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Tanks were used for the first time during which conflict?

World War 1 Click to see the answer

The Maze Prison was in which part of the UK?

Northern Ireland

In 2000, Prince William secured a place at which university?

St Andrews

What was the first name of Prime Minister Eden, who resigned in 1957 due to ill-health?


Which historical figure was known as 'The Lady with the Lamp'?

Florence Nightingale

Nelson's Column is in which London square?

Trafalgar Square

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In which modern day county did the Battle of Hastings take place?

East Sussex Click to see the answer

In which UK city did Roger Bannister run his first sub 4 minute mile?


Which Victorian scientist travelled around the world on a ship called the Beagle?

Charles Darwin

What are the guards called Yeoman Warders more commonly known as?


Robert Walpole became the UK's first Prime Minister in which year?


The Dounreay nuclear site was in which part of the UK?


In which century did the Highland Clearances see Scottish people forced off their lands?


Texan businessman John Bryan was involved in a 1990s scandal with which member of the Royal Family?

Sarah Ferguson

What did William Wilberforce campaign to abolish?


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Queen Elizabeth I was born in a palace in which part of London?

Greenwich Click to see the answer

Sir Christopher Wren completed which famous building in London in 1710?

St Paul's Cathedral

Which world organization was founded by British Army officer Robert Baden-Powell?


What was the first name of Antarctic explorer Mr Shackleton?


What was the surname of organised crime bosses Ronald and Reginald?


Which statesman led the 'New Model Army'?

Oliver Cromwell

Queen Victoria replaced which of her relations as monarch?


In which century was Blackpool Tower built?


In which decade of the 20th century was the Festival of Britain?


Frank Whittle was the inventor of which type of engine?


Which literary figure is nicknamed 'The Bard of Avon'?

William Shakespeare

Dutch Elm Disease started attacking trees in the UK in which decade?


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Which monarch came after Edward VII?

George V Click to see the answer

What was the first name of the 20th century Prime Minister Mr Campbell-Bannerman?


What was the last battle on British soil?


The world's first iron bridge was built over the River Severn in which county?


Princess Diana hit the headlines in 1997 campaigning for which item to be banned?

Land Mines

The end of WW2 with Germany was celebrated in which month of 1945?


George I and II were part of which royal dynasty?


What was the name of the German code machine cracked by Alan Turing and his team during WW2?


Brochs are Iron Age buildings from which part of the UK?


What was the first name of the 14th century Scottish fighter Wallace?


Tea first arrived in Britain in which year?


During the Wars of the Roses, which color of flower represented Lancashire?


Paul Burrell was charged with theft in 2001 after working for which member of the Royal Family?

Prince Diana

The Treaty of Vereeniging ended which early 20th century conflict?

Boer War

What was the surname of Ken, who was voted in as London Mayor in 2000?


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Virgin Challenger was Richard Branson's boat for an attempt to be the quickest to cross which body of water?

Atlantic Click to see the answer

Britain was a republic with no monarch for how many years in the 17th century?


In 1787 Britain sent the First Fleet of convicts to which country?


Which country vetoed the UK's entry into the Common Market in 1963?


In which year did the Eden Project in Cornwall open its doors for the first time?


Boudicca led the Iceni tribe in revolt against which invaders?


The Whispering Gallery is a feature of which famous London building?

St Paul's Cathedral

Near which town would you find the Black Country Living Museum?


London's Docklands Light Railway (DLR) opened in which decade?


Which Tudor explorer set up the first British colony in North America?

Walter Raleigh

What was the first name of the king known as 'The Confessor'?


Stonehenge was completed in approximately what year?

2000 BC

The Bodleian Library is part of which University?


Which UK city hosted the Olympics in 1948?


Britain's first canal was completed in which century?


In which year did the half penny cease to be legal tender in the UK?


In which century was the famous King James Bible published?


Which monarch bought Balmoral Castle as a Scottish holiday home?

Queen Victoria

The Gunpowder Plot was an attempt to assassinate which king?

James I

William the Conqueror was Duke of which part of France?


The First Battle of Ypres was part of which war?

World War 1

What is the name of Prince Andrew's oldest daughter, born in 1988?


In which ship did the Pilgrim Fathers set sail to America from England?


During WW1, conscription was introduced in which year?


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In which county could you visit Alnwick and Bamburgh Castles?

Northumbria Click to see the answer

Scotland's first university was established in which east coast town?

St Andrews

Four Labour ministers left in 1981 and set up which political party?


The safari park at Longleat in Wiltshire first opened in which decade?


The Barbican center opened in 1982 in which UK city?


A Cezanne painting worth £3 million was stolen from the Ashmolean museum in which English city in 2000?


Questions: 9
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Which is the most recent London tube line, which opened in 1979?

Jubilee Click to see the answer

The Callanish standing stones are on which Scottish island?


Offa's Dyke was a 8th century wall marking the boundary of England and which other part of the UK?


The 1990s saw a prolonged legal libel battle between British Airways and which other airline?


What type of creature was Goldie, which got huge attention after escaping from London Zoo in 1965?

Golden Eagle

Lancelot 'Capability' Brown was a famous figure in which field?

Landscape Gardening

In which English town did Prince Charles marry Camilla Parker-Bowles?


In which century did work start on the Tower of London?


England's main Royal Botanic Gardens are in which London suburb?


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Lady Clementine was the wife of which famous 20th century Prime Minister?

Winston Churchill Click to see the answer

The white cliffs of Dover are made from which type of stone?


The Crown Jewels have been on display in which building since 1661?

Tower of London

Which historical period came after the Victorian era?


In which year did Robert Bruce beat English troops at the battle of Bannockburn?


In which century did the Black Death or bubonic plague wipe out a large proportion of the UK population?


The National Railway Museum is in which English city?


The Battle of Agincourt saw the English led by Henry V take on which country?


What kind of army was founded by William Booth?


Which English monarch was responsible for the dissolution of the monasteries?

Henry VIII

The Cerne Giant is an ancient chalk figure on a hillside in which county?


Which rock star married Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias in 1971?

Mick Jagger

The Times newspaper published its first edition in which century?


British-born terrorist Richard Reid, sentenced in 2003, was better known as what kind of bomber?

Shoe Bomber

The large tower monument to William Wallace is close to which Scottish town?


Donald Campbell set speed records on which body of water in the UK?

Coniston Water

In which year did the UK government announce plans to go decimal?


In which year did Churchill replace Chamberlain as Prime Minister?


The Scott Monument, commemorating the life of Walter Scott, is in the main shopping street of which city?


John Curry was a 1970s British Olympic champion in which sport?

Figure Skating

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Which British author wrote 'The Mysterious Affair at Styles' and 'The Mousetrap'?

Agatha Christie Click to see the answer

How old was Edward VI when he became king in 1547?


Which southern English county experienced the first recorded Viking raid in 793 AD?


Which Scottish city's industry was built on 'jute, jam and journalism'?


The remains of Richard III were found buried under a car park in which city?


A monastery on which Scottish island was repeatedly attacked by the Vikings in the 8th and 9th centuries?


Questions: 19
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In which year was the Union of the Crowns between Scotland, England and Wales?

1603 Click to see the answer

What was the nane of Britain's first Christian martyr?


Which 'Great' monarch was King of Wessex in the 9th century?


In 1016, King Canute of which country took the English throne too?


Which disease killed Prince Albert in 1861 at the age of 42?


Boxgrove Man, the oldest human remains found in the UK, was discovered close to which town?


What was the first name of Lady Grey, who became Queen for a short period in 1553?


Pioneering physicist Isaac Newton was born in which century?


Camulodunum was the Roman name for which British town?


The World War 2 code breaking center at Bletchley Park is close to which town?

Milton Keynes

In which year did Romans invade Britain?

43 AD

The Magna Carta was signed in 1215 on the banks of which river?


In which year was Oliver Cromwell born?


Which modern city was the Viking capital in England?


Britain's first nuclear power station came online in which decade?


In which year was the first UK census, listing the name of every citizen?


Which large island was called Mona by the Romans?


What was the name of the boat which arrived in England in 1948 carrying 500 Caribbean immigrants?


How many miles long is Hadrian's Wall?

73 miles

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