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What is the name of the restaurant that Robert De Niro co-owns?

Tribeca Grill Click to see the answer

What job did Harrison Ford undertake when acting was not paying enough?


What is Harrison Ford's favorite technical gadget?

An airplane

What was the name of the play that David Mamet wrote for Al Pacino?

China Doll

What is Harrison Ford's favorite breakfast cereal?

Raisin Bran

For what film did Robert De Niro pay to get his teeth 'broken' and then refixed?

Cape Fear

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How many times had Al Pacino been nominated for Best Actor during the 1970s?

4 Click to see the answer

How many pounds did Robert De Niro gain for the role in Raging Bull?


How much did Robert De Niro pay to get his teeth made to look bad by a dentist and then get them fixed again?


Which magazine descrived Al Pacino's Godfather performance as 'cinema's greatest portrayal of the hardening of the heart'?


Which film does Harrison Ford claim is his favorite and that hes most proud of?

Indiana Jones

What was John Cazale diagnosed with in 1977?

lung cancer

Which film did Robert Duvall turn down?


What did Al Pacino get an Academy Award nomination for in 1973?


What is Harrison Ford's favorite time of day?

Early morning

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Which actress was John Cazale in a romantic relationship with?

Meryl Streep Click to see the answer

What film made Al pacino a household name?

The Godfather

Who is Robert De Niro's favorite actor to work with?

Meryl Streep

Which role did Robert Duvall feel least qualfified for?

Joseph Stalin

Where did Rovert Duvall do a tour of duty?


Where was a theatre named after John Cazale?

New York

What was Robert De Niro's nickname as a child?

Bobby Milk

What was Robert Duvall's first major critical success in?

The Godfather

At what age did Robert De Niro declare to his friends that he was going to be an actor?


What is Robert Duvall's favorite hobby?


Who did Harrison Ford marry in 2010?

Calista Flockhart

How many films did John Cazale star in that were nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars?


How many children does Harrison Ford have?


What role did Al Pacino turn down?

Hans Solo in Star Wars

What year did Harrison Ford crash in his plane?


How many times has Robert Duvall been married?


What is Harrison Ford's favorite accessory?

His earring

Which film did Robert De Niro deliver an improvised monologue?

Taxi Driver

What year did Robert De Niro receive an Italian passport?


Who is Harrison Ford's favorite historical figure?

Abraham Lincoln

Which role gave Robert De Niro popular attention?

Bang the Drum Slowly

Who did Harrison Ford replace in 'Air Force One'?

Kevin Costner

Which film did Robert De Niro go from 170 to 128 pounds?

The Last Tycoon

Which film did Robert Duvall deliver the line 'I love the smell of napalm in the morning'?

Apocalypse Now

How many children does Al Pacino have?


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What was Harrison Ford's first known role which he was uncredited for?

Dead Heat on a Merry go Round Click to see the answer

What are Robert Duvall's two favortite sports?

American football and show jumping

What was Jamie Lee Curti's film debut in?


Which singer did Carrie Fisher marry?

Paul Simon

What part of her body did Ellen Burstyn injure whilst filming 'The Exorcist'?


What did Al Pacino donate a lot of money to?

The Mirror Theatre Ltd

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What year was Ellen Burstyn nominated for Best Actress for 'The Exorcist'?

1973 Click to see the answer

What did Al Pacino win a Tony Award for in 1969?

Does a Tiger wear a Necktie?

What play did Al Pacino make his broadway debut in?

Does a Tiger wear a Necktie?

What was Sissy Spacek's first credited role?

Prime Cut

What was Harrison Ford given the opportunity to name?

A new breed of butterfly

What year did Goldie Hawn pose on the cover of Playboy?


What was James Caan first starring role?

Red Line 7000

How many times was Ellen Burstyn married?


What did Jack Nicholson sleep with under his pillow after the death of Sharon Tate?

a hammer

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What action film was Pam Grier considered to be the first African American female to headline?

Coffy Click to see the answer

How many times has James Caan been married?


What does Robert Duvall never do twice?

He never plays the same character

What film revived Hawn's career after taking time out to have her children?

Foul Play

What film did Jessica Lange win a Golden Globe Award for?

King Kong

How many academy award wins does Jack Nicholson have?


How many academy award nominations does Jack Nicholson have?


What is Jamie Lee Curtis's nickname?

Scream Queen

What made Robert De Niro's academy award win unique?

He was the first actor to win an award speaking in a foreign language (sicilian dialect)

What year did Diane Keaton star in Annie Hall?


What did Diane Keaton win an Academy Award for?

Annie Hall

What film did Carrie Fisher make her debut in?


How many years did Roy Scheider serve in the US Air Force?


Which film did Al Pacino star in that caught the eye of film director Francis Ford Coppola?

The Panic in Needle Park

What film did Ned Beatty make his debut in?


Why does Harrison Ford have a number of false teeth?

falling on a gun during a TV show stunt

What is the name of Goldie Hawn's famous daughter?

kate Hudson

What film did Jessica Lange make her debut in?

King Kong

How old was Gene Hackman when he decided he wanted to become an actor?


How many films has Ned Beatty starred in?


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What did Jack Nicolson win his first academy award for?

One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest Click to see the answer

Which team does Jack Nicholson have a season ticket for?

Los Angeles Lakers

What film was Jack Nicholson's persona defining role?

Five Easy Pieces

What role got Jack Nicholson a Golden Globe nomination in 1971?

Carnal Knowledge

What style acting did Marlon Brando help popularise?

method acting

What did Goldie Hawn receive an Academy award for?

Cactus Flower

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What role is Carrie Fisher best known for playing?

Princess Leia Click to see the answer

What role got James Caan an academy award nomination?

The Godfather

What film Ellen Burstyn she win an academy award for?

Alice doesn't live here anymore

What was Roy Scheider's famous line in Jaws?

You're gunna need a bigger boat

Which basketball player was Pam Grier in a relationship with who asked her to convert to Islam?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

How did Gene Hackman's mother die in 1962?

A fire she started accdiently whilst smoking

What two models did Jessica Lange share an apartment with?

Jerry Hall and Grace Jones

Which film of Marlon Brando's caused huge uproar?

Last Tango in Paris

Which actress is Jamie Lee Curtis good friends with?

Sigourney Weaver

What film did Roy Scheider get an oscar nomination for?

The French Connection

Who is Jamie Lee Curtis godmother to?

Jake Gyllenhaal

What film would Gene Hackman show his mother if he could?

I never sang for my Father

What film did Sissy Spacek win an academy award for?

Coal Miners Daughter

What two hobbies does Gene Hackman enjoy?

painting and writing

What did Roy Scheider do before he got into acting?

amateur boxing

Who did Gene Hackman befriend in the 1950s

Dustin Hoffman

Who did James Caan allegedly hang out with during the production of 'The Godfather'?

Carmine Persico

What was Diane Keaton's first major film role in?

The Godfather

What did Gene Hackman win Best Actor for in 1972?

The French Connection

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