did Donald Pickup train?


What film won Emma Thompson her first Academy award for Best Actress?

Howards End

What is Celia Imrie's favorite age?


Where did Ian McKellan win a schloarship to?

St Catherine's College, Cambridge

What is the name of Vanessa Redgrave's son in law?

Liam Neeson

Which two Shakespeare plays that Ian McKellan starred in were adapted into films?

Othello and Macbeth

What film was one of Bob Hoskins high points in his career

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

What year did Patrick Stewart receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?


How many times has Bill Nighy been married?


What was one of the jobs Liam Neeson did before acting?

Fork-lift operator at Guiness Brewery

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What performance did Patrick Stewart win a Laurence Olivier Award for in 1979?

Antony and Cleopatra Click to see the answer

Which James Bond film was Donald Pickup in?

Never say Never Again

What character did Maggie Smith play in 'Downton Abbey'?

Violet Crawley

Who was Emma Thompson first married to?

Kenneth Branagh

What was Bill Nighy's first credited film role?

Eye of the Needle

What British soap did Donald Pickup make a cameo in?

Coronation Street

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What football team does Bill Nighy support?

Crystal Palace Click to see the answer

What was Vanesssa Redgrave's first credited film role?

Behind the Mask

Where did Penelope Wilton receive an honorary doctorate from?

University of Hull

Where did Penelope Wilton make her stage debut?

Nottingham Playhouse

What appearance made Penelope Wilton a household name?

Ever Decreasing Circles

What did Bill Nighy win a BAFTA for in 2003?

Love Actually

Where did Bill Nighy make his London stage debut?

National Theatre

Who did Celia Imrie appear alongside in a number of comedy television roles?

Victoria Wood

What character did Maggie Smith play in the Harry Potter series?

Professor Minerva McGonagall

What film did Vanessa Redgrave finance?

The Palestinian

What is Julie Walters favorite book?

The Borrowers

What is Vanessa Redgrave's greatest fear?

heights over 5000 feet

What film made Bill Nighy more widely known?

Love Actually

What film did Emma Thompson meet her second husband?

Sense and Sensibility

What film did Alan Rickman receive his first BAFTA for?

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Who would play Julie Walters in a film, according to Julie Walters?

Tracey Ullman

Where did Celia Imrie receive an honorary doctorate from?

University of Winchester

What film did Maggie Smith win an academy award for in 1969?

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

What BBC serial did Donald Pickup star in with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh?

Fortunes of War

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